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Most ribbon-cuttings in town are really boring, and this one will probably be no different (unless dancing girls are there), but the Mayor and probably a gang of city officials will be on hand January 24th at 9:30pm for political announcements proclaiming admirable achievements, and other sugar-coated fluff.
In December, the Hoboken Parking Authority said the garage would be reopened and ready to go by the end of March.
The garage opened in 2002, after delays and cost overruns, as the first-in-the-nation automated parking garage. Last year, the original builder and operator of the garage — Robotics Parking — was booted out by the city after it asked to increase its monthly operating fee from $23,250 to $27,900. Below is a link to the first part of Unitronics’ 15-part proposal they submitted to the city. The reason for the delay is that the shipment of high-powered lasers were held up in Customs.
They’re considering opening a portion of the garage for a la carte customers who can pay via credit card swipe by the hour or day.
Other improvements, including clearer signals outside each entrance to help eliminate confusion.
As mentioned from the last council meeting, the $1.9 million dollar contract was awarded and the garage will be shut down for at least 8 days starting one week from today. Believe it or not, I’ve noticed it has been working relatively smoothly since Unitronics left!
HOBOKEN, NJ, November 30th, 2006 — The Hoboken City Council, on Wednesday, December 6th, will be asked to vote on a resolution to retrofit and permanently fix ongoing problems at the 316-space automated garage at 916 Garden Street. The Council will vote on a $1.9 million contract award to Quincy, MA-based Unitronics, Inc. Rigorous specifications for the retrofit were developed through the efforts of the City Council’s Transportation Committee, Parking Consultant Leonard Bier, Mayor Roberts Business Administrator Richard England Parking Utility Director John Corea, Fifth Ward Councilman Michael T. Pending Council approval, the plan would call for the closure of the garage from December 15th to December 20th for the installation of temporary software to allow for a reopening while permanent repairs are made.
The Council resolutions mandates at Unitronics not to be paid until three months after completion, a measure to ensure total reliability of integrity, operations and reliability.
However, it sure would be nice if the city somehow made some other concessions to the customers who have been inconvenienced. The issues at this garage are going to get worse before they get better, thanks to the way the City has handled itself in the battle with Robotics Parking, which designed the software that runs the garage. When the city came to a negotiated agreement to part ways with Robotics, both sides seemed pleased.
Then Parking Utility Chief John Corea brought in an Israeli company called Unitronics to run the garage in place of Robotics, but with Robotics software. At the Caucus, an attorney for Florio and Kenny who has been representing the city against Robotics put the Council on notice that things were not going well in court. If Unitronics is not gone by November 10th, the Judge will ORDER THE 916 GARDEN GARAGE CLOSED, with everyone still sticking it out there losing their space at the facility. John Corea said the city will run the garage with Robotics software on their own to the best of their ability (which we all know from experience has not been impressive) and that the city will then have to hire mechanics to maintain the mechanical portion of the system. Proposals from companies who want to develop new software for the garage are due back November 20th. Before the judge rules on the city’s right to renew the software, he wants a full accounting of the history of the City’s relationship with Robotics.
In response to this latest debacle, 6th Ward Councilman Nino Giacchi responded by asking “When does the For Sale sign go up?” on the 916 Garden Garage. The bottom line: The Judge says Unitronics must go, and the City may be forced to close the Garage. The 916 Garden parking garage, which has removed 314 cars from the crowded streets of central Hoboken is in jeopardy of shutting down on August 1st. First of all, to the Hoboken Parking Utility, how DARE you disrespect the over 300 Hoboken residents who PAY FOR and RELY on that garage on a daily basis? If the City was smart, they’d allow this increase for one year while Robotic can perhaps find a way to bring those monthly costs back down to the original amount. When parking revenue has increased in Hoboken by $8 million dollars with the new RFID parking stickers, to have a massive inconvenience like shutting this garage down over a small dispute is a blatant disregard to the people that live here and use the garage.
Like a bad marriage where the bickering parents stay together too long for the sake of the kids, the often uncomfortable union between the Hoboken Parking Utility and Robotic Parking Solutions is on the verge of dissolving.
At stake is the future of an innovative yet troubled automated 314-car automated garage at 916 Garden St., which may have to temporarily close unless a resolution is reached before Aug. Contract severed At its July 12 meeting, the Hoboken City Council passed a resolution that terminates, effective Aug.1, the month-to-month operational, maintenance and repair agreement with the Clearwater, Fla. Four years ago, construction delays and cost overruns caused the project to open years behind schedule and millions of dollars over budget.
