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Garage foundation is identical to home foundations, in fact most foundations for garages and homes share the same detail. For home properties that are lower than the city street, detail 4 can be a viable option to build up the garage floor to a higher elevation.
In a garage floor buildup application, the footing depth needs to be as deep as shown perhaps deeper in order to counter the surcharge load caused by the added fills material.If the floor buildup will be 2 feet higher than existing ground level, the footings and foundations may require to be designed as retaining walls.
Detail 5 is an option where the garage floor is built as suspended concrete slab for parking while below is a living space or storage.In such application the suspended slab can be concrete slab on metal deck, formed concrete slab, or precast concrete deck. Garage is not only a storage shelter for your vehicle, but also a multipurpose storage center for house ware items, garden tools, outdoor sports equipment and workshop crafts. Take a look at these garage storage and organization ideas so that you can easily and quickly get things in good order. Use sliding locks to keep your wheelbarrow standing up against the wall and out of the way. Enjoyed your garage organization idea, it help me keep my stuff in proper order & easy to find. Editor’s note: This is the first in a new series of posts featuring guest DIY bloggers who built a project using Simpson Strong-Tie products. I’m always looking for great storage ideas and solutions, especially in the garage where things tend to pile up. First, you’ll need to determine the distance between the highest movement of the garage door and the ceiling. The shelf is assembled with Rigid Tie RTR connectors supporting the front of the shelf to the ceiling. On top of the vertical supports, install a 20-gauge Rigid Tie connector and secure with SD8 screws. Install a Rigid Tie corner connector on the end of each 22 ?” boards, mirroring each other, and secure with SD8 screws. Before using the Workbench or Shelving Hardware Kit for any project, please review the warnings, general notes and other materials regarding use of Simpson Strong-Tie Wood Construction Connectors. Failure to follow fully all of the notes and instructions provided by Simpson Strong-Tie may result in improper installation of products. I do not do any type of automotive work, but as mentioned above I do plan to continue woodworking, etc in the garage. The primary use is to have a quick way to mount multiple conduits and pipes perpendicular to unistrut. The Unistrut web site has lots of items and information to help design any project you want to dream up.
Many years ago(about 1977 or so), a company I worked for built electrical power conditioning equipment using uni-strut, or super-strut. Discover different foundation options that can be used for garages.Details 4, 5, 12, 13, and 14 can all be used for garage foundations.

This will be critical in minimizing water flow from the street in to the property and garage.The 2a€™-6a€? dimension shown in detail 4 is for frost line depth. In such case a license design professional such as structural engineer or civil engineer will need to make the recommendations.
Organizing your garage can be a lengthy and costly process, but it will save you time and eventually money.
Make the most of your garage’s storage space without hiring professionals to build custom garage solutions for you.
Hangs scrap sections of plastic lattice to store everything from lengths of molding to fishing poles. A great idea to recycle your old things and keep the spray paints from spreading out over shelves and bins. Short lengths of PVC pipe held in the rack serve as compartments to store each clamp individually. Screw the jar lids into the wooden shelf that sits above the work top, and then screw the jar onto the mounted lid.
Make a good-looking bike shelf with recycled wood crate, and keep the bike out of the way and easy to access. Use PVC pipes to keep your lawn and gardening tools out of the way yet still easy to access.
Connect large pieces of PVC pipe with screws and use it to store all of those bulky yard tools.
Use pie tins cut in half to safely store those circular items you need, such as sanding discs, circular saw blades and abrasive discs. There is a lot of empty space above the garage door, so why not take advantage of it and add storage? For my garage, 35″ gave me plenty of space so the garage door would clear the shelving.
The shelf frame is assembled with Rigid Tie RTC2Z corner connectors and secured to the garage wall through the back of the shelf. On the bottom, attach a Rigid Tie corner connector  and secure with SD8 screws, making the bottom of the connector flush with the bottom of the board. Improperly installed products may not perform to the specifications set forth in the catalog and may reduce a structure’s ability to resist the movement, stress and loading that occurs from gravity loads as well as impact events such as earthquakes and high velocity winds. You are currently viewing our boards as a guest which gives you limited access to view most discussions and access our other features. I've included a drawing which shows a steel pan floor in the garage and on the portion of the driveway that is above grade. With a few supplies from your local hardware store or recycled materials, you can maximize the storage space offered by this versatile area.

Get all that stuff up and out of the way and into unclaimed space near your garage ceiling. Swing down the drawers to be available while working, and out of the way when done working.
Because of the open design of the lattice, you can quickly see the items stored overhead and has easy access to them. A few bungee cords hung on studs gives you a great place to store all sorts of sports equipment. Create these hangers on the wall, and make each one easy to access and remove, instead of having them stacked on top of each other. A great idea for a number of organizational needs: in the garage, the office, or for your craft space. Those small holes allow you to select specific areas for each hook or basket and ensure you have enough room for each item. These shelves are great for seasonal item storage and stuff that you want to keep but do not need that often.
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The shop floor assemblers would get a cart full of pre-cut and painted parts & put them together. If you have any problems with the registration process or your account login, please contact contact us. I remember building at least three versions, but I think they went back to welded & painted chassis after that. Again, use a stud finder to ensure you are installing the screws into the center of the beam. These joists are meant to support the plywood and insulation only, not the steel pan and concrete. Would i be able to have a floor drain at the center of the garage floor without affecting the strength of the structure? It will be a pain to run pipes to drain the water and it will interfere with everything beneath the garage.The easiest is to raise one side of garage floor slab by 3 or 4 inches and let the water drain on top of driveway.

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