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To see our content at its best we recommend upgrading if you wish to continue using IE or using another browser such as Firefox, Safari or Google Chrome. Plan B A visit to Glee, the garden trade-only exhibition at the Birmingham NEC, revealed a whole range of recycled and environmentally kind products that could be used to create an earth-friendly and interesting garden shed. ECO ENTERAC-TAMWORTH is a locally run business and is owned by Peter Sweeney and Col Jones. We also design and build sheep yards, cattle yards, farm sheds, machinery sheds, hay sheds, industrial sheds, and grain sheds suited to your individual requirements. If you have a particular idea in mind for your Shed or Yards our people are able to do an obligation free quote for you. So I said yes, paid a friend A?20 diesel money to collect it in his van, and was amazed at the quality when it arrived. Cover the roof of the chicken coop with pond liner, wrap the liner over each edge of the roof and staple the liner in place.

Cut wood boards to the measurements needed for your roof and attach the boards around the edges of the roof to create a planter box. Cut strips of geotextile fabric or an old blanket and staple the strips along the inside of the wood boards.
Pour a layer of gravel over the pond liner, fill the planter with soil and grow plants in the soil. A green roof insulates the building from extremes of temperature, keeping it warmer in winter and cooler in summer. I fancy it as a summer office; Martin, who did the hard work of constructing it, has already filled it with tools.
A simple solution was to fill the cavities within the HawkLok tiles with a recycled aggregate. Crushed scallop shell will stop vermin from burrowing between the paving tiles and also improves drainage.

A quick trawl of the local free papers or a recycling website such as FreeCycle, can turn up an amazing variety of garden paraphernalia, including unwanted sheds. We used FSC-approved timber posts from Forest Garden (0844 248 9801), these were bolted to Forest Garden FSC timber railway sleepers using Metpost Boltdowns (0871 210 7588).
It has 30 superbright LEDs powered by a strong battery, charged via a solar panel to give up to 10 hours of light on full charge.

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eco shed homes

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