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In addition to refinishing and repairing vintage furniture, we also have an antiques showroom with thousands of antiques and gifts. You could go to the bookstore or browse the internet for ideas, but sometimes it just helps to get out and go look at what other people are doing. North Carolina has long been considered the furniture capital of the world and has no shortage of furniture outlets, home goods stores, consignment shops and home furnishings stores to choose from. You want to look at furniture stores that are large enough to offer plenty of choices, but you also need variety if you really want to get a range of ideas. Consider your interior design and decorating goals and make your home decor stand out as being unique.
The Two way Tilt in Space Riser Recliner Chair is manufactured to the specifications of the end-user.
We believe an assessment is essential to ensure a riser recliner is the right solution for your needs. To ensure the best possible service, we will only sell this product after a consultation with our experienced advisors. Please contact us on 01707 324581, or start a live chat (office hours), one of our expert staff will be happy to help. This product is available with VAT relief for those with a chronic condition, click here to read about who is eligible.

If you are eligible, and wish to claim VAT releif on this product please click the appropriate button below. Drawn entirely in 3D, chair & upholstery frames are then easily translated into working, sub assembly and piece part drawings. There’s probably no better way to get inspiration for home decorating and interior design than just jumping in the car and checking out Furniture Stores in Raleigh NC.
Seriously … there is no reason to reinvent the wheel when it comes to decorating your home.
You may not get much from a large showroom that only sells one thing like sofas and loveseats.
You may see some bargains, but this won’t be the place you are going to make a lasting home decorating breakthrough. Select a one-of-a-kind piece, a vintage chandelier or funky chair … something that makes a statement. If you are in the Triangle Area, SoHo Consignments is one of the fine home furniture stores in Raleigh NC that understands interior design and home decor.
Our chairs can be made as small as 15" in seat height through to a 3ft seat width and are available in a multitude of fabrics and colours. Find tasteful designs others have used and copy or tweak them to suit your individual taste.

Skip these stores and focus on reputable, upscale furniture stores in Raleigh NC where you know they are focused on quality merchandise.
This can range from something unusual or eclectic to simply an antique, whatever interests you is fine. We focus exclusively on fine, upscale furnishings and are a great resource for your interior decorating needs. Full size sections are prepared where necessary, compound angles are easily calculated for jig making fittings are drawn true to scale. Where the piece is to house any equipment or to incorporate fittings, these are drawn accurately and where necessary to allow for ventilation.
It will likely become a conversation piece whenever you are entertaining guests, so have fun with it.
We have the selection and the quality with just the right mix of unique and hard-to-find items to give your home a sophisticated, one-of-a-kind look you’ll be proud to show off. And if you do end up making a purchase, you will be getting a quality item you can be proud of that will last a long time.

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