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May 18 2011 Over the years BMW has been known for making some radically designed vehicles – many of which never leave the headquarters in Bavaria. Many one off cars can be found here like the M8, the V10 powered X5 and even the M3 pickup truck!
The V12 engine that was used in the legendary McLaren F1 and helped it become the fastest road going car in the world for several years. The best way to stay updated is by liking our Facebook page – we post even more often there. Alternatively, you can pre-register for our weekly newsletter; it will go live as soon as we get enough interested people.
Like an exoskeleton shell for your favorite automobile, the Gazebox can keep it protected from the elements without the need for a bulky dedicated structure. Whether you want to repurpose your existing garage, or just make more room in your off-street parking area, you can safely stow your car underground with the Cardok ($TBA). Your high-end car deserves an equally high-end home in which to stay — so upgrade your garage by picking up some Vault Garage Cabinets ($TBA).
In need of some organization in that overgrown pile of boxes, garage sale finds, and random junk you call a garage? Looking more like something from DWR than Sears, the Garrett Wade Full-Size Storage Workbench ($1,195) will help you turn your garage into something modernly useful.
Some products take "industrial" design more literally than others, as is the case with Pandora ($TBA). Bring the chaos that is your cluttered garage to an end with the UltiMate Garage Storage System ($2,232).
BMW has unveiled the secrecy of the underground garage – take a look a this large collection of photos to see the cars that BMW keeps down there.
During the Gulf War gas prices sky-rocketed and caused concern about the release of this mosnter.

Build-a-bike, Plan-a-ride or watch the Indian Larry Legacy Team build a bike from start to finish. This folding cover is made in Italy from painted iron framework and anti-UV polycarbonate panels, offering protection from both the elements and any stray animals (or their droppings).
The woodworker's bench is seriously stable, weighing in at 260 lbs., and is made from solid European Red Beechwood. These shipping container-style storage units from Sander Mulder look and feel the part, with steel and glass heavy-duty construction, multiple colors and sizes, and stackability that will instantly make your garage or basement more container ship-y.
This eight-piece system includes two tall two-door cabinets, one base cabinet, one rolling base cabinet. They come outfitted with LED lights for nighttime use, and can be outfitted with options like automatic openers, air conditioners, fans, alarms, vacuum cleaners, and even solar panels, and can also double as shelters for outdoor dining, provided you move your car out of the way first. With a mixed-flow fan that pressurizes and releases air at a volume of 650 cubic feet per minute and a speed of 135 miles per hour, it makes your yard-work a breeze. Installation is relatively simple, it takes up very little space, and can even be customized to match the surface of the surrounding area. These premium metal cabinets are available in fully-assembled and custom modular versions, and feature durable steel construction, powder coat finishes, European hinges, and ball bearings on all the drawers with impressive 150 lb. The base features a large, lockable storage cabinet and shelves, while the top offers a total of 12.5 sq ft of working space, a 20" wide shoulder vise as well as a solid tail vise. Garage 1 Garage 2 Garage 3 Garage 4 Garage 5 Garage 6 Garage 7 Garage 8 Garage 9 Garage 10 Garage 11 Garage 12 Garage 13 Garage 14 Garage 15 Garage 16 Garage 17 Garage 18 Garage 19 Garage 20 Garage 21 Garage 22 Garage 23 Garage 24 Garage 25 Garage 26 Garage 27 Garage 28 Garage 29 Garage 30 Garage 31 Garage 32 Garage 33 Appentis 1 Appentis 2 Appentis 3 Appentis 4 Appentis 5 Appentis 6 Appentis 7 Appentis 8 Appentis 9 Appentis 10 Appentis 11 Appentis 12 Appentis 13 Appentis 14 Appentis 15 Appentis 16 Appentis 17 Appentis 18 Appentis 19 Appentis 20 Appentis 21 Appentis 22 Appentis 23 Appentis 24 Appentis 25 Appentis 26 Appentis 27Nous gerons la globalite de votre projet, des demarches administratives a la mise en oeuvreUne fois votre projet defini, nous selectionnons les bois les plus adaptes a la construction de votre garage ou Aappentis.
This smart solution lets you easily spin your bike around on its center stand, eliminating the need for multi-point turns and awkward movements. And because sound, vibration, and heat all exit the blower through the front, it's as comfortable to use as it is effective.
It operates using a convenient remote control, makes virtually no noise at all, and opens in just thirty seconds.

Just drive onto the leveling mats, drop the center stand, and push down on the rear to lift the front tire off the ground — you can then easily turn the bike around and forget about reversing the next time you head out.
Vous pouvez egalement choisir la livraison de votre construction en kit ou le montage partiel selon vos capacites et votre budget. Conscients que vos envies, vos besoins et votre budget peuvent evoluer avec le temps, nous nous attachons a concevoir nos garage bois et appentis bois de maniere a ce qu’ils puissent eux aussi evoluer dans le temps. Par consequent, si un jour vous souhaitez transformer votre appentis en veranda, fermer votre garage ou toute autre modification, aucun gros chantier ne sera necessaire ! Le douglas parce qu’il est naturellement protege et necessite moins d’entretien, le pin parce qu’il peut etre traite en classe 4 imputrescible et le sapin, facile d’utilisation, qui peut etre traite en classe 3. Au fil des annees, le coeur de notre metier, la scierie, a evolue pour etendre notre activite a des secteurs tiers. C'est ainsi que nous sommes aujourd'hui en mesure de proposer des solutions cles en main quels que soient les besoins de nos clients.
Ainsi, pour nos maisons et extensions de maison en bois, nos garages et appentis en bois, nos abris de jardin en bois, nos verandas en bois, nos terrasses en bois ou nos pool house en bois, nous offrons des solutions sur-mesure.
Nous prenons en charge toutes les etapes de la realisation de votre projet : sciage, taillage, traitement, mise en ?uvre et recyclage des dechets. La creation et le referencement Google du site web du BOIS GONON a ete confiee a l'agence de communication internet ARKANTOS.

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