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An abandoned city train station which was contaminated with asbestos is looking for a new owner. I can remember back in the 80's when the remains of the old platforms were there, they levelled that and sold the land which then became Halfords and the footpaths which are there now, there were were no toxic waste issues then, they would rather the land became a kwik fit or car showroom than a green space, I think it should be given to the volunteers so there is at least some reminder that there was once a bustling station there.
With respect of the 10 acres of land at City station, the original station was built over a series of channels and dykes, with only two converts, one under city station, the other near the former A frame bridge at the North end, the land was always a problem for the M&GN up to BR, in fact after the war the LNER wanted rid of city station, but the heavy freight flows stopped this, the area in question is mostly marshland now apart from the engine shed and platform, I cannot see anybody wanting to take the responsibility for it. Spending the money to develop the land would put you in financial red, the land is too boggy for buildings.

Me and the FONCS team have fought for this site to be opened up and rememeber back to how it was to link one side of norwich to the other.
We at FONCS would like to continue to excavate the platform and manage the engine shed area, but we know the area very well and are aware of rubbish,large lumps of concrete , and poorly maintained trees that are further up the line included in this sale, I personaly would not want the liability of it all, and my team are trying to preserve the station for Norwich's history! The areas around the site where there are developtments consist of some empty buildings so it would be no point in adding to them. Surely it should be given to the citizens of Norwich and maintained by a group similar to the Mousehold Heath Defenders or of the like.

If they did they would get a lot more money for it which would be for the good of all council tax payers. This 'green space' cannot be developed and is contaminated with toxic waste heavy metals - though the topmost levels of these and asbestos have now been removed; yet the council expects someone to buy it from them and assume management responsibilities and obligations?

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engine shed jobs fair

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