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Antler growth, when you consider it, is an amazing miracle of nature by our Creator’s grand design. After shedding each year, antler growth begins in late March or early April depending on the age of the bull. After the antlers have fully developed, the velvet is no longer needed, and a ring forms at the base of the antlers and cuts off the blood supply to the velvet. A few months after the annual fall rut draws to a close a bull no longer needs his antlers.
Bulls will typically reach their peak antler development somewhere between the age of 8 to 12 years. Lastly, a bull can have Michael Jordan genetics, reach a mature age, but if he experiences poor range conditions due to drought, he will not grow maximum antlers that year. I hope you are all blessed in the draws this year and that you find a bull that has grown the kind of antlers that we all dream about! The 5th annual Shed Antlerfest will be held at Alan and Shelly Ellsworth’s house on May 22-24, 2015.
I knew a very general area of where the elk would be this time of year and we set out to scour the area.
So we have a pretty good idea of where we can find spikes in future years to come but where were the bachelor groups of bulls hanging out when they dropped their antlers? I had brought a couple of Browning's newest trail cameras with me in my Alps Pathfinder pack. I was excited to get a couple of new Recon Force XR, BTC-2XR trail cameras and a Strike Force, BTC-5 trail camera. As luck would have it, as I was out setting out the trail cameras I stumbled onto a small five point elk antler. The bottom and back view of a Browning Recon Force XR next to the smaller Strike Force trail camera. I hiked up a draw to put out some trail camera while the boys were playing and building a fort. I setup a Browning Strike Force trail camera with a Browning Trail Camera Power Pack watching one of my favorite locations from last year.
This shows the Browning Recon Force XR next to the smaller Strike Force trail camera with the doors open. Scouting for mule deer and elk with my Spec Ops, Range Ops and Recon Force Browning trail cameras.

Journal entries from hunting coyotes, rock chucks, prairie dogs and the like with 243 WSSM and 223 Rem. They have returned with some nice finds and we are anticipating another great antler growth year for Arizona. Antlers differ from the hollow horns of cattle, because they comprise solid bone tissue with a honey combed structure. All that is left is for the bull to darken his antlers by rubbing them on trees, brush and the ground.
His antlers served to attract and impress cows for his harem, or to fight with his competitors for the breeding rights.
A bull’s antler growth can be affected by as much as 5 to 10% depending on the severity of drought conditions. I hope this article was a benefit to you in understanding the true miracle and process of elk antler growth.
The elk would have been shedding their antlers over the past several weeks with the smaller bulls probably just losing their antlers.
After finding this one we really scoured that area very carefully and ended up finding five spike antlers within about 200 yards of each other. I figured they would be lower because they would have dropped their antlers sooner than the spikes. The boys were a little tired so I let them play together building a fort while I hiked up a draw to set out the trail cameras. I am curious to see how well the batteries last with this camera and with the power pack setup.
He was very accommodating to my request and did not mind adjusting the fine details for a price more than fair.
Pedicles are what antlers develop from and are the knobby, skin-covered nubs protruding from the elk’s skull that serve to support the antlers.
This miraculous occurrence is why elk antler velvet has been used in the Orient for medicinal purposes for thousands of years.
These areas are typically draw only and hard to acquire permits for, as we all know too well! Turn north onto Pearce Lance and go to the end of the road to 1116 Pearce Lane, Show Low, AZ. We were finding a great deal of fresh elk tracks so they had to of dropped their antlers somewhere near by.

We spent another couple hours working our way down the mountain hoping to find some nice branched antlers but we couldn't find any. It's a little early in the year but I would love to catch some bears or young calf elk and whatever else I can on the cameras.
There are also entries related to my experiences with the 243 WSSM, rifles, optics and other equipment and products I use. The pedicles are a permanent fixture on the bull’s forehead, and are also the point from which the antlers annually break off. During early to mid stages of growth, the antlers are very sensitive and can be susceptible to injury which can result in abnormal antler growth. As the summer progresses and we approach early to mid August, testosterone levels increase in the bulls. If all of these factors come together on a given year, you have the potential for maximum, trophy size antlers.
This velvet feeds the antlers the vitamins and minerals necessary to build up the bone, and to promote normal antler growth. If a bull is spooked he may very well damage his antlers running through trees before they are fully developed.
This rise in hormone levels, results in the antlers hardening and the bulls subsequently rub off the drying velvet revealing the hardened antlers underneath. His antlers appeared to be somewhat stunted as well, but what an amazing memory I have from the experience of this hunt. As you may observe in the photos, I use Trophy Rock mineral supplement to help maximize this process. My observation has been that even if a bull damages his antlers one year, he can grow a normal set the following year. The entire shedding process can take anywhere from a few days to a couple of weeks to complete depending on how active the bull is with his tree raking. At this time a bull’s raking is more for showing dominance and taking out aggression due to soaring testosterone levels.

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