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One of the biggest problems when trying to decorate your home is seeing through the clutter to the bones of your rooms.
Also from Family Handyman, follow this tutorial on how to create recycle bin hangers, and get those all important bins off the floor and out of the way! Use inexpensive Glad storage cups, some glue and some magnetic strips to create this magnetic mini storage. Get the latest information on new tools, trends and ideas for your DIY projects from The Family Handyman experts.
I totally agree that the walls are often greatly utilized while the ceiling is usually left untouched because of its height. I have always been utilizing my wall space to its maximum capacity with shelves but I am still lacking of storage space until the extent of having to rent a storage unit for my excessive belongings. Please Select Username to appear on public areas of the site like community and recipe comments.
Your garage may be the final destination where many of your items from the house are resting. When you think that hanging large items on the wall is not common, then you better consider freestanding garage shelvings than hanging garage wall shelving ideas. Actually, it is common these days to hang lawn tools and other big tools from the wall of your garage. The most common option in garage wall shelving ideas is to put your garage shelving around your outer walls in order to organize garage clutter.
Another example of simple built-in storage is a pegboard which is mounted to your garage wall. Meal planning can be a really big, time-consuming headache for many moms, and a really big expense for the check book. I really only "meal plan" for our dinner menu each week which is where we have the most variety. Some friends shared with us that they were greatly shrinking their grocery budget by having salads for lunch!
We have "chip day" once a week where we all share a single bag of chips with our salads (compared to munching on chips all week or buying them as a staple food item for the pantry - too expensive and not healthy).
If it's a crock pot recipe, then I write "CP" on the side of the note and circle it, so I can see at a glance that this is a crock pot dish and is therefore not an option when I'm ready to cook dinner at 5:00 pm. During the season of life when we had mostly very little children, no teenage cooks yet, and school was very busy it was difficult for me to prepare a crock pot dinner in the morning. To make note of the ingredients I'll need for that week's recipes, I refer to my post-it note and the actual recipe cards and write down on my Master Grocery Lists the items I need to purchase. If we have an exceptionally financially tight pay cycle then we also eat the pantry including the back-up meals, and I purchase only perishables that week such as fruit, vegetables, milk, and eggs. So dinners require the only meal planning really, and with a system in place it is very efficient and simple.
I made up this chart so that prior to grocery shopping I could know two things: (1) make sure we have our staple food items on hand for the week, and (2) to make sure I did not purchase unnecessarily things we already have. To help maximize our space in a small house I implement two strategies: (1) I only keep what is absolutely necessary in the main living areas, and store the rest in other places, and (2) we don't have available tons of variety for different people's preferences. We buy as many foods in bulk quantities as possible, however we only keep a little bit of that quantity in our upstairs pantry. We also don't need to have tons of variety of food items available to everyone all the time. The same applies to breakfast cereal on the very rare occasion that I buy it because it's so expensive.
We purchased these two blessing off of Craig's List and I was so thrilled, it was like Christmas!
Now I can shop for not only the food we need that week, but also I can purchase additional items if they're on sale, such as meat, loaves of bread from the bread outlet, frozen berries and veggies, butter, I freeze spinach for our green smoothies, and shredded cheese from Costco. We also used this food quite a bit when Bob was unemployed for several months on two separate occasions; it was a great fall-back plan and saved a great deal of money. Here's a picture of a Costco shopping trip with the children ranging in age from about 18-months to 14-years. Currently, the age range of our children is 4-16 which makes for very different shopping than before and far easier. Sometimes we all go shopping in the van as a family but I only go in to the store with just one daughter while Bob goes for a little drive with the younger children. Regarding space for our shopping trip items, since we have an extremely small kitchen and our home did not have a food pantry, we created one! Keeping meal planning and shopping to a simple, manageable plan has been such a blessing for our family. If you would like to have any of my charts, lists, or schedules that I've shared you can download those for free from Drop Box. The family room is usually the “hub” of your home (probably tied for this position with the kitchen!). Speaking of creative storage, if you need extra storage in your home, consider install the Unique Lift system by Garage Storage Solutions!  Our overhead garage storage solution can help you clear out the storage spaces inside your home! It is however, essential if you want a clean space where everything is relatively easy to find. Without eliminating the clutter, you will never get a good picture of what the positives and negatives are, and therefore be able to come up with a good decorating plan. Use pie tins cut in half to safely store those circular items you need… This might also be good inside cupboard doors to store tupperware lids! No need for permission to pin or to feature 1 or 2 pictures with full watermarks intact that link back to the original project.
