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Taking a close look at the memo Wilson described, FHWA doesn’t say colorful crosswalks are off limits. Missouri tried to boost its transportation coffers with a three-quarter cent sales tax hike in August. So Missouri voters expressed their desire not to pay for frivolous highway projects and now a frivolous highway project is not getting funded.
Nobody’s sure where the extra money is going to come from, reports Alex Ihnen at nextSTL, and it looks like some of the main partners might be bailing out. The project, promoted by a group of business owners called the Loop Trolley Transportation Development District, was aimed mostly at spurring development and tourism along Delmar, and would also include dramatic streetscape improvements along the route.
Tax increment financing is a pretty neat tool cities can use to finance quality-of-life amenities, like the Beltline in Atlanta, or the streetcar in Kansas City, by capturing the taxes from the property value increases of the investments. The evolution of state and regional transportation agencies is painfully slow in places like Missouri and Ohio, where officials are plowing ahead with pricey highway projects conceived of decades ago. Protesters picket outside the headquarters of the Southeast Michigan Regional Council of Governments against plans to spend $4 billion on two highway widenings.
One after another, residents of major Midwestern cities have challenged highway projects in recent months.
Detroiters held signs outside a meeting of their regional planning agency earlier this month, picketing plans for $4 billion worth of highway expansion projects. And in Oklahoma City, the grassroots group Friends of a Better Boulevard has twice fought back state DOT plans to install a wide, highway-like boulevard in a developing area near the city’s downtown.
Meanwhile, in Wisconsin, environmental and civil rights groups may soon obtain a court injunction against a $1.7 billion interchange outside Milwaukee, on the grounds that project sponsors did not consider its potential impact on sprawl and transit-dependent communities. Calling themselves City to River, the group built a website and a nonprofit organization and, over time, a pretty diverse coalition around the idea.
But advocates were dealt a blow this week when the planning firm Bernardin, Lochmueller and Associates, which conducting the study, announced it would not produce an in-depth analysis of the teardown that could lead to further action. In the past few years, there have been three serious threats to federal support for transit, and at no time did the business community step forward to make its voice heard.
Sure, transit manufacturers and suppliers are part of the American Public Transportation Association, so they get heard that way. Take one final look at this sad excuse for a public space, featuring no crosswalks and only the faintest traces of a sidewalk.
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Recent Commentsmike on 1960 FC-170 Chicago, IL eBayhugh on More on APUsDavid Eilers on 1941? Louis painted crosswalks with patterns like a fleur-de-lis to add some neighborhood character. Louis residents in a handful of neighborhoods had raised funds and spearheaded efforts to create crosswalks that added to neighborhood identity. Louis and adjacent University City have been planning a 2.2-mile streetcar that would connect the thriving Delmar Loop business district to the museums in nearby Forest Park. The project has already undergone budget cuts, so there might not many costs left to eliminate. Efforts are underway to explore whether the $22M federal grant could be reassigned to another project within the St. It shouldn’t be too surprising Wrone won the Motor Mouth trophy — after all, his remarks were the ones that inspired our whole competition.
Louis, where you use special financing to subsidize the construction of parking lots and bars. Louis is still on the hook for special tax revenues to be delivered right back to developers. But plenty of Midwesterners have different ideas for the future of their communities, and they aren’t shy about speaking up. Challenges have come from people like Council Member Ed Shadid in Oklahoma City, institutions like the Michigan Suburbs Alliance, and local governments like the city of Maplewood, just outside St. Though the Southeast Michigan Council of Governments ultimately green-lighted the plans, members of the agency had to sit through two hours of negative public comments first. As we reported this week, the FHWA recently intervened on the group’s behalf and forced ODOT to consider a proposal to restore the street grid instead of building a new road. And in Cleveland, a few scrappy activists and the Sierra Club are opposing a $100-million-per-mile roadway that would displace 90 families on the city’s southeast side. Louis has a highway battle on its hands. In many ways, this fight echoes the other protest movements.
They lined up support from residents and businesses along the corridor, as well as preservationists, park advocates, and local foundations.
Louis, a business group that is funding a comprehensive study of connections between downtown and the riverfront, insisted that the teardown concept be examined. But at a national level, the business voice has been largely absent from heated, high-stakes debates about transit. But those companies are far outnumbered by those with a simpler interest in transit: to get their employees to work. Wood posts spaced 8 to 12 feet apart with a frame building system means fewer resources than most other construction methods. Fewer building components lead to less time for installation labor then those built with wood frame systems.
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Louis County say plans are on hold for the $120 million South County Connector, a classic sprawl highway boondoggle that has faced widespread local opposition.
But voters didn’t bite, especially in urban areas, despite an avalanche of campaign spending by construction firms.
Louis calls Ballpark Village, and it was supposed to be the site of a mixed-use development not long ago. By the time we closed the poll today, 123 people had voted Wrone’s quotes as the worst, fully 50 percent of the total in a seven-way contest. But the Cardinals say it’s only until the market proves it can sustain the original mixed-use plan. Louis, Milwaukee, Cleveland and Oklahoma City have reached the conclusion that spending hundreds of millions of dollars on road widenings might not be in their communities’ best interests. Not only was the public moved to speak out, so were the city of Detroit and the county of Washtenaw, which officially opposed the project. This group of urbanists and architects, with little to no financial support, came together to make the case for highway removal. With a new report called “Bosses For Buses,” Good Jobs First investigates the disparity between local- and national-level organizing efforts by employers.
Though these businesses have shied away from the rough-and-tumble national dramas, they have long been major players in local campaigns for transit funding, helping win 72 percent of local ballot measures for transit since 2000 and countless other victories.
Our winner is Omaha, Nebraska’s intersection of 132nd Street, Industrial Road, Millard Avenue, and L Street.
This is because many post-frame building components come prefabricated to the project site.
That funding, along with a 1 percent sales tax increase approved by area property owners, made the $43 million plan looked like a sure thing. In 2013, the federal government nearly pulled the grant, citing concerns about slow progress.
Meanwhile, supporters of the Loop Trolley are hoping additional federal funds will be made available.
Louis Post Dispatch that consultants had not completed the overall access study by the deadline and would need some additional funding and another six months to complete it. Maybe not all but it will damn sure help a few. And I personally can't wait to work directly with the Farmers who will lead the resurgence of American Productivity and jobs that all start on the Farm! On average, it takes experienced post-frame contractors two or three days to erect a basic frame. If you have any concerns about buying a vintage jeep, or run across a scam, feel free to contact me for help, comments or concerns . But then came the housing crisis, and following revision after revision, that plan has morphed into little more than a giant field of asphalt. Louis County doesn’t have anywhere near enough money to get serious about this project. Ihnen said urban officials are very focused on the redesign of the Gateway Arch Grounds on the riverfront at the moment.
The budget for the study, $90,000, was insufficient to properly evaluate the highway teardown as well as the other concerns, he said.

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