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If you’re a Joburg Bride looking for a wonderful garden wedding venue, don’t forget to visit Shepstone Gardens! Shortlist this venue if you love: Long rolling lawns, indigenous trees, beautiful water features, rose gardens. The Chapel Garden at the Johannesburg Botanical Gardens provides a beautiful setting for nuptials.It contains the most amazing indigenous trees and flowers, and has benches, footpaths and an altar.
This venue is not only an incredible setting for a garden wedding, it’s also one of the most affordable wedding venue in Johannesburg.
Shortlist this venue if you love: South African indigenous bush gardens, incredible food, five star accommodation. The conservatory brings the outdoors indoors, and is the most spectacular garden wedding venue!
This venue offers Brides a blank canvas, perfect for you to transform into your dream wedding!
Langverwacht is a historic garden wedding venue in Cape Town with an exclusive and memorable vintage charm and a beautiful, historic wine cellar. It’s love at first sight as you make your way up the gravel pathway leading to an old-farmhouse, surrounded by the enormous English garden.
The vintage and historic (circa 1800) wine cellar can seat up to 150 people with dancing, and has the most amazing and romantic ambience. Hire Hessian Chair Ties, Hessian Runners, Lace Overlays & Lace Mason Jars for a wedding of up to 150 guests for only R2320! Get a 'For like Ever' cake topper - in white, black, clear or mirror acrylic for only R165 including delivery to your door!
We give our members access to amazing Wedding Prizes, Honeymoon Specials, Free Bridal Gifts & Lots more! Well renovated extremely spacious 4 bedroom apartment with balcony off the split living & dining room. All the 174 apartments have balconies and the higher floors have full sea views while the lower floors have green views and sea views.
This is a small and exclusive area off Repulse Bay Road and includes South Bay Road and South Bay Close.
With New York University poised for a major March 15 media roll-out of its revised development plans for its two South Village superblocks, The Villager, last Friday, got an exclusive preview of the university’s latest open-space plan for its northern superblock.
Putting the dog run closer to the Silver Towers buildings would create problems because of barking from the run, which is currently open 24 hours, she warned.
Under the plan, on the northern superblock, the low-rise retail strip along LaGuardia Place would be removed to open up the Washington Square Village courtyard for public access on its western edge.
On Washington Square Village’s eastern side, the Mercer Playground would be reconfigured into a sort of right-angle macaroni shape, extending partly along Mercer St.
These changes on the northern superblock wouldn’t occur until 15 years from now, Hurley noted.

All these strips of land are remnants of former planning czar Robert Moses’s grand street-widening plans for the Village half a century ago. Urbanski gave a PowerPoint presentation to the audience of about 50 people, showing a design rendering of how the university would shift the Coles site onto Mercer St., while shifting the dog run onto the Silver Towers playground site. Speaking to this newspaper later, Hurley said, no dog run or playground in the city is located right up against a building with windows, which is the reason it would have to be moved. On March 15, the university will unveil its latest plans for the four new buildings it intends to construct on the two superblocks, which are part of the scheme to add a total of 1.5 million to 2 million square feet of space both aboveground and underground. Written permission of the publisher must be obtained before any of the contents of this newspaper, in whole or in part, can be reproduced or redistributed. If you log in, you can comment on buildings, submit new photos or update photos that you've already submitted. This text is a legacy record and has not been updated since the building was originally listed. Here's a look at what you need to know about the shooting death of 17-year-old Trayvon Martin in February 2012.
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So today we’re looking at a few of our top garden wedding venues, feel free to let us know in the comments if we’ve left any of your favourites out!
They also allow you to choose from a long list of preferred suppliers, meaning you can find the right company for your budget. Receptions can be held at the Sima Eliovson Floreum, and you can take amazing photographs in the Rose Garden. The Johannesburg Botanic Gardens is home to some of the finest plant collections in the world, including succulents, indigenous and exotic trees. Roots restaurant is one of the top restaurants in Gauteng, and they don’t compromise on exceptional food even for large events! With surrounding trees towering above the glass structure of The Conservatory, it offers an airy and open indoor space.
For anyone who read or watched The Secret Garden as a child, you’ll understand that there is something magical about aged trees and sunlight peering through thick foliage.
This character-filled space creates a beautiful reception area, it feels like it’s made for candlelight, lace and silverware. Designed as an all-in-one wedding venue, with a romantic chapel, elegant ballroom, luxurious bridal suite, 4-star accommodation and picturesque gardens, The Plantation captures the spirit of love, happiness and celebration on your wedding day.
The are 5 minutes by shuttle bus to the amenities of Repuse Bay but a short walk from both Middle Bay Beach and South Bay Beach.
It is quieter than Repulse Bay because South Bay Road is a no-through road with only one mini-bus route.
Green areas and seating would be interspersed among paved walkways, and the currently private area would be made open to the public.

There would be a large, circular grass lawn at the center of the courtyard’s northern side, and numerous, smaller green spaces, many of them ringed by seating. In some cases, the transfer of land may be an important tool to facilitate that, especially when it enables the creation of more publicly accessible open space than exists today. These plans will include the latest details on a hotel and public school that are part of the projects. 2’s Landmarks and Public Aesthetics Committee decided to put off voting on the Silver Towers site modification plan until its meeting next month.
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This garden wedding venue includes various different areas you can use for your wedding day including an exceptionally beautiful glass-ceiling chapel, and a newly built outside glass pavilion (just in case of rain.) There are large indoor rooms to be used for your reception if necessary, and there’s even a viewing deck for incredible photographs! The staff are friendly, and they take care of the bar service & bar staff, meaning an extra item you can tick off on your to-do list. Its Rose Garden has more than 4 500 different hybrids of roses, meaning that you will have one of the most incredible garden wedding settings in the country. You can have an outdoor garden ceremony beneath the trees in their garden, and host your reception in their beautiful glass conservatory. Langverwagt is the perfect wedding venue for bohemian garden ceremonies and breathtaking views of Cape Town as a backdrop. The new dog run, at 3,195 square feet, would be 20 square feet larger than the existing one, according to Hurley. This initiative is based on the reality that "One Can Make a Difference." That means you and me!
Their venue hire fee is reasonable, and because the venue is already so beautiful you won’t need to splurge on lots of extra decor. Also, the site of the planned new Adrienne’s Garden playground, which had formerly been north of the statue, will be shifted to the south of it, Hurley said.
Currently, the two behemoth blocks have a total of about 50,000 square feet of public open space.
The current playground inside the Washington Square Village grounds would be rebuilt as part of the plan for the northern superblock, which would have a total of three playgrounds. These changes would have to be cleared by the Landmarks Preservation Commission since they are within the landmarked site.
10 saying that Pei, 93, was strongly opposed to adding the new building within the landmarked, three-tower site. However, in early December, community residents and activists were joined by all the area’s local politicians in a rally at the Fiorello LaGuardia statue in LaGuardia Park to protest any university takeover of the city-owned strips, decrying it as a blatant taking of public property.

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