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Not a big deal but you do have to read and study the instruction so you get the right parts for the shelter. Cons:Not a big deal but you do have to read and study the instruction so you get the right parts for the shelter. Everything from ordering to installation was easy as long as you followed directions step by step and don't cut any corners. I live in Eastern Massachusetts and bought this with the hopes it will last for at least two to three years before I move again.
Although unit'; cardboard container was nearly torn apart, content was intact and all the parts were available. The fabric has not been installed as I decided to use the supplied anchors in concrete as the unit will be in a permanent place.
On a recent trip to Northeast Canada, I saw these shelters everywhere and it was perfect to store my riding lawn mower in Texas. This storage shed give you an attractive and durable construction with the ease of access of double doors and the security of a locking door handle latch. Rope - 4 Pack - 10073 (2)Shelter Logic constructed these auger anchors to fasten your canopy firmly to the ground.
This complete assembly kit comes with everything you'll need to complete the project, including pre-cut wall and roof panels, hardware, nails, screws, trim, and pre-assembled doors.

I didn't want to spend $800 on a resin shed like I did at my last house only to move and leave it. Once you put the straps over the horizontal side poles and under the bottom horizontal poles it was good to go.
The shelter features a strong steel frame with a DuPont powder coating for resistance to corrosion and chipping. Designed for the average homeowner, this kit requires no special skills for assembly and includes step-by-step illustrated instructions. The Shelter Logic Shed Canopy is the perfect idea if you want an outdoor shed, or even just a place to organize some of your excess garage items.
However, once we got the frame up and started to put the back and front covers on it became apparent that we were not doing something right. The entire shelter undergoes an extensive weatherproofing treatment to ensure resistance to water, wind, UV exposure, mold, fungus, and fading. These anchors, constructed of powder-coated steel, are made to hold your canopy in place through various changes in weather. The steel frame will stand tall whatever weather comes, and the triple layer canopy is 100% waterproof and tear-proof.
Whether you are setting up your canopy on grass, clay, or rocky soil, these anchors can keep your canopy exactly where you want it.

They were both hanging rather loosely and no matter how many times we read the instructions, we just couldn't figure out how to tighten them up. Setting up the shelter is easy with the ratcheting tensioner system and slip together tubing. The only help I had was with my kids holding one side of the legs so I could get the other side on. The next day my husband finally came up with a fix and it actually lined up with the instructions.
If you are looking for this product to be 100% waterproof like a resin shed I do not think you'll get it for the mere fact that there is not a floor with it.
The special corkscrew design feature allows the auger to dig deeply and hold securely in grass, clay, unpacked soil, and even asphalt.
I mounted mine on a wooden platform and do not expect it to keep 100% of the water from getting inside from the bottom.

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