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If you are planning to put up a garage to your home, then you should know for one thing, you need to get some proper garage plans. These garage building plan are for anyone who works in the home improvement business and can be used by professionals and other contractors.
This beautifully built shed was built using the 8×12 tall version of our backyard style shed plans. This firewood shed has been modified by adding a 2 in 12 roof slope in place of the roof shown on the shed plans.
The unique feature of this shed build it the addition of sliding barn doors on the 16′ long wall of the shed.

It was modified by removing the long wall that would have been up against the existing structure.
This was built using one of our detached garage plans and modifying it by removing the wall where it attaches to the existing house.
The best type of garage plans you can get today actually let you preview the final outcome in 3D. It does not need to be a huge monstrosity in your yard, and it is relatively inexpensive to build.
Concrete floors give the shed a much more permanent floor and the cost is not much more than a framed floor.

It will allow you to organize your outdoor living space and in turn it will allow you to concentrate on your indoor living space namely the garage and let you focus on getting it organized.

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garage plans with shed dormers cost

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