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Xenon Headlights for all vehicles, motorcycle – Bulbs, Ballast, in best quality, free 2 days delivery. The Omega xenon hid kit is a revolutionary concept in automotive lighting that provides 3 times more light on the road than traditional halogen headlights. TRD’s stunning supercharger system is a very popular upgrade, and for very good reasons. This supercharger installation is possible for a competent do-it-yourselfer—but our suggestion is to have a Toyota dealership technician do it.
An important step in the disassembly process for the supercharger installation involves properly marking the power steering and air-conditioning drive belts.
One of the neatest parts of the TRD supercharger kit is this nicely done template to help you trim the engine’s timing belt cover to provide clearance for the supercharger. The Tacoma’s stock exhaust comes off easily, especially when the system is new and not rusty. With the job nearly complete, the supercharger looks as though it was born atop the Tacoma’s engine. With the help of TRD Senior Technician Bob Garner, our installation is now nearly complete. Over the next four issues, we will transform a Toyota Tacoma Double Cab into a vastly capable custom 4x4 that will be given away in November here in Los Angeles. The Groff Motorsports team competes in Class 1 for unlimited open-wheel machines, considered the Indy cars of desert racing. While we are the first to admit that big domestic V-8s hold a special place in our collective heart, there’s also something to be said for the nimbleness that comes with a compact vehicle. While it’s possible to follow many paths on the search for power, our first call was to the experts at Toyota Racing Development (TRD).
TRD performance components enjoy several unique features that make them very different from other aftermarket parts.
While the installation of the TRD blower and complete exhaust system takes time, the results are worth the effort. When we pulled away from the TRD facility after the supercharger installation, the power seemed a little flat. Installation is simple, bolting to existing factory holes, so there’s no need for drilling.
Save an additional 20% today - no minimum purchase.Use coupon code "SAVE20" in your shopping cart. Related Posts:Chevy Camaro SS with a Toyota Supra 2JZ Turbo Swap Here's not something you see every day. Featuring made in USA turbos in a variety of configurations, top quality manufactured components by Garrett, Precision Turbo, and Tial Sport to name a few, these kits are top quality in every way. There are two main exit locations on the downpipes for these trucks -- please take a few minutes and a tape measure to determine which downpipe exit location you will need.
NOTE: Use of a BOV vented to atmosphere may occasionally lead to engine stalling depending on how the vehicle is driven. NOTE: The power specification is the approximate maximum power capability of the turbocharger, and not an estimate of the power you will produce by bolting this kit on.

NOTE: While every effort has been made to ensure that this kit can be installed without affecting the emissions systems on the truck, KO Racing does not guarantee the emissions legality of this kit.
This week enjoy free shipping on all HID conversion kits, bulbs and ballasts within the USA. Xenon HID conversion kits with FREE shipping on all HID lights, ballasts, harnesses and bulbs.
When searching for the legality of HID lights in Texas, I can across a few different answers.
Using tape or permanent marker, make certain that the belts are marked so that they will be reinstalled so that they always run in the same direction. The two stock hangers are used to hang the front part of the muffler, then bolt it to the rear tailpipe assembly. System includes complete instructions, gaskets, hardware, the exhaust manifold and a trick crossover pipe.
We should mention that all but the most skilled mechanics should leave this job to Toyota professionals. Garner, who teaches Toyota technicians all around the country how these installations should be done, made the whole thing look easy.
Our plans for the Toyota call for power upgrades, a trick new suspension, interior modifications and a cool graphics and paint scheme. That’s one of the reasons that Toyota products have appealed to Four Wheeler staffers for a long time. Now it’s time to take a great truck and make it even better, turning it into the Four Wheeler 40th Anniversary Toyota.
An attractive alternative to bulky bumpers and grille guards, the sleek new front end Light Bars from KC HiLites are made in the USA and feature a great-looking, black powdercoat finish. Heading out into the wild is easier than ever, as you'll get the ground clearance you need to off-road with confidence.
We offer full color photography and in-depth product descriptions of every lift kit we sell, not to mention a full Learning Center and knowledgeable Customer Service team that can handle any problems. If you want a step that's going to last as long as your Tacoma, the Carr Super Hoop Step will stand the test of time. The kit from TRD is complete with all of the installation hardware, a detailed set of instructions and a newly revised dynamic belt tensioner. Instructions are very complete, and the procedure begins with the removal of the stock throttle body and intake manifold. One of the best features of the new TRD system is that it uses all of the stock hanger locations. The rear rubber hanger is simply flipped upside-down in its stock location to reorient new hooks.
After a brief period that allowed the engine management computer to recalibrate itself to the supercharger and exhaust system, our 40th Anniversary Sweepstakes Tacoma now has an extra 75 horsepower.
Installation requires welding of one catalytic converter flange, removal of fuel lines, engine controls and skidplates—not to mention lifting the engine slightly to install the crossover pipe. Here, he installs the finishing touch: a special high-flow TRD air-filter assembly that replaces the stock unit.