I have also seen garage storage ideas, including those portable solutions that one can shift from one corner of the garage to another, that are widely used by many homes now – these are storage solutions for bicycles and scooters that are suspended on the ceiling and are sturdy and durable. These storage projects are designed to solve that problem, with special shelves, cabinets and drawers for toys, sports gear, shoes, boots, and all the other stuff that piles up by a heavily used entryway. All of those items can clutter your garage very quickly, but that would not happen when you have garage wall shelving ideas. On the other hand, many people think that it is fine to hang small and even large items on the wall, and that is why they do not think twice to plan for hanging garage wall shelving ideas. Infact, more homeowners are happy when they can hang larger tools from their garages wall, thus hanging shelving is the best option among all garage wall shelving ideas. Fortunately, there are various shelves available in the local and online toolstation that can be easily attached to the wall studs of your garage.

It is recommended that you use different pegs so that odd-sized equipments can hang from your garage’s wall yet still accessible. We then also supplement our smoothies with our favorite Whole Wheat Bread Rolls, or 10-Grain Muffins, or Breakfast Cookies, or whole wheat bagels (but as a supplement it is a very small quantity compared to being the whole meal).
We used to eat pre-prepared foods for lunch from Costco such as burritos, chicken nuggets, or pizza pockets, or macaroni and cheese. We were thrilled at the idea!  Not just to save money, but for the health benefits for everyone. We either purchase or make home-made one of these recipe ideas that lasts us about a week, and then we change to a different supplement for the next week. When it's time to prepare dinner I can look at my note of recipes I purchased ingredients for that week and choose one of them for that night. So my loving husband, Bob, offered to prepare some of the ingredients for me at night after I've gone to bed.
And I replenish the back-up meals gradually, one item at a time starting at the next pay cycle. Currently our 9-year-old daughter loves to be the one to take this chart down to the garage refrigerator, freezer, and supply shelves and record what is there. We have large Tupperware containers in the pantry that we fill from the 25 pound bags (stored in buckets) in the garage. I purchase one type of crackers for the week such as Wheat Thins, plus pretzels or corn chips. Purchasing one additional item at a time does not significantly effect the grocery budget that week, but it does accumulate for back up foods and purchasing on sale saves money. Included in our deep pantry are items such as dry beans, lentils, white and brown rice, canned soups, canned chicken and tuna, bulk wheat berries (purchased in 25 pound bags) to be ground for flour with an electric grinder, bulk steel-cut-oats and rolled oats, and we used to include jarred baby food when that was appropriate for the age of our children. I don't take the whole crew in to Wal-Mart any longer because we simply don't fit in the aisles easily with two shopping carts and a lot of walkers beside them.
I love to do the shopping, but I do like it done in one trip; preferring no to leave the house and the family over and over during the week.
It’s where we entertain friends during a game night, where we snuggle up on the couch to watch a movie or play some rousing video games with the kids. Move your furniture into the most functional arrangement possible based on how you spend time in the room.
To further help keep the family room tidy and organized, if you’re looking for new furniture, invest in items that can double as storage. For more information about how we can help with your latest home organization project, visit our website or stop by our Facebook page for more information. Whether you have a large garage or just a small space, there are many things that you can do to utilize that space and give yourself a bit of additional storage without taking up the area that you need for cars and other items.
Who would have thought the ceiling could provide an abundance of storage spaces for things that you thought could never be chucked away without tripping over. These are not only used for the garage, but also for small apartments that are lacking of floor space.
Fortunately, there are plenty of garage shelving options o help keep your garage well organized.
For instance, there are bicycle hooks that make it easier for you to suspend your bicycle from the wall.
The shelves do not stand alone as there are a lot of built-in shelving systems which can create storage for tools with odd size. So this is an area I have planned carefully for and have really tried to master for our family to the best of my ability.
When we had only 1 refrigerator for many years, I could only hold one week's worth of food at a time.
Since then we've been having Cobb Salads every day during the week, and variations on this such as taco salads some times.
I also keep a post-it note on the refrigerator where our older children can write down dinner requests that they are in the mood for, and I try to accommodate those as well. He would brown some meat and chop some veggies in the food processor for me, for example, so in the morning I just assemble the crock pot meal without having to prepare the ingredients.
This saves me time and energy having a child do it, and enables her to be a valuable part of the family's functioning. All paper products from Costco such as toilet paper, napkins, paper towels, Kleenex, and other bulk items such as garbage bags, and zip lock baggies, Saran Wrap and foil, all have one box upstairs on hand, and the rest in the garage. And really, having lots of choices in life - including foods - isn't the best thing for children.
We can't cater to the 11 of us each preferring different fruits at breakfast time, we can't afford it, can't store it all, and it's ultimately not good for children anyway. We rarely shopped with everyone at those ages, however; only if it was absolutely necessary for some unusual reason.
We've done this plan especially when Bob and I have needed some time together if things have seemed extra busy lately and we've missed each other. So off they went to the garage on a coat rack, and my wonderful husband built out a pantry for us just off the kitchen. Because the family room is such an actively used area, it’s bound to end up cluttered and messy from time to time. Get rid of the items that aren’t getting used regularly or should really be placed in another area of the home. Consider adding a table for games or chairs that can be easily moved around for different activities.
