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Built by a young couple from Iowa wishing for "less house, more life", this traveling dwelling is meant as a fully-functioning residence that can be picked up and moved with ease on a whim. The entire home is mounted on a conventional trailer frame, and is legal to tow down the road to any destination its owners intend.
One side of the dwelling, intended to face towards neighbors and opposite the scenic views captured on the other side, has fewer windows (and no windows at all next to the bedroom loft). A detailed, storage-packed interior greets anyone who enters the diminutive house, with window frames, shelving, and some walls made from different wood varieties.
The ceilings are actually quite tall, with a sloping rooftop creating an extra half-story loft above the kitchen and bathroom for the master bedroom.
Little storage spaces are stacked in every corner and along every wall of the trailer, with the highest concentration of shelves located in the kitchen. The wardrobe is a little tight in the bedroom, but some creative folding helps to pack plenty of clothes into the space. Maisongomme is a sustainable garden shed made from locally found scrap materials and completely covered with discarded rubber tires.
Maisongomme measures 10×26 ft and features long, vertical windows recovered from a shop that went bust.
But what really makes the structure stand out is it rubbery walls, which have  made from car tires found at a local garage. Maisongomme is yet another fantastic example of how we can create our own piece of paradise using what’s already available. Please note that gratuitous links to your site are viewed as spam and may result in removed comments. The Lyrica Bed is part of your preferred contemporary furniture choice and it is upholstered as part of eco-leather by having a very tall headboard which gets to a height of 66 inches. How about the price of this Lyrica Black Eco-Leather Tall Headboard Bed with Storage actually? Platform beds with storage are a few of the most extremely space efficient bed frames there does exist.
Subsequently look for product reviews which other folks provided regarding the bed that you are thinking when it comes to purchasing. Overall we highly recommend the platform bed with storage for every home – we are unable to imagine how  we would get by without having them nowadays.
While you will probably find many writing regarding organizing your house and workspace, kitchen area plus kitchen pantry areas, you are not probably discover a lot information regarding organizing on your bedroom. Your bed room is certainly not supposed to be simply a relaxing location of rest, it frequently needs to function an additional goal: because storage area for the clothes, equipment, footwear, bed linens and more. This entry was posted in Bedroom Furniture and tagged in Tags: lyrica black tall headboard bed with storage, modrest lyrica bed white leather, lyrica bed platform review. We knew from the start that these two needed just the right caterer and we called upon Root Cellar to help customize everything for them for their big day including the tastiest bruscetta bar.
Thanks so much to Fonyat Photography for sharing these lovely images with us today and big congrats to the happy couple! If you happen to be passing through Tukwila, Washington, make a pit stop at Starbucks' brand new reclaimed shipping container coffee shop. Inspiration for the shipping container drive thru came from the company’s use of the containers to ship their coffee and tea from sources around the world. Although it’s not certified yet, the company hopes to achieve LEED soon, which will make the shop the first LEED building in Tukwila.
The new coffee shop opened on December 13th and is plying Washingtonians with their Christmas Blend as we speak. Alan Hilowitz: The store is designed to be LEED certified but has not achieved certification yet. INHABITAT: What are some of the strategies the store made use of to try and achieve LEED certification? We also had a chance to hear from Starbucks’ corporate architect, Tone Gale III, who was also the architect of record for the project. INHABITAT: What was the most interesting thing your team learned from building this project? Tony Gale III: We were able to open our minds to the use of very common elements destined for the landfill as structure for a high-quality, drive-thru coffee house design – essentially creating an industrial beacon for sustainable thinking. If you’ve ever had to adapt to an urban apartment after living in the comfort and space of a suburban home, you know that today’s apartments aren’t getting any bigger. Fortunately, furniture designers just keep getting smarter, staying ahead of the curve for consumers who seek out those space-savvy products.
Basic platform storage beds have an extra couple of drawers built into the frame underneath the mattress. Many people are trimming the amount of furniture and belongings – kept in the bedroom and around the home – for the purposes of becoming more environmentally compatible all around.

