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The effort to lock Cory Bitternose up indefinitely came to a sudden halt when the prosecutor fell ill. The 40-year-old self confessed sex offender was transported to Banff Provincial Court under heavy security. Bitternose is a man with a lengthy history of violence against women and pleaded guilty in March to five charges including assault causing bodily harm.
Now the prosecutor handling the case is in hospital and the hearing has had to be adjourned once again. Ivy Kennedy, Bitternose's Mother told CTV Calgary, "Knowing the victims are suffering and I can't apologize enougha€¦ My prayers are with them because my hearta€¦ I work with women's organization and victims of crime understand that Cory has confessed. Kennedy says her son was abused as a youngster, facts that only came to light a few weeks ago. It was early morning of July 13, 2008 when Bitternose pulled up in a stolen truck and offered them a ride home. The do application hearing will resume next Monday in Calgary, at that time the judge and lawyers for the prosecution and defence will decide how and when to proceed.

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garage packages airdrie alberta

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