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A prefab studio or garden office is an unique way to add additional space or separate yourself from the hustle and bustle of the main house. Client review of a garden studio in London: “You gave me a beautiful workroom to work in which I truly love. Our client, a sculptor in North London, needed extra space due to her husband’s health issues.
Mrs Hewett also found working in the house difficult due to everyday interruptions and wanted her husband to be able to relax when receiving treatment. If you’re considering purchasing a garden studio in London, a long garden very much like the clients provides an ideal solution. Natural, light provided by the fully glazed French doors seen above and an additional smaller window at the rear, achieved the artist’s desire to feel connected to the natural world. Thermacell plasterboard – strong fire-retardant polystyrene framework delivers advanced strength, thermal and acoustic properties far exceeding other types of building system used in homes to resist fires.

Join our online community, get inspiration for your garden room and build your dream space. This bespoke garden studio design by Studioni reinforces the trend we've written about over the last few months that people are increasingly keen to include a storage area in their garden office build. A backyard cottage or cabana is a big investment that can add value to your property, so be sure to keep size, space requirements and budget in mind while you search. More room was required to store medical supplies which meant less space for Mrs Hewett’s art studio. When constructing the garden studio in London, their Victorian terrace house was already fully extended so the garden was the perfect space.
Alongside the incorporation of a working kiln for sculpting purposes, the garden arts studio includes simple roller blinds providing a minimalist workspace ideal for combatting a dusty environment. In fact, the art studio has a hard wearing, durable structure that can absorb knocks, bumps and scrapes, making it ideal for an art studio.

This garden studio was designed for a client in England to include two separate rooms, one for fine art work with plenty of natural light, and the other for garden storage and safe housing of a ride-on lawnmower. Also, its inherent fire retardant characteristics are perfect for rooms that are exposed to extreme temperature changes. This design, with the extended overhang and extra decking, was further enhanced with some careful joinery detailing under the overhang and an extra step for direct access to the art studio.

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garden art studio plans

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