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This variety is currently out of production at our farm, but please check out our other garden roses.
Disclaimer: Please note that some images used on our website are property of their respected owners. Named after a famous French jewelry designer, this garden rose embodies the luxuriousness of garden roses.

While beautiful and wonderfully fragranced, Yves Piaget has a very short vase life (sometimes only 1 day in warm conditions), so we don’t recommend it, especially for those new to flower arranging. We have placed source to each and every image so that you can know where image came from originaly. The layers and layers of bright pink petals with a touch of purple tones form a beautiful rounded bloom.
Feel free also to browse other images within our river rock garden ideas category, as those are best images about rock garden ideas that could be found online.This is image source!

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garden hot houses buy

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