The garage opened in October of 2002, taking 314 cars off of the crowded streets of central Hoboken. In the last year, Hoboken Parking Utility head John Corea has been frustrated with a spate of breakdowns at the innovative automated parking garage (see sidebar pg. The city has long threatened to look for other companies besides Robotic Parking to run the garage, and now it looks as if that might just happen, requiring the garage to be closed for an extended period.
On Wednesday night, Robotic Parking officials distributed an “open letter to the patrons of 916 Garden St. Corea told the council that on June 22, Robotic officials made a demand to increase its fee to $27,900 per month, which the City Council has said that it will not accept.
That led to the council approving a resolution to terminate Robotic’s contract at the end of the month.
Corea said that even though there is only a week before the contract is terminated, that he does not expect interruptions. If the garage does have to close, he said that every effort will be to accommodate those who park there.
While the city conceivably could reach a deal with Robotic Parking for another month-to-month contract, it would only be a temporary solution. Corea said that the city will undertake a global search for a company that can operate the garage. Clarke also contested the assertion that the city was the one who wanted to terminate the contract.
On Wednesday a letter was given to garage users that further outlines their feelings on the matter. Robotic’s letter complains that the Parking Utility has refused, since 2005, to give Robotic any more than a month-to-month contract to run the facility. The letter claimed that the Parking Utility is over $20,000 in arrears in payments since Jan. In October, 2005, Hoboken Parking Utility Head John Corea posted a letter to patrons of the 916 Garden St. The October, 2005 incident with the Jeep further strained the already tenuous relationship between the HPU and Robotic Parking Systems.
The council’s complaints included alleged lack of proper maintenance, electric violations, and a perceived lack of communication by Robotic. Robotic denied that they were to blame, and said it was the HPU that was not living up to its contractual responsibilities. The Hoboken Parking Utility paid for taxis or rental cars so garage users could get to work.

Memberchloe5 years 2 months agoDoes anyone who parks at this garage use their car on a daily basis? Red Cedar Investments is a financial planning and portfolio management group based in East Lansing. Alfred Benesch is a consulting engineering firm specializing in civil and structural engineering services.
Arcadia Home Health Care provides in-home care for the elderly, people who are ill, or who are recovering from surgery or illness. Michigan Hearing has licensed Hearing Instrument Specialist and Audiologists on staff to answer all your questions about your hearing needs. The Eyde Company is very excited to provide this great opportunity for MSU Rehabilitation Clinic and hope they are happy in their new home. The Eyde Company golf outing to benefit the Chi Heart & Surgery Center at McLaren-Greater Lansing, Tri-County Meals on Wheels and St.
Marta Hansen, Christina Johnson and Doug Miller all practice family and marriage counseling and social work. Gateway Community Services is a local non-profit organization that has been serving runaway, homeless, and struggling youth and their families.
The office for the Sickle Cell Disease Association of America has a new office in Southwind Office Park located at 913 W. Spartan Tax Relief and Natural Therapy Solutions are leasing 623 sf of Class A East Lansing office space. The Eyde Company welcomes the Global Center for Advanced Learning to East Lansing Realty Property at 4650 S.
Analysts International Corporation (AIC) is leasing 3,948 square feet of Class A office space.
Last year’s event for the Lansing MI Realtor raised more than $9,000 with 25 teams taking part in.
The Eyde Company would like to welcome MSU Administrative Information Services to their Real Estate in East Lansing at the Hannah Technology Research Center (HTRC) at 4660 S.
MSU-AIS has taken 11,500 SF of space in HTRC while their current office location in the Administration Building on campus is being remodeled.
The Eyde Company welcomes Canon Business Solutions to the Hannah Technology Research Center (HTRC) in their East Lansing MI Real Estate Property at 4660 S. In order to accomplish this expansion, the Bamboo House will close the commercial real estate in michigan down for several months while the construction takes place.  It is set to re-open this spring.
The Eyde Company is proud to be a partner in the growth of locally owned small-businesses and wish the Bamboo House family many more years of great meals. The building renovation is complete and the public is applauding a new, fresh look at the realtors of Lansing, Eyde Company corporate headquarters, located in the Hannah Research Technology Center (HRTC) at 4660 S. The public is invited to a virtual tour of all the fantastic building renovations with a quick-click through before and after photos on this page!
Located at the corner of Okemos Road and Bennett Road just one mile north of I-96, this Okemos Office Space features plenty of on site parking and is close to area shopping, restaurants and hotels.
