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When Jeff Miller built a small bench to test two new vises from BenchCrafted, little did he realize that he would love the vises so much, he d soon build a full-size bench to live up to their potential. The new Veritas tail vise has a narrow jaw, so you only have to add an extra apron piece to your bench to make it work.
Veritas new tail vise seems to solve all that, and it is quick-release for quick clamping action.
Prototype leg vise has parallelogram clamping action combined with quick release slide rods.
The vise kit should be available in September with a price in the mid-three hundred dollar range.
The price (mid 300's) seems high to me, but it would solve a lot of bench clamping problems. This is a new design and versatile vise incorperating two vise into one using the twin screw drive which uses a very quiet cog belt drive . Please look at a couple of videos that you can access at the link below which cover and explain my complete bench and vise set up .

JBJBJB writes: This is really impressive - I was curious when he'd bring his innovative vise concept to a leg vise. It's a planing stop when its in the up position and It's flat and even with the front and back portions of the bench top when it's flipped over. Both the leg vise and wagon vise hold more securely and are easier to adjust than any other vises he has used.
Note the steel mounting plate that goes on the underside of the bench, making installation easy.
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So to showcase these powerhouses, he built this modified Roubo bench with a beefy base, a heavy top, and blocky legs flush to the front edge of the benchtop.

It is used not only for holding work solidly between bench dogs, but also offers unique ways to hold workpieces in its jaws. His fascination with motors and gears goes beyond woodworking, he's also an enthusiastic hot-rodder who likes to restore old cars, and is the author of Automotive Woodworking (Motor Books International, 2002). But until now it has been difficult to add a tail vise to an existing bench, or even build one into a new bench.
It required complicated hardware, around which you had to build a complex box to serve as the jaw.
They are connected to the base with massive mortise and tenons and fixed with large Spax bolts,(which have slotted holes to allow for wood movement).

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fine woodworking bench vise reviews

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