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This page is dedicated to assist those who are in the planning for or the process of renovating their properties. If there are known contractors who specialize in repairing and renovating homes such as those in our district, we will try to give you some options. Here are the pictures and names of residents from Seminole Hills and Ottawa Hills (and non-resident friends) who took part on April 25, 2015, for the citywide "Pontiac Clean-up Day," sponsored by Grace Centers of Hope. We must reserve special thanks to our District 2 City Councilman Don Woodward for organizing this annual event.
Our team, which cleaned up along Huron Street, received Better Pontiac is a soon-to-be nonprofit organization of our District 2 Advisory Group.
A before-and-after look at the removal of aluminum siding and the replacement of wooden posts and railings.

This Colonial Revival building was in foreclosure and threatened to become an eyesore for the neighborhood. One advantage of wooden steps is the option of painting or staining them in various color combinations, thus enhancing the home's historic character. Most kitchens in the neighborhood have been remodeled several times over the years.A  This kitchen had been a victim of the 1970s--bright yellow countertops, yellowish linoleum stick-onA floor tiles, and--believe it or not--T-111 outdoor siding on the walls. Recently, the doors of this garage were made by Ron Gay, a local tradesman who is skilled in historical preservation, notably window repair and other projects dealing with wood. Recently, a landscaping crew was spotted planting trees in the right-of-way of homes on West Iroquois. Updating your kitchen is a great way to add value to your home and to take advantage of modern fixtures that are available.

The yellow garage on the left is another example of replacement doors created to match the historic style of the building.
Click on one of the pictures to view this slideshow to see how its new owner removed the old aluminum siding and refinished the orignal wood siding. The first replaced the broken concrete sidewalk with attractively-colored stamped concrete.

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garage enlargement plans 2014

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