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Long Term Storage a€“ Using the super strong main shelf to store your boxes, totes, and any other items up high, but accessible.
Hang Anything a€“ Using the removable and easily moveable hooks you can hang virtually anything.
The Garage Shelving is solid surface and not wire grid giving many advantages, such as strength, ease of cleaning, and dusting, and the ability to hold larger, and smaller items that may fall over or slide on a typical wire shelf.
What makea€™s the Monkey Bars Garage Storage System truly unique is its patented Adjustable Hanging Bars, and Hooks that allow you to hang your items up off the floor while keeping you items easily accessible. The Monkey Bars adjust in various heights and distances from the wall allowing you to hang a variety of items from ita€™s removable and positional hooks. A Monkey Bar Garage Storage System can hang 3-times the amount of items in a given space then any other Wall Organization System on the market. Monkey Bars offer several unique accessories besides the hooks to compliment your new Garage System. If you need a Heavy Duty Wall Mounted Garage Shelf without the turned down angles, then Monkey Bars has your solution.
Monkey Bars also offer finish matching Overhead Ceiling Storage Racks to compliment your Monkey Bars wall mounted storage system.
The Monkey Bars Garage Storage System is a Cost Effective way to store your items in the garage.
All Monkey Bars Garage Storage Systems come with a Full Lifetime Warranty, on both the product and on the installation to give you complete peace of mind in your decision.

Our Expert Design staff will work with you to come up with a garage storage layout to fit your garage, needs, and budget. Garaginization carries heavy duty wall mounted wire grid wall shelving that can support 300 lbs.
The tubular steel supports mount directly into the wall studs, and can be installed together to create longer lengths, or tiered above and below each other.
Call today to find out why our storage units are the strongest and most versatile units on the market. After just a 5 minute conversation, we'll give you an estimate and arrange a time to meet with you. Our high-quality Shelves are the most effective way to create more garage space, get rid of the clutter, and put the items that you need within close reach.
Our garage shelving is much more than a shelf and it allows you to ulitilize your entire wall space for storage in one simple system using our Patented Bar & Hook System that is fully adjustable as your storage needs change.
Monkey Bars is a unique adjustable garage storage system that can utilize your entire wall space to get all of your items up off the floor and give you back your floor space.
The system can hang 3-times the amount of items in the same space as other wall organization systems.
Monkey Bars Garage Shelving is available in three depths, 16a€?, 24a€? which is the most popular, and 32a€?.
Our inverted 24a€? Deep Garage Shelving has the supports turned upwards, it can be used with the adjustable Monkey Bars Shelving in transition, or can be used over garage doors where Overhead Storage Racks cana€™t be used due to engineered trusses, and ceiling joists.

The brackets attach to the interior sides of the cabinets allowing you to use the adjustable Monkey Bars, Hooks, and Accessories, and layer your storage just like a Monkey Bars Garage Storage System, but out of the way behind your cabinet doors.
Utilizing the space over the garage doors for larger bulky items used infrequently makes a terrific secondary garage storage option.
We'll take measurements of your Garage and make recommendations based on your garage storage needs and your ceiling structure. Our quality Racks and Shelves eliminate wasted space, and at the same time create valuable new storage space and added room and gets the Garage Organized.
All three depths accept the Adjustable Monkey Bars and are designed for specific areas of the garage, and ceiling heights. You're just a five minute phone call away from the organized garage you have always wanted. Because our Garage Shelving is the most innovative, high-quality garage storage concept in America. For your convenience, our trained and certified installers will even install on the same visit!
With over 20,000 garage storage units already installed, our own professional, well-trained and certified installers can handle virtually any DFW garage storage problem.

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