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I feel there are 2 themes, either storing the top or lifting the top on and off the jeep (and hanging it or storing it at the same time). I should draw a picture and post it - but does anyone understand enough from the description to offer comments? Im a Vet and bled for my beliefs and was willing to die for them, what have you done for yours? As easily as the hardtop seals can degrade and allow water (leak)--that system doesn't look to promising to me, but it's his jeep ! Once lifted, I put the 2x4's - which I passed with foam & fabric - underneath the front and rear of the top and secure it to the ceiling eyebolts with chain and S hooks.
When the summer hits and you want to take in the open air, there's nothing better than taking off your Jeep hard top and doors. Taking off your Jeep hard top can be a difficult and stressful process but the HOSS Hardtop Organized Storage System makes it much easier. Make the most of your Jeep and your storage space with the Bestop HOSS Hardtop Organized Storage System. Vdp stubby end cap kit for 07-16 jeep® wrangler & wrangler unlimited jk with factory plastic front bumper - quadratec.
Jeep wrangler jk winch mount is engineered to fit down and inside of wrangler jk front frame horns, providing the strongest mounting position and most protection for.

Does anybody have any ideas about a way to store our phone or glasses on the center area of the upper dash on our 2014 WK2s?
I have that on my Subaru and had it on my company car, but I can understand why we don't have it: in a crash items on the tray become projectiles at head height. I've been sticking my wallet and phone in the cup holder or inside center console (iPhone 5 fits nicely). The center tray below screen works well also especially if you decide to plug your phone into the USB. The most expensive part was the hand crank, which my wife can use, which is a crank that I bought new from the hardware store for $14 dollars and the rest for rope and pullies. It sure beats paying $200-$500 dollars for someting that while take you less than a hour to build. The Hardtop Cart easily attaches to your top and lets you remove the top and immediately place it on the cart's wheels.
The carrier stores a wide variety of door types and sits inside the hard top, reducing your storage footprint and saving maximum space. I'm used to glancing at the upper dash area and grabbing whatever is in the tray there, when I exit the vehicle. Agree ProClip is a great solution but wasn't crazy about the mount locations for the JCG (over vent or horizontally along center console on passenger side) so I skipped that for now.

But not anymore - the one-of-a-kind Bestop HOSS Hardtop Storage System makes it easy to remove and store your Jeep hardtop, doors, and accessories in one place. The Hardtop Cart's support bar protects your rear window while you remove it to keep it from falling open. Many of my previous vehicles had a little storage area there that was perfect for glasses and a phone, etc. I'll eventually learn to check the existing storage areas, but I was hoping somebody had tried another option. That manufacturers were eliminating them because in the event if a hard stop the items would fly out.
I know there is storage in the center console and also under the hard buttons in the center console area, but I am used to storing things up on the dash and find myself frequently exiting the GC and leaving my phone and glasses behind. If any images that appear on the website are in Violation of Copyright Law or if you own copyrights over any of them and do not agree with it being shown here, please also contact us and We will remove the offending information as soon as possible..
I've seen sticky pads and jelly pads that purportedly will work, but was thinking more along the lines of a relatively flat ABS plastic tray that would attach with Velcro.

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garage storage for jeep hardtop 80

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