Designate an area for board games and puzzles, a reading corner, and a play zone for video games and toys in a different area. For example, ottomans that can hold extra blankets and pillows, storage baskets within your entertainment center that can hold video games, books and toys and hide unsightly cords at the same time.
Look for nooks and crannies that can double as storage spaces, like the area under the stairs.
For many, cleaning and organizing the garage is a mundane task that is so dreaded it simply never gets done.
And they are stored away neatly too, without a risk of getting them damaged by the end of spring, or winter etc. It's good to learn to be appreciative of whatever is served to everyone as a group, to be patient for their favorite things to be rotated back into the options, and to learn to be frugal by purchasing things in bulk (which can be done when tons of variety is not an option). But I don't have room, time, or finances for having 5 types of breakfast cereal available to all the children all the time.

We still use two shopping carts, with the 4-year-old twins in one, and the 5 and 6-year-old boys in the front of another; and a 7-year-old son riding with the boys shopping cart.
The more people that are using the room, the more “stuff” there will be on your coffee table, entertainment unit, couch, etc. Clear out those stacks of magazines and catalogs, go through your movie, CD and video game collections, and put the majority of the kids’ toys back in their bedrooms or playroom, if possible.
Having these designated spaces for activities will help control the clutter by keeping “like” items together.
Look for end tables and coffee tables that have drawers or cabinets, so you can hide remote controls, magazines, coasters- anything that ends up cluttering the surfaces in your family room. Consider adding rolling baskets that are low enough to store under your end table or coffee table.
We have found a collection of different ways that you can easily and quickly get that garage in good order. A ceiling wardrobe would be incredible if it is possible to be built and be able to hold tonnes of weight. Moreover, there are hanging straps that allow you to suspend your equipments from the rafters for storage.
And with a good plan-of-attack, it actually only takes me only 20-30 minutes per week to plan for our family of 11. Then we only have 4 children walking with me, and since the aisles at Cost are really wide and spacious it's easy.
If your remote control collection is, well, out of control, think about using something like a utensil holder to keep them together and organized.
Not only are these methods easy and effective, many of them will cost you nothing but a little time. The tin pivots out from beneath work surfaces to organize and serve up any little doodad you frequently use.
I keep one box upstairs in the refrigerator and the other 3 boxes go to the freezer in the garage. I now really enjoy the one-on-one time with a daughter each week to do the shopping, and shopping with all of the children does take quite a bit more time and energy than just going with one. From hangers for your garden tools to adding a splash of color to brighten up your dull garage, we have just the tips that will make organizing and cleaning that area a joy and something that you will want to brag about when you are finished.Update Your Garage Doors Just adding a little style to your garage doors will instantly transform them. But we don’t just want to move the clutter from one place to another cluttered place, that never helps. However, there is an important thing to bear in mind when you implement hanging garage wall shelving ideas.
In fact, most all of our food we buy in large quantities from Costco and all but one container of each thing stays in the garage refrigerator and freezer. You can actually give those doors the carriage house door look without spending hundreds on actual carriage house doors. Developing budget garage storage ideas can help you eliminate the clutter from inside, while keeping it all orderly out in the garage.
Remember that hang the items high enough so thet they would not hit people on their head while walking under the items.
Many home improvement stores sell kits that allow you to instantly transform your doors and the kits are relatively inexpensive and really easy to install. This strip will keep those drill bits perfectly organized and handy so that you can just grab one when you need it. If you have a tool bench, this is the perfect way to keep drill bits close at hand and out of the way.
If you need a handy solution for tool storage and you want to stick with the steel look, these are great and they are inexpensive. This is a great way to make more floor space in the garage and keep it well-organized at the same time.
Via: FlickrMake Over Your Mud RoomShoe organizers, plastic bins or baskets and a few strategically placed hooks and shelves will help you to create a beautiful mud room area even if you don’t have a traditional mud room. If you have a space near the door of your garage, you can create a mud room where all of your coats and jackets as well as muddy shoes and other items can be stored. If you have several rolls of differently colored tapes or different types of tape, you can easily create a dispenser that mounts to the wall and keeps your tapes perfectly organized. A few boards and a hacksaw blade are all you need to create a great dispenser that not only keeps your tape organized, it cuts it the perfect length every time. If you have cans of leftover paint that you don’t really want to throw out, put it in mason jars. Just label the lids with the type of paint and color and you can keep those jars on a shelf to organize them and to give your garage a little color. Even if you have concrete walls, hooks are relatively easy to install and you can use those hooks to keep your garage clutter-free. Utilizing wall space is a great way to keep things organized and still have room to park your cars. You can keep things in plastic tubs and when you label those tubs, you will always know where everything is.
Tubs will stack or fit into most shelving units which make them a great choice for overall organization. If your garage walls are partially unfinished and you have studs that you can utilize, this is a great way to keep things organized. Use those studs to hang heavier items or add a few boards to the front to make a semi-shelving unit.
A few bungee cords hung on studs gives you a great place to store all sorts of sports equipment.
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