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General Carpentry, Furniture, Wood Carving, Furniture, Ship Building, Construction and many other uses! When the early colonists settled North America they were greeted by magnificent old growth eastern white pine. The wood used for furniture and other fine projects differs in many ways from lumberyard 2x4s. The first thing to realize about cabinet-quality lumber is that the rules you probably know about ordering dimension lumber (the type you use for carpentry work) don't apply.
All cabinet-grade lumber begins as a "green" board that's been mill-sawed from a freshly felled tree. Air-drying reduces the moisture content naturally -- workers stack the slabs in such a way that air circulates between the separated layers of boards. When you purchase kiln-dried lumber, store it indoors lying flat on dry sticks of scrap or hardboard.
Unlike dimension lumber, which is milled to industry-established nominal thicknesses, widths, and lengths, most cabinet-quality stock comes in random widths and lengths to keep waste to an absolute minimum. When you order cabinet-quality lumber, you'll receive a board as long as or longer than and as wide as or wider than the item ordered. Unlike dimension lumber, which manufacturers grade according to its use in construction as full width and length members, hardwood is graded according to the expected number of clear face cuts a board will yield. Remember, too, that in building a large project, such as a table or desk top, you'll generally need the higher grades of lumber because they have fewer defects and are available in greater widths and lengths than lower-grade boards of the same species. Before you purchase any lumber for a project, draw or refer to a published cutting diagram, and figure the board footage needed.

In addition to the cabinet-quality lumber available from lumberyards, home centers, and retail specialty stores, you have the option of mail-order buying. We grade after drying and surfacing, and against all natural drying or surfacing defects (pin knot no defect).
They put this peaceful fine textured soft wood with a pumpkin colored heart to use building fine furniture, flooring and architectural paneling. The moisture content of a green board will be 28 percent or greater, making it unsuitable for woodworking because all wood shrinks, warps, and splits as it dries.
Large oven-like kilns with carefully controlled temperatures reduce the moisture content to between 6 and 9 percent, the ideal range for interior projects. In addition, because all furniture and other woodworking projects have different dimensions, there's no need for dimensioned stock. Don't be confused by all this; just remember that the quarter designation and the nominal thickness are the same animal.
And, because most hardwood is expected to be made into furniture, these cuts will be from 2 to 7 feet long.
Many retail hardwood dealers carry only the highest grades possible to avoid customer complaints and discount requests. It's just the opposite at the big box stores like Home Depot where all the lumber is sold surfaced and to width and length.
That's why Northwest Hardwoods offers high quality grades of lumber you won't find elsewhere. Also keep in mind that except for a few white pines, redwood, and cedar, most of the time you'll be working with hardwoods.

For more information on the hardwood grading system, which was developed by the National Hardwood Lumber Association, see the chart below. Second, you'll be able to select your lumber in sizes that accommodate your cutting list and thus reduce waste.
Although the new growth white pine does not have the same fine texture and color, it is still a good soft wood and is used for unpainted furniture, flooring, paneling, and moldings. Even if the dealer has the boards already priced, he arrived at those prices by first figuring the number of board feet each contained. This same chart also discusses the grading system for white pine, which was formulated by the Western Wood Products Association.
If you cannot choose your own lumber, allow about 20 percent for waste, and add it to your needed board footage. You'll call them money in the bank.Since the 1970's, we've been refining grades beyond NHLA standards in an effort to increase our customers' yield and tailor products specifically to meet their needs. If the board length is stated in feet rather than inches, use the same method but divide your total by 12 instead of 144.
In cabinet lumber there are great differences in quality, just as there are in construction lumber, so use the chart as a guide.

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furniture grade lumber ontario

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