Franklin Energy specializes in the implementation of energy efficiency and renewable energy programs for utilities and states. Franklin Energy exists to carry-out energy efficiency or renewable energy programs in a competent, cost effective manner.
The Eyde Company welcomes Wells Fargo Advisors of Lansing to the third floor East Lansing Office Space of the Hannah Technology Research Center (HTRC) at 4660 S. Wells Fargo Advisors will lease 13,000 square feet of prime Class A office space on the third floor of what many people know locally as the Eyde building, because The Eyde Company corporate offices are located on the top of the six-floor gleaming structure. From parking cars to a place to park yourself for a good night’s rest in a 15-story boutique hotel on North Washington Street. The selection for GE’s site didn’t come without evaluating many other options that ranged from Back Bay to North Station. Boston officials initially considered 20 development sites, both a mix of private and publicly owned buildings and land parcels, to pitch to GE. The sites were eventually narrowed to seven final options, five of which were located in the Seaport District, in a Dec.
They all won’t happen in this cycle, but it will be interesting to watch the Boston skyline evolve as projects come out of the ground. Three office towers totaling 113 stories and nearly 2.5 million square feet, already bearing the Boston Redevelopment Authority’s stamp of approval, are to be built near the MBTA’s Haymarket, North and South stations.
The transit tower trend ratchets up with Boston Properties’ latest vision of a 1.3-million-square-foot development at Back Bay station, including a 26-story office tower. The Boston Redevelopment Authority in 2006 initially approved a development plan from Hines and Tufts University affiliate TUDC Inc. Representatives from Hines have been to Boston’s City Hall several times in recent months to discuss the project and potential changes. New development opportunities in the city of Boston are being offered up by the State.  Are you looking for 5.5 acres for your new corporate headquarters within walking distance of South Station? A 5.5-acre state-owned parcel of land between Chinatown and South Station is being made available for redevelopment, creating as much as 2 million square feet of new construction, Massachusetts Gov.
The site is located at 185 and 165 Kneeland St., currently home to the District 6 headquarters for the Massachusetts Department of Transportation, the Rose Fitzgerald Kennedy Greenway Conservancy office and the Veolia Energy steam plant. A recent BBJ article notes, “access to transportation is one of the key reasons that General Electric Co. Staples will be offering far more than office supplies; they’re now also providing office space. According to a press release, Staples will be opening up communal workspaces at three locations in the Greater Boston area. If living in the tallest residential building in New England is you dream, 1 Dalton Street should be on your list.
790 feet: Height of 200 Clarendon (the Hancock Tower), the tallest building in New England. Daltonians will enjoy five-star amenities that would make a Back Bay brownstone dweller swoon.
At home, residents can take in unobstructed views of the city from floor-to-ceiling glass walls. Through a series of platforms and pulleys, the garage would automatically park a car precisely in a spot, then retrieve it when the customer returned.
A court ordered, however, that Robotics Parking’s equipment and software couldn’t be operated by another company, so Unitronics was contracted in December for $2 million in December to replace the existing equipment and write new software to operate it. Kind of summarizes the costs (the other 14 sections are very lengthy.) One thing to note in this proposal is the ongoing support charges.
Note that the video of the robotic boxes and hard to understand narration is quite painful to watch.
Apparently the address was not to the garage, and that raised suspicions, which is good that Homeland Security is keeping an eye on things.
Although the girl that had pulled in at the same time as me had indicated that an hour earlier it wasn’t working.
Sure, parking at other garages or lots much further south is a start (albeit crappy), but what about some monetary compensation for the pain and suffering? There is a growing possibility that the garage may have to be shut down for a significant period of time.

The city would have the right to use Robotics software for a fee, Robotics would no longer operate the garage, and the city would put out a “request for proposals” from other potential operators of the garage, who would have to come up with their own software to run the garage. This set off red flags with Robotics — always concerned the Parking Utility would help someone steal their intellectual property.
The attorney said the Judge is being asked to consider a restraining order on the city that would severely restrict the city’s ability to not only operate the garage, but to actually have someone else come in and retrofit the garage to work without Robotics software.
Though they didn’t want to say it, it seemed likely the garage would probably run on a far less efficient manual basis until such time a whole new software system can be devised by a new company. The current contract for the city to operate the garage with Robotics software expires December 31st, and the city’s lawyer said the judge may rule that because of the city’s bad faith, the city does not have the right to renew the Robotics Software agreement for 2007. Of course, if you’ve followed Hoboken411’s coverage of the issue and read the Mister Snitch report on the history, you know the judge is not likely to look fondly on the city’s actions.
