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This Ultimate Garage Storage Super System comes with ten cabinets that will fill out a 15 foot garage in high style.
Ulti-MATE Garage designed with a traditional "Euro" style to add personality to your garage transformation project you demand. Read some of our Customer's Reviews!"The seller was very quick to respond to my request to change my order quantity. FRED DACHENHAUSEN, Palm Springs, CA“Because of TUFFRAX, we have cleared the clutter from the floor and parked both of our cars in the garage. This was our first Ultimate Garage purchase - still looks great today and this website was most helpful and shipped quickly - thanks. Please Select Username to appear on public areas of the site like community and recipe comments. Looking for a good way to organize all those tools and supplies kicking around your garage? After helping me get the correct quantity of items, they promptly shipped the changed order. The order arrived very quickly and exactly as described." Mitchell J Arends, Sioux Falls SD“I looked at all of your competitor's products and there is no comparison when you look at the quality, strength, stability and options of the TUFFRAX® system. Go TUFFRAX!"Christy Best, Nipomo CA“My neighbors came by, saw my clean garage, and immediately ordered TUFFRAX for their garage. Laura Hunter with Builder Online brings you these upgrades that will help you make better use of this often neglected space. BH Furniture is a leader in home storage and organization; focusing on garage storage and general organization.
I will spread the word, thanks for everything!” Rebecca Styles, Santa Clara, CA“TUFFRAX created extra storage space to store our hurricane window shutters.
BH Furniture operates a 2-million square foot manufacturing facility, ensuring consistently high product quality and pricing advantages that other manufacturers can't meet.

NOTE: California customers may be subject to a pass through sales tax from the manufacturer prior to shipping the order. Choose from factory-finished white, almond, or sandstone colors to blend with a variety of exterior designs. This manufacturer’s products are excluded from any Volume Discount or other online incentives. Lauderdale, FL“I evaluated a lot of your competiting products and none of them came close to the quality and options that the TUFFRAX overhead storage has to offer. Please call me whenever you release new products, thank you very much!”David Corel, Seattle, WA“I ordered (5) 4”x8” units for my (3) car garage, the installation was great. I closed down my 10x10 self storage unit, can now park both cars in the garage and made wife very, very happy.
Thank you TUFFRAX!”Scott and Maryann Simpson, Houston, TX“Hello Mike - Jan and I bought a 4x8 from you about a year ago. The T-Strut also takes up less space than other reinforcement bars, allowing for leaving more useable space inside the garage.
It has been fantastic and she can't wait to get the next one up (so we can save some more valuable “stuff”). The unit is designed to safeguard small loads, such as garage door openers, home entertainment systems, and office workstations in the case of a power outage. For a garage door opener, the UPS would install on the garage ceiling and plug into the outlet where the opener would normally plug in.
Thanks again for your product and hope all finds you well!”Keith Shoolbred, San Diego, CA"WOW! The unit offers enough power for a handful of full open-and-close cycles so homeowners and their vehicles won’t be stuck inside or outside during a power outage. The unit features the maker’s Battery Backup so users can gain access even if the power is out, and a variety of features safeguard the opener and the home in day-to-day operation.

PosiLock locks down the garage door and electronically monitors the door against forced openings. The Elite Series 8550 also features Liftmaster’s MyQ Technology so users can operate and monitor the door, as well as linked lighting and comfort controls, from anywhere using a mobile device.
The door’s embossement features a classic wainscoting design, giving it an upscale look at an affordable pricepoint.
Available in five designs, nine colors, and two finishes, the new door is also available in a long panel design for a wide variety of opening options. The all-welded cabinets range from 48 to 84 inches high and feature 3-point locking mechanisms, and optional drawers, bins and shelves.
The work benches are available with or without wheels, and come in 24- or 48-inch widths and multiple configurations of drawers, doors, and tops (choose from maple butcher block or heavy duty rubber mats). Companion products in the product line include wall-mounted cabinets, pegboard or louvered wall panels, and 6-, 7-, or 8-foot work benches. A painted, galvanized-steel backer adds strength and helps prevent thermal cupping in extreme weather.  Choose from expanded color options, including two-tone paint finishes, as well as a variety of windows and decorative hardware. Required fields are marked *CommentName * Email * Website Thanks for visiting the House Plans Blog presented by Donald A.
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