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3 leg styles, multiple finish options, full range of system accessories including huge choice of screens, IT management, steel pedestals and more. Arrow offer our innovative Formetiq range of office furniture, and METALICON accessories which are distributed through our dealer network across the UK. The Arrow team understands furniture, having accumulated decades of expereience and most importantly, as most of us come from dealer backgrounds, we understands what you, the furniture dealer needs. Once you have children, you begin a seemingly never-ending search for ways to store their stuff. If you like your children’s book storage with a contemporary-edge, have a look at the range from Sodura AeroA and Kukuu.
Launch Pods are perfect for getting the kids to keep all of their school gear (note: mess) in one order. As much as we love bright and bold, we also love minimalist with a twist, like this gorgeous storage boxes from Ferm Living.
I do love an easy place to toss toys, and these natural buckets from The Dharma Door are perfect for the daily toy toss. A nursery can never have enough storage for those things you need to hand – and these Diaper Caddies are perfect.
If rustic and industrial is the look you’re after, the Bushel Box fits right into the trend. 3 Sprouts has fun bath storage sorted, as well as the fabulous fabric toy bins pictured at the top of the post. Speaking of decorator items, the ChiaozzaA alphabet shelves are a work of art, as well as a handy spot to store precious trinkets.

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I took this last picture minutes before she crossed into a world where she will always be young and healthy. Modern office screening needs to be flexible and responsive to an organisations individuality and changing requirements. Samsung and Acer not always VESA compatible New Formetiq releases available now Twin Screen Mounting Rail out now! She can decipher the handwriting of a preschooler and stop brotherly brawls single-handedly, all while masterfully sipping freshly brewed Earl Grey.
You will realize each of them has a vivid, innovative concept, making you wonder ‘what were they thinking when they built these’?
From simple desk mounted screens and floor standing divider panels, to more sophisticated functional features and comprehensive cable management facilities, Space Office Systems can provide the right solution for todays workplace. Three desktop options - scoop back for easy, low-cost cable management, tops with cutouts for large cable ports or straight tops for the ultimate in clean lines - all at the same price. We’ve taken the time to round up some of the best storage solutions on the market, come and take a look. Like these brilliant Book Slings, which get the books off the floor in a super-stylish way. Utilitarian designs take a backseat as we see 15 of the most ingenious, cool and eye-catching pieces of funky furniture, ever.Cafe Furniture with Compartments Ever experienced space problems for your stuff after walking into a cafe?

Kaman Tung’s smart set of cafe furniture has the solution: One chair has a compartment behind the seat, another has space for a laptop or briefcase in the arm and the third has a hook for coats. The table has a shelf below the glass surface for keys and gloves.Minimalist Teak Bathroom FurnitureWith compact sized living spaces, space becomes an issue.
As welcoming as its name, the ‘Stay at my Home’ sleep set looks like an ordinary side table with a blanket rolled up beneath it, but is actually a full set of furniture for guests. The comfortable bed is made of soft foam, and stored within the drawer of the table are bed linens, a pillow and a bedside lamp.KEWB Multi-Functional Living Room SetThis compact little set of furniture by KEWB turns from a side table and chair into a shelf unit, a bed or a dining table and floor cushions according to your choice. Simple and multifunctional, this would be great in rooms which often have to be transformed into bedrooms for guests.Kraft Paper SoftSeatingIt’s soft, it’s beautiful, and it’s eco friendly.
Made entirely of 50% recycled Kraft paper, this ‘SoftSeating’ furniture set by Molo uses a flexible honeycomb structure that can be made into stools, benches and loungers. Flexibility in furniture usage is a big deal, and this furniture does just that for you.Stone Patio Furniture: Uh? The blooming flower dining table set features six green chairs surrounding a simple green-and-white table, which gracefully open and close like the petals of a flower to unveil seating.Like what you’ve seen above?

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