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In this article, We want to start with helping Los Angeles and other Southern California homeowners identify quality garage cabinets. Each cabinet should have a solid back to ensure structural integrity and to allow garage cabinets to be mounted to blemished drywall, open studs or solid block walls. When choosing materials, careful thought needs to go into the choices to ensure that they have qualities and specifications specifically suitable for garage use.
Heavy duty core board or MDF (moderate density fiberboard) Avoid the cheap press board found in pre-made cabinets. Keep cabinet widths below 48a€? (4 feet) in order to avoid bowing (even with 1a€? shelves) Most garage companies will push the 48a€™ wides because they dona€™t have to cut them down or customize them. Common cabinet depths (outside measurements) 17a€?, 24a€? and sometimes 30a€? Anything more shallow doesna€™t allow much internal storage.
Common cabinet heights (outside measurements) 24a€?, 30a€? 36a€?, 60a€?, 72a€?, 84a€? Anything higher makes installation more difficult and possibly dangerous.
At most home supply stores, cabinets are priced per units ranging from $75 up to $500 per depending on garage cabinet length, depth, height, finish and drawers. Look for a local garage remodeling company that can fulfill all of these versatile functions by supplying and installing premium quality garage cabinets which provide unique functionality and appealing design features. If you are looking for the best looking garage that is still functional and user friendly Garage Envy can help you.

Full length anodized aluminum extruded door pulls provide both strength and an amazingly sleek look.
Full extension drawer slides enable you to make use of the entire drawer because accessibility is key. Optional adjustable leg levelers provide support as well as protect your cabinets from damp or wet floors.
Anodized aluminum shelf stiffeners provide additional strength and style to the interior of the cabinets. 6-way adjustable Blum hinges are utilized in all of our cabinets because of their superior quality and ease of use. Go to our DIY measure page to download some information on measuring and designing your garage. Add epoxy flooring with your cabinets and you have created another functional space in your home at a fraction of the cost of a room addition.
Proud installers of fine garage storage products including Sterilite, Ultimate Garage cabinets and custom wood garage cabinets to give you multiple options for your storage cabinets. Wood Garage Storage Cabinets – Superior materials are matched up with superior design. Materials for garage cabinets need to be carefully chosen in terms of suitability and functionality.

Call one of our Garage Design consultants or fill out the form on this page for a FREE Estimate and 3D Design.
With so many different colors, sizes and cabinet styles, you can create a custom space without paying a custom price.
Los Angeles residents face certain environmental challenges, such as heat and humidity fluctuations, that necessitate the selection and installation of the appropriate kind of garage storage cabinets.
Sometimes with shipping and handling, youa€™re better off going to Home Depot or even hiring a garage specialist. So ditch that storage unit, give your car back the garage or create a space that gives you more square footage. Our laminate wood garage storage cabinets can be designed in a variety of sizes and colors, we can create the workspace, garage storage cabinets, and activity centers you desire and balance it within the physical specifications of your garage.
These cabinets are fully welded heavy-duty steel cabinets and come in variety of sizes, with their famous Hammered Granite finish and a lifetime warranty. Gone are the days of nailing up leftover kitchen cabinets in the garage, since these are prone to warping and pest infestation.

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