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But you should neither see it increasing as oracle will reuse free spaces into this tablespace.
I cannot give you any script that will solve this issue becaue this could create more bigger issue for you and lead to a DLP not working anymore. Really Thanks a lot for extremely faster reply as well precautions regarding undo, system as well as sysaux. How long will it take to de-fragment of a tablespace of size 4.5 TB with COALESCE or is there any better solution. We can’t calculate the estimate time of mentioned activity but still its depend on your de-fragmentation method you are using.
Instead of COALESCE on tablespace level you can go with table level, So your activity shall be divided into small chunks. If the number in FRAGMENTATION_INDEX is small, I have to consider that the tablespace is in fragmentatio? Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. SQL Manager Lite for PostgreSQL is a practical and straightforward application whose main purpose is to help database developers manage and organize tables, functions, domains, operators, sequences, reports and triggers.

It also allows them to create PostgreSQL databases, build queries from simple to complex, create new triggers, as well as re-index or truncate the selected tables. The left panel of SQL Manager Lite for PostgreSQL will then display all the identified tables along with their rules, views, functions and queries. From the Tools menu you are able to open a new SQL Editor, extract the selected database, write and execute SQL scripts, manage all the available users and groups, as well as monitor SQL queries.
To conclude, SQL Manager Lite for PostgreSQL is a useful and easy-to-use utility that helps you to manage and organize all your PostgreSQL databases, tables, procedures and triggers, rollback a database structure to any previous version, set links between tables visually and export data to most popular formats such as HTML, PDF, TXT, CSV, DBF, XML. BR *Tools is the program package containing BRBACKUP, BRARCHIVE, BRRESTORE, BRRECOVER, BRSPACE, BRCONNECT, and BRTOOLS. BRTOOLS is the program that displays the menus from which the other BR programs are called.
The user interface to BR*Tools provides you with menus to perform a wide range of database administration functions for your Oracle database. This SAP tool enables you to restore an entire database backup or parts of it, when the backup was performed with BRBACKUP.
You can check the tablespace type with below mentioned SQL and issue the statement only on locally managed temporary tablespaces.

From the Database menu you are able to register a new PostgreSQL database by setting the connection parameters such as host name, username, port number and password, then choose the database name you are interested in and set the alias you want. A wizard will guide you through the process of specifying the source and target databases, as well as selecting the type of the synchronization script. The menus are controlled by BRTOOLS, which in turn calls one of the functional BR programs.
You can use BRBACKUP for backing up both files in the database and non-database files and directories. Empty spaces are not released by oracle (it seems to me there is a specific command to force it you may ask a DB administrator).

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free tablespace script oracle

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