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We have the knowledge and expertise to design and build a bespoke garden room to your own personal specification and budget, providing you with an individual living space that will last for decades. If necessary we also have the experience to take care of all aspects of planning permission and building control. Timber Buildings or Log cabins are becoming more and more popular for residential buildings every.
Gone are the days where twin skin log cabins were the only choice of well insulated Log Cabins, we now have a number of options available from enormous single log construction where the log itself is the insulator to a single wall construction with breathable membranes, foil backed insulation and even finished internally with a choice of cladding to suit your personal requirements or taste. All our buildings are built to a very high standard and comply with the caravan act as mobile homes, this can be a huge benefit as the building can then be VAT exempt and will also avoid UK Building Regulations.
Meaking Fencing can supply and erect all shapes and sizes of timber garden buildings and offices. An excellent multi purpose garden building if you don't have the space for a shed and a greenhouse. An excellent potting shed for the keen Gardner or anyone who does not have the space for a shed and a greenhouse. What might have looked a bit better, though, is taking the photo from the same direction but closer to the house so it would be taller (looming, even), and its numerous shapes were seen from more of an angle. The exposure is amazingly beautiful, but though you're certainly not lacking for contrast in the photo, the subject itself is pretty even. My only gripe on exposure is that the clouds above the house and on the right are blown out, but off hand I'm not sure how you would have fixed this (at least on location).

Completed in 1974, Pearl Gardens comprises 3 blocks, each of 20 storeys with 2 apartments per floor - a total of 120 units. It is a popular residential location as it is still within an easy commute to Central, yet is generally quieter and less congested with rentals a bit less expensive than Mid-Levels Central.
The main through roads of Robinson, Conduit and Caine-Bonham Roads carry most of the public transport options from Central through Mid-Levels West, out past Hong Kong University toward Pokfulam.
The quieter pockets of Mid-Levels West include the Mosque area near the escalator, Kotewall Road and the green cul de sacs of Hatton Path, Po Shan Road and Lyttleton Road. A 33 storey single highrise with 2 apartments of 511 sf saleable area per floor, completed in 1993. Located at the beginning of Kotewall Road in West Midlevels, this development consists of 2 modern high rise towers completed in 1989, however, extensive external renovation was completed in 2011.
First and foremost, the house itself is beautiful and has quite a number of the intricacies of Victorian design (the pointed roof over the bay window, the metal rails above the veranda, etc.) that really catch the eye and make you want to look more closely at all the detail.
It was an excellent choice for this shot to not take it straight on from the front (the front, I am assuming, being where the door is located). Like I said, earlier or later might have changed that, but again, considering the subject, the dark evenness works. Maybe if the house were closer to the right edge it might look nicer, but regardless, it doesn't take away from the picture. Robinson, Caine & Bonham Roads have numerous shops and supermarkets and churches scattered along them.

It is a mix of modern, smaller high-rises such as The Babington and 80 Robinson Road and larger, older, more spacious and gracious apartments in mid-size blocks, which are very popular with expat families when nicely renovated such as Savoy Court and Hamilton Court.
Originally all the apartments were 2 bedrooms but some are now converted to 1 and many have been recently renovated. The placement of the trees on the left side works much better than those on the right for the depth of field. They all originally have 4 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms, but being individually owned, many have now been totally refurbished and layouts vary.
Anyway, thankfully you didn't use a polarizing filer, because the reflections of the trees on the windows are great. It is well located with one access from Caine Road- a few minutes walk from the shops and restaurants of Soho-  and another from from Arbuthnot Road which is a few minutes away from Lan Kwai Fong. Located at the beginning of Conduit Road, it is a short walk from the top of the escalator.

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