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We currently have a fault with our phone lines, we apologise for the inconvenience and thank you for your patience. Buy Sheds Direct are one of the leading online retailers of garden sheds, garden buildings, summerhouses, fencing panels and much more, in the UK. Why waste your time rushing round all the garden centres, trying to find your ideal shed or garden building. With many of our garden products we can offer FREE home delivery to the majority of mainland UK post codes – check each product for availability, restrictions apply. We provide garden buildings direct from the manufacturer for the very best prices and highest quality. So you have just bought and built a new shed, and it is now time to make it look good and give it a finish. Here are some helpful tips that you can follow when painting your wooden shed to ensure that you achieve the best possible results. Oil based primer and wood treatment – we have a range of treatment products available.
The first step in the process is to make sure that the shed doesn’t need any more structural work. This approach contributes to making shed is waterproof, so won’t let any snow or rain in. You can also help keep the heat out of your shed by following our guide on how to insulate a shed. It is important to allow caulk to dry off completely before you go any further. Once it is dry, you can start using spirit-based wood treatment on all the wooden surfaces. Once you get all the preparatory stages out of the way, the actual painting process is quite simple. Make sure to cover the areas that have already been painted with the same sheets, in order to prevent any overlaps or colour-runs. Have you recently purchased a wooden garden shed and need a helping hand when it comes to putting the shed up and getting it assembled? At Garden Buildings Direct we’ve designed our garden sheds and other garden buildings to be much easier to put up than other sheds. This helps you get an idea of how everything will fit together but also allows you to find where everything you need is before you start. Lie the floor boards face down, make sure the bottom edges line up and then drill four screws into the boards to secure then together.
Make sure that you fix the door locks, hinges and any other fixings before putting the doors on the shed. If your shed has double doors, make sure that you have the correct door on the correct side, this can be identified by checking that the door bracing points inwards. When you hammer in the cloak strips, ensure you leave a gap to the side of the window glazing so you don’t hammer through the glazing. When you cut the roof felt leave a bit extra (about 50mm) to overhang over the front and back, the facia board will cover this. Don’t forget to like Garden Buildings Direct on Facebook for more useful how-to guides, competitions and much more! Notice: Please note that this guide is intended to present general information regarding the subject. When you think of the humble garden shed, it typically conjures up images of a storage building full of garden tools (closely similar to cheap metal sheds) and any clutter that won’t fit in the house. Our customers have been very busy decorating the interiors of their garden sheds from Garden Buildings Direct, and many have been kind enough to upload the results. Buy Sheds Direct have an excellent range of sheds, summer houses, playhouse, log cabins and more besides.

