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Our inventory of cabinet and furniture grade lumber is constantly changing – please contact us for a list of currently available material.
Antique lumber is perfect with all decorating styles from rustic to retro, traditional to trendy, contemporary to casual, and everything in between.
Enjoy for Another Hundred YearsCanadian Antique Lumber Company is committed to advocating the reuse of recycled barn wood materials.
With the help of our sister company S&J Barn Demolition we carefully disassemble these buildings, removing all salvageable boards and beams - the materials are then carefully inspected and visually denailed, trimmed and stored. Reusing antique lumber is an environmentally responsible way to minimize our individual carbon footprint. Latest NewsSpread the word to your famlies and friends living in Southern Cali Visit our sister location! Contact Us Now – Our trained professionals are here to assist you in your wood floor selection.

These materials are sourced from unwanted century old barns which have outlived their usefulness and are no longer suitable for contemporary use, or are on the verge of collapse. By recycling old barns less garbage wood ends up in our landfills - recycled lumber requires less processing and reduces the demand for new raw materials.
Reclaimed wood is a sustainable product, it helps save our planet by conserving natural resources. Ripple figuring may occur, increasing the value of the timber for veneer and furniture-making. Remember, we save you time and money - Call 510.895.5133 or Use the Contact Us form - We have many satisfied clients, including REPEAT customers for their new homes!! Wood products - dimension components, finger jointed edge glued panels, flooring, mouldings. Kiln drying inhibits natural staining of the wood, improves its strength and stiffness, enhances its appearance, and increases its resistance to decay and attack by insects.

Furniture, cabinets, flooring and other millwork items are made from birch lumber and veneers. The species has long been a favourite of the wood turning industry for products such as bobbins, clothespins, spools, broom handles, dowels, shoe shanks, peg, and toys. It is also well suited for making ice cream sticks, picnic spoons, and toothpicks because it is uniform in texture has a smooth and white appearance, and has no odour or taste. Birch lumber Moisture content [%] and Density, [kg per cubic meter].10-12%62012-15%64018-20%65025-30%67040-50%730fresh cutted870Birch lumber - the perfect choice with reasonable price.

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furniture grade lumber prices

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