At best, the problems we’ve seen with the garage are only going to get worse before they get better, if ever. I guess this whole thing was personal, because now Hoboken is paying $1000 more per month in total than Robotics originally wanted.
It’s a pathetic and childish display of how NOT to handle a business or political disagreement. It is your responsibility to ensure that this garage stay operational while you work out your (PERSONAL) issues with Robotic Parking. Robotic Parking has indicated (and we believe fairly) that to maintain their operating costs and overhead, they need a meager increase in the monthly maintence fees. But again, this really isn’t about the money, but a bitter personal battle that leaves only one victim, the residents of Hoboken. If another firm were to come in, they would have to develop and implement their own operating system, a process that could take at least a few months.
The city blamed Robotic Parking for the delays, while Robotic blamed the city and another contractor.
According to Corea, the HPU’s current month-to-month contract with Robotic Parking is $23,250. 16, a Hoboken resident’s Jeep was totaled after it fell four stories inside the automated garage. At that time, the Hoboken City Council gave Robotic 30 days to fix the garage, or else the city would attempt to cancel Robotic’s contract. A resolution passed by the City Council in October listed 14 different areas where the City Council believed Robotic was lacking.
7, a Chrysler’s wheel alignment was damaged when the front of the car dropped into the garage bay. Hagadorn, located directly across from Michigan State University campus in East Lansing, MI. The firm is named in honor of Benjamin Franklin, a pioneer in the energy field, advocate for environmental protection and the efficient use of time, money and resources. Hagadorn, located directly across from the Michigan State University campus in East Lansing, Michigan. And the BRA is getting into the high-rise act as it seeks an “iconic” redevelopment up to 700 feet for its defunct Financial District garage at 115 Federal St. It appears that Hines from Texas is dusting off the plans of South Station that last saw the light of day over 10 years ago.
If Hines were to move forward with a project that’s significantly different than the project the BRA approved in 2006, the firm would need to file a notice of project change, said BRA spokesperson Nick Martin.
The MassDOT district headquarters will be relocated or replaced, and a scaled-down version of the Veolia North America plant will be included as part of the redevelopment, state officials said. This is a piece that came out in 2012, interesting enough, we don’t move our airports or our city centers. The interesting part of this is 3 of the top 10 are residential, where is years past the top 10 have always been office. That is when one of the Israeli gentlemen handed me this 3-page packet of info which I can share with you. Contributing to this delay again were some blunders last week regarding electrical work being done without permits. This past July, the Council authorized a public Request For Qualifications (RFQ) with a due date of November 20th. Like 6 or more free months parking there, or a refund for the countless times scores of people could not utilize it? The Judge ruled Hoboken VIOLATED their software agreement with Robotics when they brought Unitronics in to operate the garage with Robotics software.
Assuming that could be done, it would likely come at significant expense and with the jeopardy that Robotics could sue at any time to stop the work. Even if the city can convince the judge not to close the garage altogether, it will be several months of problems before any improvement in service can even be attempted. This is fair considering the past issues with the garage and will not make ANY significant impact in the City’s parking revenue. Because the garage is automated and the cars are lifted in the building’s interior, no one was injured. At the time, plans included a 40-story office tower, a nine-story office building and a 13-story building that contained 200 hotel rooms as well as up to 195,000 square feet of residential space. That would kick off additional project reviews such as a public comment period and approval from the BRA board, Martin said. One-bedrooms start at 900 square feet, and four- bedrooms start at 4,000 square feet, with an average expected cost of about $6 million.
The limited pallet system they will use while the rest of the garage is being worked on will cause longer than usual delays to retrieve your car.
The Judge then ORDERED the city to BAR UNITRONICS FROM OPERATING THE GARAGE by November 10th. 18, 2006 the garage stopped running for approximately 26 hours, which caused patrons to be late for work the next day and miss appointments.
Grand River in WilliamstonEyde Company Welcomes MSU Osteopathic Manipulative Medicine to 4660 S.
The three towers were slated to range in height from 183 feet to 678 feet total, according to a 2006 development plan.
And why is it that every time someone submits an RFP, only one “sole” company meets the requirements? The attorney for the city indicated the longer Unitronics was involved, the worse it would be for the city. So to have 1 hour response support would cost $34,000 per month (or $126,000 more per year.) Please correct if my assumptions are wrong.
But I doubt that, since I’m STILL waiting for the $1000 refund they owe me for the damage caused to my previous vehicle back in MARCH!
There’s also a private theater, spa, salon, and health club—plus a 24-hour valet, laundry services, and housekeeping.

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