There are two main reasons for painting wooden shed: to decorate and style it and to protect the wood. If you are using a silicon-based caulk, or similar materials, you need to wait for about a day after applying the sealant before you can proceed.
In addition to providing an extra layer of protection against the elements, the primer also makes it easier for the paint to be spread uniformly, and to grab hold of the surfaces without any problems. If you want to use multiple colours on the same wall, apply the wood treatment and primer, wait for them to dry off, and then attach thick sheets of paper or nylon to the walls, using duct tape.
Check out the video above as BillyOh presenter, Debbie shows you how to assemble your new shed. It is recommended that you add the back panels first, leaving a small gap to the side so you can fit the side panel next to it.
We recommend starting with the back panel and then adding the panel opposite, not the panel next to it. All information indicated are representative and not exhaustive which means that the results may vary depending on your item, its size, complexity, and other circumstances. Turn bowling balls and other heavy unused items into mirrored garden decoration using chrome metallic spray paint.
Make a mirrored mosaic wall in your garden using protective gloves and broken pieces of mirror! Whilst this is absolutely fine, that doesn’t mean your possibilities are limited to such purposes.
We’ve picked fifteen of our favourites – great examples of creative shed interiors that will give you great inspiration. His shed is simple yet functional, featuring a table and chairs, a television and radiator – everything he needs to kick back and watch a bit of telly in comfort. Better yet, why not comment a link to your own garden shed, or upload a customer image of your Garden Buildings Direct shed to our amazing Customer Media Gallery? We’d love to see how you’ve decorated yours.
Our convenient online store allows you to get your garden buildings direct to your door-step, with out the hassle of trying to transport it home. You need to remove any debris, spider webs, mud, and mold from the walls and roof of the shed, and also ensure that all cracks in the wood are properly cleansed. While the caulk dries, use sandpaper to chip away at loose or patchy paint that may have been left behind from previous paint jobs. A proper application of wood treatment can significantly prolong the lifespan of wooden garden sheds, allowing you to enjoy these buildings for many years. As with the caulk, the chemical needs to dry off completely before you can proceed. Paint the colour you want in the exposed area, wait for it to dry, remove the covers, and then paint the other colours. This can go well with your garden shed interiors too. Or how about setting one up in your wooden summmerhouse? What is too often forgotten is the potential of sheds to extend your living space, creating fantastic summerhouses, games rooms and general outdoor retreats. His little haven at the end of a garden inspires a moment of hearty talk with a friend or a loved one. Girls will adore the minimalist decor of this wooden shed, matched by a set of comfy couch with statement throw pillows to cheer them up. Her soft blue-themed garden shed is all decorated from wall to floor and equipped with an exquisite and spacious couch to accommodate a large number of guest. The white furniture against the wooden wall and floors elicit a sensational mix of rustic and contemporary feel that is sure to make a garden shed a favourite place to hang out in every night. Look how they blend country-inspired table set and home accessories with modern twin recliners.
This looks like a real lad’s pad through and through, complete with table football and a football-themed carpet.

A bold red colour scheme gives a vibrant appearance to the room, whilst the pool table, music gear, comfy leather sofa and mini-bar ensure that he and his mates must never be bored. We literally did a double-take on seeing her photo – you could easily be forgiven for mistaking her shed for a classy indoor living room. Upgrade to a modern browser, such as Google Chrome.If you are having trouble placing your order on our website, please feel free to place a telephone order.
After this step is done, apply caulk to the areas in need, making sure that all gaps are covered.
Specialists usually recommend the same type of paint used on porches, since it is very durable, and can withstand a lot of punishment from the weather. By following the guide, you accept the risks and acknowledge the possible invalidation of your manufacturer’s warranty. Also, if your garden is in an urban area where most gardens are closed by walls, hanging a mirror will give you an illusion of a wider view. Two laid-back chairs facing a landscaped bed and calming green lawn make the perfect tete-a-tete space after some brief walk around the garden. Bringing in his wooden desk, classy work chair and computers and gadgets, Simon is all set to work and meet a deadline. We bet that soft couch and pillows, scented candles and essential oil have already done a great job pampering its lucky owners and guests. With a table and chairs facing outwards into the garden, she’ll be able to admire the very best of what nature has to offer. Pink cushions and blankets galore adorn the wicker armchairs, whilst a make-up box and stereo complete the young princess’s paradise. The stylish furniture, stove with hearth, vases of flowers… this is truly shed decoration at its best.
See our imformation page for alternative bases.This garden building is supplied with a Butterfly catch to keep the door shut tight. This will allow you to paint a flower, or another design, on the side of your shed without worrying about dripping and errors. Apply it just as you did the first, making sure that the paint is evenly-distributed and consistent throughout all surfaces. This 12mm shiplap curved roof shed offers a great storage space for your garden belongings. The shed has a single door secured with pad bolt fastening and is supplied with 1 styrene glazed window which is 100% shatterproof and a safe alternative to glass.
The 28x28mm frame and high quality shiplap tongue and groove board makes the shed strong and sturdy. These quality sheds have strong braced single doors with a roof and floor constructed of tongue and groove materials giving the shed a durable structure. In order to receive the full 10 year anti-rot guarantee, it is necessary that you treat the shed with a high quality, spirit-based, timber preservative prior to or shortly after construction. This will protect the timber from weathering and will need to be repeated accordingly in relation to manufacturer's instructions. See Terms and Conditions for further informationSupplied with felt, fixings, and full instructions for DIY self-assembly.

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