Beds that use FSC-certified wood, along with other GREENGUARD certified materials and finishes are both responsible and sustainable.
If you want a bedroom with as small a carbon footprint as possible, opting for a sustainably built bed that eliminates the need for an additional dresser is an excellent choice.
If the mental image of a storage bed leaves you thinking about student lifestyles, rest assured that many artful contemporary designs fall under the storage category.
The contemporary styling of this Convertible Sofa Bed is perfect for dorm rooms and small spaces. Right in step with today’s styles, this sleek Storage Platform Bed with its rich, dark finish and profiled drawers is a must for when you have little to no space. Constructed of MDF with solid rubber wood cutting board, this rattan trash bin has three wicker drawers to the side and comes with a cutting board. Available in Queen size only, and constructed of particleboard with a laminate finish, this great-looking platform bed with an attractive, dark chocolate finish will look sexy in any bedroom and will also provide plenty of extra storage space with its two under bed drawers – where you can keep anything, from clothes to extra bed linens. The modern and beautifully designed Audrey Bed comes in a Java and Walnut finish and is the perfect addition to the modern bedroom. The Newton Bunk Bedroom Suite is great-looking, family-friendly furniture made of laminated engineered wood, which gives it strength and durability.
Constructed of tropical hardwoods and select veneers, the Knotch Platform Bed is the ideal way to get the perfect night’s sleep. Constructed entirely on top of a trailer platform, the whole house can be transported from campsite to campsite and hooked up to typical RV park utilities. The structure's only links to the ground are an electrical cord and a water hookup, both of which are easily removed for travel. This ensures a certain amount of privacy for the residents even while staying at an RV park or campsite.
The single electrical hookup powers everything inside, and a gas canister mounted at the rear allows for a fully-functional stove as well. A mini-fridge under the kitchen sink provides a haven for cold food, adding even more long-term usability to the residence. A long, thin window on the room's tall edge gives an unobstructed view of wherever the home happens to go. The structure was created for Peter Merry and Marcella Siebert by Refunc as a functional space with room for an office and storage.
The windows infuse the space with plenty of light and they allow for fresh air to permeate the interior. The tires together with some stone wool insulation make this fantastic garden shed both water and winter-proof. The interior walls were created with assorted pieces of found wood, and their setting form an eco-friendly patchwork motif. It enables the bed room, provides from a deluxe appearance that works well in all of the types bed rooms. After 10 days we are looked for the same bed platform, we finally found the lowest price, which is really affordable to buy. Without having many space in the house, subsequently platform beds with storage are perfect. No need to spend some time, energy, and gas driving a car starting from one store to another store to find out which beds they come about to possess available.
You don’t need to come with a sales representative taking care of commission telling you which storage bed is the preferred complement to you. By choosing the simple lines and styles of a platform bed it means that that they may replace the appearance of the space with bedding, tosses as well as cushions and the planning of the furniture does not impinge on their particular design concepts. It requires up loads of space in the room therefore have you thought to give it time to be as practical as it is comfy?
The team at Amorology Weddings did an absolutely amazing job of incorporating food into the decor.
We additionally wanted to pull food into the decor as a nod to their frequent visits to the farmer’s market while marrying a subtle industrial feel into the decor to infuse their love of architecture and clean lines as well.
I photographed a wedding at LuceLoft this past January – it is an unforgettable wedding venue with an unbeatable price.
The first in what could possibly be a new branding strategy, the Reclamation Drive-Thru is built out of four shipping containers and has been designed to LEED green building standards. Rather than let the containers wallow after moving their goods, the brilliant minds in Seattle thought to put them to good use and so the Reclamation Drive Thru was brewed up. They’ve reduced signage by using the actual building as the sign and also integrated rainwater harvesting and xeriscaping to minimize water consumption. We had a chance to check in with representatives from Starbucks to find out more about their newest store.
Tony Gale, Starbucks’ corporate architect (former Seattle City Architect), served as the architect of record. Is Starbucks working to encourage anti-idling behavior or making use of any other incentives to get people to minimize their cars running?

Not surprising, since we all know that urban density is the way of the future as our cities grow and populations climb.
Storage beds, for example are an excellent start for anyone carefully choosing a few key pieces for a small space. Extra storage within easy reach of your bed could be a great spot for sheets and blankets or sleepwear.
In the compact urban spaces described above, choosing furniture made with safe, non-toxic material is more important than ever. Drawers with hidden pulls that rest flush with the side panels mean that you can choose a practical bed without compromising on your high standard of personal style.
With its clean lines and smooth appearance, the Back Bay Platform Bed will be the perfect addition to any bedroom. Its simple and uncluttered design is especially enhanced by the design’s extra storage space in the headboard. It’s rich Cappuccino finish and ample shelves crafted into the headboard, this platform bed combines style with functionality.
Made mostly from wood, the little abode has four rooms: a large living area, a kitchen, a bathroom, and a bedroom. Already getting a lot of use from the couple, this peculiar and quirky eco-dwelling is also full of playful details!
The structure was creatively made from scrap wood, insulation glass, repurposed stainless steel trays and some leftovers from an old shed that used to stand on the same space. We really believed this is the lowest and affordable bed platform to buy because the manufacturer give special discount for Today only.
In addition they work nicely inside guest bedrooms where you require an appropriate bed, but also require the additional space for storage because the room isn’t really normally utilized.
Instead look at the product reviews as well as viewpoints among those which have really purchased as well as utilized the storage bed you are searching to. Reported by a current LA Fitness review, redesigning as well as organizing are two of the top 10 resolutions for 2015. Storage beds supply the perfect way to including extra space in order to pack your items while offering the comfortable location to rest.
Designed in-house by resident Starbucks architects, the container coffee shop is part of a growing initiative at Starbucks to encourage green building to reduce energy use and operational costs as well as to push the envelope on environmental design in retail. So far, it’s just a one-off shop, but it could serve as the prototype for future retail locations. Frankly we’re happy that the coffee giant is jumping on the green bandwagon as their growing interest can help push sustainability and design further.
Read on to get the skinny (as in latte) on what could soon be the standard Starbucks coffee shop. Advocates of simpler, minimalist lifestyles may also enjoy the convenience of two pieces of furniture merged into one. It features a cover made of a removable white ecoleather, a material that is made from 80% cotton and 20% synthetic micro-fibre. This bunk bed set is well constructed and functional and comes standard with two storage units and a loft bed with ladder in an attractive Natural Maple finish. The Knotch Platform Bed features a durable and sturdy design and an extra wide bed case fringe, a wonderful idea for your bedroom design! The living room takes up half the space in the entire house, standing a story and a half tall with direct access to the loft which contains the bedroom. Usually you will find beds online at serious discounts in comparison about what you might get in a conventional outlet store.
As well as choosing to shop for bed frames with storage provides a great way to achieve both of the people resolutions. You’re able to choose to buy whether bed that contains pull out compartments or perhaps an ottoman bed that really lifts up from the base to show metal storage box within the structure. As with all things from the global coffee dispensary, the container drive-thru is Starbucksified and emanates the same trendy design aesthetic you'd expect from their other coffee shops.
Different types of wood and creative storage solutions are used all over, making for a comfortable yet practical interior. In addition you generally have free delivery because a normal storage bed will charges a minimum of several hundred bucks. Colouring for instance is a much simpler, eco-friendly process, and the material does not wear or flake over time.
Its two residents and their dog traveled all the way to California in their project, proving its usefulness as a real home.

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