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Bosch generously provided the tools, which included a drill, jigsaw, and plenty of batteries, bits, and blades. On the evening of Friday, August 9, 2013, eight teams of diehard woodworkers took to the floor of a makeshift, carpet-covered workshop at Southern Connecticut State University for Fine Woodworking Live's first annual "Build-Off" event.
Each team of four was cut loose by FWW editor Asa Christiana, charged with the construction of an item of furniture that wasn't announced until the last possible moment.
In the end however, only one team could take home the championship belt--alright, there was no belt, but there were a few prizes. Judging of the 2x4 build-off was carried out by a team of star-"studded" (sorry, I can't help myself) woodworkers: Michael Fortune, Brian Boggs, Chris Becksvoort, and Lee Valley Veritas' John Wilson. Here, in all their, uh, "glory," are all eight entries from the 2013 Build-Off--in no particular order.
Those sawhorse brackets are available at home centers in New England for under $10, I believe. Ed_Pirnik writes: ha ha ha - LOVE it, AJV:) I had the same thought - it is remarkably difficult to design something and get the proportions right - without putting real solid thought into it - something which is pretty much impossible to do in 90 minutes!
AJV writes: I got recruited at the last minute to be on one of the “Build Off” teams and had a blast. The local New Haven Big and Tall Mans shop has expressed interest in purchasing the chair for about the same price as a Brian Boggs chair. Maloof's first commissionI'd been working as a graphic artist since I got out of highschool; I was 32 and we had a baby. The order was for a dining table, 10 chairs and a buffet.When I asked for a down payment to buy wood, the decoratorlooked at me askance. A workbench with an end vise and front vise is easily the most important tool in your shop, one that you use on every project.
You could just buy a bench - there are some very good ones out there - but you could easily spend $1,000 and not improve on the bench that I'll show you how to build in this article for around $300. If you're wondering whether a bench like this can really do the job, I have more than 25 of these benches in my school and they are still going strong after 11 years and 3,500 students. All of this joinery is best cut on the tablesaw with a dado set but it's also possible, if more tedious, to do the work with a standard blade and a miter gauge.
The rest of the assembly consists of connecting the two ends by attaching the long stretchers. Cutting 4x8 sheets of medium-density fiberboard (MDF) and particleboard by yourself is no picnic.
Before assembly, use a tablesaw or a router and straightedge to cut the top layer accurately to final size.
To mount the vise, first make a spacer to fit between the vise and the bottom of the benchtop. Glue and screw the block to the underside of the bench and then clamp the vise in its final position. Drilling from the top, start with a Forstner bit to counterbore each hole deep enough to fully recess the bolt head and washer.
For a tough, water-resistant finish, I use four coats of Minwax High Gloss Polyurethane on the top and bottom. It probably won't surprise you that when I was a graduate student studying philosophy that I had very little money. That's how I came to find myself in the home center about a month before our second Christmas together.
I thought about that box recently, because we were in my shop shooting an upcoming video workshop that features a garden bench I recently designed.

