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Summerwood Products offers an endless choice of design solutions to enhance your outdoor living. Based in Toronto, Canada, Summerwood's rugged but stylish designs are shipped in a convenient prefab format throughout North America and beyond. From rustic to regal, large to lean-to styles, Summerwood transforms humble garden sheds into stylish extensions of your home. Summerwood offers many styles of pool houses, all of which you can modify with details to suit your needs. Whether it's the zen getaway where you create your masterpiece or a home office studio to make your next million, a home studio kit from Summerwood may be just what you've been dreaming of. Summerwood has been creating and delivering cedar spa enclosures and hot tub enclosures for over 15 years. Summerwood Products is a leading provider of high quality wooden garden sheds, outdoor storage buildings, cedar gazebos, cabins, garages, backyard studios, playhouse kits and more. The Cold Frame Build this hinged-top cold frame in a single weekend and enjoy your flowering plants or vegetables a little longer!

Cold Frame Get a head start on the growing season with our unique cold frame An early spring: Now the winter of discontent is no longer upon our warm and cozy plants. Cold Frame Plans For The Garden Learn how to build a five-piece garden cold frame that is easily removed during the off-seasons and will jump-start the growth of spring seedlings.
Cold Frame Plans - The Barley Harvest Woodworking Get a head start on the growing season with this unique cold frame.
DIY - Cold Frames This Backyard Farmers' Cozy Cold Frame design is simple to build for the average DIY-er. From stylish backyard sheds, cedar gazebos, garage solutions and pool houses to small cabins, home studios and more, you'll find it right here! In fact with the design flexibility that we offer, you may wonder why you ever considered starting from scratch. And because of this we care very deeply about providing kids playhouses that offer safe, fun and creative play time. Our system is designed so that you can get the perfect hot tub enclosure for your unique style and tastes.
Lately I've been in one of those claustrophobic winter moods where I'm not sure I can stand living in the northern hemisphere for three more months.

Simply find an old storm window, available at most second hand stores, and adapt the frame to it's size. You'll love the freedom to customize, and decorate with design variations you won't see anywhere else. All of our designs can be thoroughly customized in our drag and drop cabin Custom Design Center, just imagine the possibilities.
Summerwood has a history, over 15 years, of producing and delivering top notch garage kits to homeowners throughout North America and beyond.
With loads of fun styles and imaginative design options your choices are practically infinite.

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free glen echo shed plans

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