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Looks like a great idea, and I think I have some aluminum heat-sink extrusions that when cut into strips might make a perfect plier rack, I'll check this evening. What are some (more) choices for commercial made pliers racks that stand them on edge like this? Hands down, the best thing that ever happened to my toolbox was rubber coated metal wire dish drying rack cut to however you like. So, mine all fit in one drawer where I can easily find them when I need them, and no complicated organizing is needed. Lets see your spray paint, rattle can, brake cleaner, anything that come is the standard size storage. I put a set of old casters on a milk crate, it rolls under my bench with two more on top containing the most used. I really like the top one made out of simple 2x4's and dowel rods, being a single row deep so that you aren't moving cans around to see what is in back. Spray paint is in the top drawer of a file cabinet, along with paint brushes, scrapers, sandpaper and the like. How can a guy with over 450 pairs of pliers, cutters, tongs, grips etc, have a "favorite"? I store the common ones on a cart so I can move it around and out of the shop when welding, grinding etc.
I made it about half way through this thread, and I didn't see the old screw the lid of a jar under a cabinet to hang the jar.
You've done it again Jack, Great idea making use of that unused space to store your hardware. I have a steel cabinet with four drawers, single pieces of hardware goes in there, nuts in one bolts in another and washers in another.
About a year ago I built a rolling cabinet of nothing but drawers but I still use the oil cans to separate the different sizes.
The nice thing about bins (whether they're purpose-built or re-purposed food containers) is that you can pick one up and move it to where you're working.

I use the four plastic parts bins on the ouside of the cabinet for smaller nuts and bolts and things.
The top left cabinet holds hardware like cabinet hinges, door pulls, zip ties, and stuff like picture hanging hardware.
In the main bainet with the blue bins I have mostly misc stuff like wire nuts, staples, longer wood screws, nails and just a lot of misc hardware. Concrete anchors, eye bolts and larger bolts that wouldn't fit into one of the four smaller cabinets shown above. For me it became obvious that every screw, nut, bolt of every size couldn't have its own bin. I'm to the point where I have it squared away enough that I know roughly where to look when I need something.
I've got a smaller metal cabinet with a couple dozen plastic bins on racks, as have been shown already. I realized this when I was a kid and went through the fastener storage at a guy's shop, and my hands were absolutely filthy after digging through the bolts. Recently purchased some new tools and currently reorganizing The Aerodrome Studio, my metalworking studio in a 2-car garage, where I build riveting projects.
I realize this is almost 2 years later, but could the OP share the tech specs with us on how it was made (these looks VERY sturdy)! Wow i like the bottom cabinets and the continous counter top - exactly what i need for under my cabinets. One more thought: that space between the doors, overhead between the tracks is a good place to hang a folding aluminum step ladder.
Below is what is looked like before I had built the attached 2 car garage (still working on finishing it). For storing long pieces of tubing or stock attach a piece of restanguar plastic gutter to the wall in whatever length you need. Another tip: The white plastic dry wall anchors can be used to "screw" all kinds of things into peg board holes without damaging the board too much.

You are currently viewing our boards as a guest which gives you limited access to view most discussions and access our other features. If I dedicate one drawer to pliers and I can't fit them in it cleanly, I have too many pliers. I've seen one fall off a truck as they were unloading it, it flew up, I almost shit myself, they never found it after that. She used the drill press to pilot the holes, ran the screws in, then painted it the next day. I'll have to see what I can get cheap, or - run 2x4 box frames between the angle iron supports.
Not a big deal, until you realize that 10 years has gone by since you last took the feather duster to your nut and bolt storage.
I am starting to use the Clorox Wipes cylindrical containters that I used to throw out from my classroom. To be fair, I'm also not loading and unloading it with a forklift every day, so there is really no chance of me slamming it around in any major way. By joining our free community you will have access to post topics, communicate privately with other members (PM), respond to polls, upload content and access many other special features. They are easy to adjust for different widths and create a defined organized place for the punches.
If you have any problems with the registration process or your account login, please contact contact us. One of the best things I have done since I was always looking around for where I left 1 of 3 tape measures I couldn't seem to find when I needed one.

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