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Clever design consists of a stationary base plus spinning floor, column and roof sub-assemblies. Make it from standard thickness lumber and luan plywood, 12" lazy susan, 3" wood ball, PVC pipe and our Specialty Parts Kit. Plans include complete instructions and assembly diagrams plus full-size patterns for the wood gears, the six riders (Santa, Elf & Snowman on Reindeer, standing Polar Bear, Elves & Penguins) and more. You also get full-size painting patterns for the Merry Christmas message in six different languages (English, German, French, Italian, Spanish & Hawaiian) to decorate the floor side panels as you choose.
Please note this kit is developed for Winfield Collection projects--instructions for its use are included on the patterns only.

Add acurate lettering to your Carousel project and save time with this set of 6 Merry Christmas messages printed on self-adhesive outdoor vinyl.
Holiday Decoration Woodworking Patterns There are plenty of nice store-bought decorations, but you can make higher quality wooden decorations by using our plans and Woodworking Patterns, Plans, Projects, Hardware, Tools, Kits, Books, Templets FREE CATALOGS Woodworking Plans offers you for this 2010 Christmas Season amazing woodworking art patterns a very low prices. Woodworking plans and patterns including table plans, furniture plans, projects to make for kids. This full size woodcraft pattern is a part of the fun, easy-to-make projects from the Winfield Collection! Enjoy the holly days making Christmas crafts from free craft patterns and Christmas printables.

You may notice some pages look different than others, until I get the update done.  Thank you for your patience! Don't put up the same BORING decorations that everyone else hasDo something DIFFERENT this year! Woodworking Patterns, Plans, Projects, Hardware, Tools, Kits, Books, Templets FREE CATALOGS God Bless Us All Christmas Yard Art Woodworking Pattern It looks like you included personal information in your comments.

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