I just remembered this: I made it in secret in the freezing cold attic above our apartment. DougStowe writes: Matt, a couple years ago when I was visiting my mother she asked, "Do you want those old shelves you made in junior high?" She had stored them in the basement from when I was in 7th grade.
Then I was driving in the nails to hold it together and one split the shelf as you can see in the photos I posted in the gallery. Get to know the woodworkers who make Fine Woodworking's online community the liveliest woodworking forum on the Web. Each week, The Woodworking Life will feature the best projects, topical discussions, and how-to tips direct from the community. LumberJoe, Not sure if I like cutting boards or art boxes better, so I will keep building both, you have done a beautiful job on this new technique of board building. Why don’t you just cut it on the bandsaw in the first place?For a few reasons, but the most important being you have to take out what you put in. DISCLAIMER: Any posts on LJ are posted by individuals acting in their own right and do not necessarily reflect the views of LJ. For their "his and hers" chair dubbed "Bromance" by the Fine Woodworking staff, Manuel Chaos, Alberto de Leon, Jose Luis G., and Dominic Ryan (team 3) took home the top spot. Although I wasn't part of the judging, I did notice that "comfort" seemed to be the word of the day when looking at the winning chair, as well as the two runners-up. Here's why: most teams got started cutting and fiddling with parts right off the bat, but team 3 took a different tact-carefully planning out their chair in every detail, and marking all their parts, before a single blade made contact with the wood. We did not intend to build our Adirondack chair oversized, but when you only have 90 minutes, one drill and one jig saw it just turned out that our chair was perfect for the average 6’ 10”, 400lbs person. Check in every weekday for news, information, projects, and answers to questions from Fine Woodworking readers everywhere. Why is it there is this whole group of industries that have a primary function of telling people what they really want, when they haven't a clue, just ego? And it's capable of holding your work securely, with an end vise that can be used with benchdogs to hold work flat or like a front vise to clamp work upright. The base consists of two end assemblies, each built from a pair of crosspieces dadoed into the legs. Either way, a single fence setting and a spacer block is used to cut each corresponding joint exactly the same width and in exactly the same place on each leg. Set the base upside down on a level work surface and clamp the stretchers in place while drilling the bolt holes.
Roll yellow glue onto the surface, then place the pieces of the middle layer on the waiting piece. You can use it to hold your work vertically for any sawing or chiseling task, or you can use it in conjunction with benchdogs to easily hold a board flat on the benchtop. Mark the location of the vise bolt holes on the bottom of the bench, then use an adjustable square to transfer the locations to the top.
Use the center dimple left by the bit to drill the through-holes, and bolt the vise in place.
I use six small angle irons available from any hardware store and screw them in (turn the bench upside down). The finish is exceptionally durable, and can be renewed easily by scuff-sanding with 220-grit sandpaper and brushing on a new coat. That was hard, because my wife and I were married right before I started grad school, and I always wanted to give my her nice gifts for Christmas, her birthday, and just for the fun of it. I bought a toolbox handsaw, a cheap chisel, a coping saw, and several 12-in.-wide pine boards.

I was asked by Gerry Phelan the owner of, Midwest Woodworkers, a well known woodworking store here in Omaha, Nebraska.
And I gotthis offer from an interior decorator to furnish a dining room.The hardest part was telling Millard Sheets, my friend andmentor in art, I was going to quit, make furniture for a living,really on the strength of this one commission. I guess if you have enough money you don't need common sense, you just try and buy someone else's. Best of all, you can make this bench in a weekend, to your own dimensions, and you don't need a ton of tools.
If you leave the crosspieces and stretchers a bit wide, you can edge-plane them in the thickness planer for a precise fit in the dadoes and rabbets.
Check for square during glue-up by measuring diagonally across the asssembly in each direction.
On the left is a garden bench I just completed, and on the right is my workbench, recently featured in a video workshop. My wife likes to garden, and I wanted to make her a box (I call it a caddy when I'm trying to glorify it) to store her tools in. All eight teams worked their tails off, and all eight teams deserve a hearty round of applause.
Stain makes me sad, so to make up for my transgressions against wood I don't stain anything I make in my garage at home.
Afterward, use a router and a flush-trimming bit to bring the middle layer flush with the top.
When gluing the edging to the sides, use thick clamping cauls to distribute the pressure evenly. My dad's a contractor and I grew up making tree forts, decks, sheds, skateboard ramps, and even did some light home construction. My skills have come a long way and the garden bench is a much finer piece than the box, but I look at the box and I can see all the heart and love that went into it.
When I was cutting out the shape with a coping saw, I noticed I was getting off the line and felt bad for a minute.
If it were perfect, we wouldn't have the same impulse to keep trying again and again and we would miss out on so much fun.
The exceptionally curly walnut piece on the end really drew a lot of attention and the rest of the board just didn’t fit well. I'd built chairs before, butnot for sale, and I wanted to make sure these were going to bestrong. I once made mahogany mud room locker that was stained to look the color of some dark walnut. If you plan your cuts carefully, the middle layer will consist of two pieces with only one seam. After gluing the edging in place (long sides first) and trimming the ends, use a router to flush-trim the protruding edging to the core--top and bottom. I can say, in all honesty, that it is what set me on the path to where I am now: at Fine Woodworking.

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