Just think of it: Winning the one-of-a-kind Four Wheeler 40th Anniversary Toyota Tacoma and racing the legendary SCORE Baja 1000 as an official co-driver in one of the fastest cars in the desert. For the foundation of our Four Wheeler 40th Anniversary project, we chose a 2002 Toyota Tacoma Double Cab 4x4 with its standard 3.4L V-6. After just one flip through its catalog, we knew that a TRD supercharger, a set of stainless-steel headers and performance exhaust system were just what our project truck needed.
TRD components are available only through the Toyota dealer network, and they are intended to be installed by authorized Toyota technicians. Combined with the new stainless-steel exhaust system, the TRD blower assembly adds 75 horsepower, bumping the engine’s total output to 265 hp at 5,200 rpm, with an additional 77 lb-ft of torque available at 5,200 rpm.
When you get back on the highway afterward, Tacoma lift kits let you tower over other cars and trucks with a delightfully elevated profile. Beautifully made of stainless steel, the TRD system includes a trick exhaust tip and adds a healthy tone to the engine.
Being the generous and creative types we are, we figured Four Wheeler’s anniversary was a great opportunity to make our readers part of something really special.
Yes, this is less of a hands-on approach than we normally take, but the plus side of this is that Toyota and TRD will warrantee TRD components with the same five-year, 60,000-mile drivetrain warrantee as the rest of the truck, as long as the parts are installed by a Toyota dealer. Also, while the installation of TRD parts is within the capabilities of some talented garage enthusiasts, the complexities of the header and blower installation really are better served by a trained technician.
In terms of torque, our supercharged V-6 now produces as much torque at 1,800 rpm as the normally aspirated engine does at its peak. The trick is to run only premium fuel, and to vary the throttle position in the first 100 miles of driving.
Sorting through truck accessories is a difficult enough process, which is why at AAG it's our goal to make everything as easy for you as possible. Because only the best will do for our readers, we included the TRD Offroad package that includes wider fender flares, a cool center console and, most importantly, an electric rear locker.
A weekend of driving in Los Angeles indeed proved this point, as the truck now has crisp, clean acceleration and a very linear power curve that is a joy to use—nevermind that cool blower whine that now comes from under the hood.
We decided to…GReddy Turbo Kit for the Scion FRS and Subaru BRZ 11510094 GReddy has released their highly anticipated T518Z Tuner Turbo Kit for the 2013+ Scion FR-S and Subaru BRZ! Instead, together with our friends at Toyota, BFGoodrich and a selection of some of the industry’s best parts manufacturers, Four Wheeler is building a special project Toyota Tacoma to give away to one of you. The turbo kits should be shipping now and in stock by the…2015 Honda Civic Type R Turbo! Right, one lucky winner will drive off in this brand-new Tacoma as part of our 40th Anniversary sweepstakes.
Complete with air-conditioning and power-assisted steering, the Tacoma, which is built in California, carries a manufacturer’s suggested retail price of just over $28,000.

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