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Spot Kangaroos, Emu, Brolga, Koalas and other Australian animals on a beautiful walk through the Australian Journey grasslands.
Set on the banks of the Werribee River, this immersive exhibit also features the Wirribi River Walking Trail and is a predator-proof release site for the Eastern Barred Bandicoot.
Keep your eyes out for the many living things that share this grassland ecosystem – lizards, insects, plants and native birdlife. You may notice some changes to Australian Journey over the next few months as we complete construction on a free flight aviary for the crticially endangered Orange-bellied Parrot. Discover the secret life of some of Australia’s most fascinating creatures in the Bandicoot Hideout.
The Bandicoot Hideout is home to the critically endangered Eastern Barred Bandicoot, along with other local natives including Squirrel Gliders, Fat-tailed Dunnarts and the Tawny Frogmouth.. In the hideout kids can check in with super spy, Baz the Bandicoot before setting off on their own spy own mission in Australian Journey to find out what happened to Baz and his friends. Designed especially for kids, there are clues and fun facts to be discovered throughout Australian Journey, along with an oversized Bandicoot nest to explore! As soon as you step through the Predator-proof fence, you’ll be transported into the Victorian basalt plains grasslands which once covered approximately one third of Victoria. Today, due to many factors including development, weed invasion and grazing, less than one percent of these grasslands remain. Can you see the Brolgas as they dance by the waterhole or the kangaroos resting in the shade? One animal that you may not see is the nocturnal Eastern Barred Bandicoot but they are there!

Eastern Barred Bandicoots are extinct in the wild of mainland Australia, but there are a few protected release sites in Victoria - Australian Journey at Werribee Open Range Zoo being one of them. Watch out for blue-tongue lizards enjoying the warm sun or a swamp hen sitting on her island nest. The team at Werribee Open Range Zoo have planted thousands of trees, shrubs and grasses along the river and as a result many species of native fauna have returned to the area of their own accord, including the endangered Growling Grass Frog, platypus and many birds and insects. The global celebration of Earth Day dates back to 1970 and is growing in popularity as people become more aware of our vital role in protecting the planet.
Have you been dreaming about building your own chicken coop, but been afraid to take the plunge?
A trip to the zoo is a great way to learn about wildlife and discover what we can personally do to protect natural habitats for all of our planet’s creatures. Built in 1860, the sounds of days gone by still echo through this magnificent bluestone shearing shed.
Our animal exhibits resemble their natural habitat as closely as possible, so they can live and interact as they would in the wild. Tucked into their nests of grass, they wait for the sun to go down before venturing out to forage for insects.
Enjoy the peace and quiet as you meander along the track to the boardwalk, which weaves along the river. You will eventually reach the edge of the beautiful Werribee River, where you can sit and enjoy the fresh air and peaceful surrounds. Celebrate with your family by learning more about green living and environmental stewardship with these fun Earth Day activities.

Join the world-wide campaign to save our environment by fostering a deep awareness of sustainable living in your own family.
The experience of watching plants grow and tending a garden through all seasons of the year encourages a new appreciation for nature.
There are more and more children’s books being published that have eco-friendly messages and kid-friendly advice on how to get involved in protecting the planet. The perfect opportunity to put a spotlight on the planet while having tons of fun, don’t miss the chance to attend an Earth Day event in your local area.
Don’t worry, even if you don’t have tons of acreage in your backyard, you can still plant a garden!
Ride the camels, feed the giraffes, pet the bunnies and get inspired to live in harmony with the natural world.
You can get involved in butterfly conservation a meaningful way by planting a butterfly garden in your own backyard. Simple to make and basically self-regulating, this is the perfect Earth Day craft for little ones. Take a tip from the Urban Organic Gardener who has tons of down-and-dirty tricks on how to grow an amazing organic garden even if all you have for outdoor space is a fire escape. Take the time to learn about the best host and nectar plants for butterflies native to your area and plant a garden that will give your whole family hours and hours of pleasure.

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