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If you are like us, cleaning and organizing the garage is just simply a task that gets put off and put off. Because most of us like to actually park our vehicles in the garage (when we can), it is important to utilize your wall space as best as possible. As always…here at The Cottage Market we send Applause and APPAWS to each and everyone of the blogs and bloggers that have shared their talents with us!  We so encourage you all to go and explore all of these incredible blogs…they will always amaze!  Enjoy and CREATE!!!!
My plan was to create a miniature wine rack made out of the drawer and some scrap wood and then mount it on the wall.
The last thing I did was take an old fence picket and nail it into the top to form a small shelf for misc. To mount it onto the wall, I screwed a scrap piece of wood onto to the wall and into a stud to create a ledge for the drawer face to sit on. Not necessarily because it is difficult, but more because of the time and just the drudgery of doing it. Be sure to write on the outside of the boxes what the contents are that way you don’t have to rifle through all the boxes to find what you are looking for.
I carved out a little space in my garage for my pottery studio and I can only be my creative best when everything is organized and looks nice in there. I wasn’t sure what I was going to use them for but knew that they could be repurposed in some way.

I cut three pieces of scrap to the width of the drawer, laid out my coffee cans, and then glued, clamped, and nailed the first piece into place.
I did the same thing with a slightly thicker piece of wood for the bottom to rest on so that the drawer sits slightly angled back onto the wall. It is often a disregarded space where misplaced items are delegated, leaving very little room for what it is actually created for.
There are ways you can arrange it to look more of an organized space than a miscellaneous chaos. While it is empty is the best time to scrub the dirt, sweep the floor clean, and wipe out the dust that have piled up. That will also make a statement that the garage has its own function and none of those is for keeping garbage.
You just have to remember what the space is actually for and that does not include keeping a piling junk.
If you are looking for ways to simplify your garage, and create more space, some simple organizing may be in order. You can buy metal or plastic shelving units or even make your own using pieces of wood and brackets. For a limited time, get a coupon for a FREE Victoriaa€™s Secret Bombshell Travel Fragrance Mist!

We can teach you how to be savvy by working your MoJo and saving up to 50% of your budget whether you need to, or want to. I placed the drawer onto those pieces of wood and then put a couple screws into it to hold it in place. You may use the walls to mount anything that you could possibly mount including rakes and hoses and brooms. You need to be patient, however, because you will need an enormous amount of time and effort to put everything in their right places, especially if the garage is already cluttered. Just scroll down and click on the bubble that says a€?Free Samplea€? and fill out the form. You may use storage cabinets and freestanding shelves may be helpful but consider the amount of space the will eat up.
Just click the link and clink the a€?I Want Ina€? button to opt-in for your chance to score! There will be no risk of tripping on things scattered on the floor or searching in vain for items that should have been easy to find.

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