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So where would be close to home but far enough from distractions, with plenty of space to operate his business?
In 5 days it took 2 of our best installers and electrician to assemble and connect the Harris’s garden office. While some garden offices are immense, there's no reason why you can't work very happily indeed in something more bijou.
Prices for a medium to large sized garden office will be anything from ?12,000 upwards, depending upon the quality of the build and bespoke features. They sky is the limit for insulated and double glazed garden buildings, which is why its important to research the market carefully and view buildings before buying.
All necessary building materials – you would expect all materials to be included and not have to pay extra for a roof, or for wall finishes and so on. Double glazed windows and doors – a building that you are going to heat needs double glazing. Don’t ask a garden building company to step too far out of their house style as they may not have the necessary design skills. Budget around ?2,500 to ?3,500 for a shower room – this should include internal walls, shower cubicle, window, door, water heater, electric shower, loo, wash basin, light fitting, extractor fan.
If you want to add a loo or shower room the drainage will add approximately anything between ?1500 and ?5000 to the cost of your foundations, depending upon position of your existing drains and the length of your garden. With 2.5 million self employed people using their home as a base and hundreds of thousands executing their option to work from home, more and more people are looking for a permanent place of work within their homes. The trouble is, with many people bursting out of their homes there is not the luxury of creating a working office within the house itself.
For years there have been many shed workers building garden office space however in recent times people are demanding more from their outdoor spaces and looking for increased durability, functionality and refinement.
Just because you are looking for a contemporary office in the garden does not mean that you are looking for any less than a beautiful room. Manufacturing in-house means that you can have all you can imagine from your luxury garden office. Working in a contemporary garden office gives you the feeling of leaving the house to go to work whilst retaining the luxury of not having to commute.
Owning a garden office brings many financial benefits including increasing the future sale ability of your home and often significantly increasing its value.
Choosing a garden office as opposed to extending your main residence is typically a quicker, cheaper and simpler option. With prices from as little as ?10,000 fully delivered and installed speak to us today about creating your perfect garden office.
Harris is a professional, independent photographer and had been fighting for space in his home. With this in mind they turned to RAPOD Garden Rooms for inspiration and advice, and of course we were happy to help them create the space they wanted in their garden. The garden office build began at 9:00am on Monday and finished at around 2:00pm on Friday of the same week!

Here's a nice example painted in deep aubergine from Garden Affairs in central London where the shedworker had restricted space in the back garden. Don’t expect a company that specialises in traditional looking buildings to suddenly produce a contemporary design for you.
Budget approx ?1,500 to ?2,000 to include internal walls, a window,door, water heater, loo, wash basin, light fitting and extractor fan.
Remember, it’s hard to send a garden office back to the manufacturer, so choose carefully, take your time and ask questions.
For that reason, more and more people are utilizing their garden space to create garden rooms and garden offices. Our garden offices are manufactured from the finest of materials and benefit from full insulation, pre wiring for power and communications, argon filled double glazing with hard wood frames, integral window blinds and much, much more.
Different roof options, floor coverings, external cladding and interior fittings are available meaning that you can have the exact garden office you have dreamed of.
Many garden office owners enjoy improved lifestyle benefits from spending more time at home, enjoy more time with their families and make even more of their garden.
They rarely require any planning consent, can be erected in a matter of days and bring a near instant practical solution.
Harris visited our Solihull office, saw the RAPOD garden office demo model, and whilst they were here they chose their bespoke layout and finish options.
In addition to the three long windows and glazed door, the garden office has a flat green sedum roof which as we know is great for insulation and also pleasant aesthetically. Some office suppliers include a simple foundation suitable for a lightweight building in their prices.
A bespoke garden office can be re-proportioned, ceilings made higher or lower, windows and doors moved and made bigger or made smaller. Search for a company that already provides the look you want, or, if you are intending to spend a lot of money, employ an architect.
To create a self contained office that exceeds all standard office accommodation regulations & requirements.2. Ideally somewhere he could have peace and quiet to work but without having to travel too far.
It was preferable that the location would have enough space to operate small photo shoots and allow the possibility of professional visits from clients. If you feel that a garden room on your own property is something that might provide either working space or just a place to relax in, then we urge you to stop in at Vivid Green and discuss your needs, ideas, and budget with our professionals who are experts in designing and building garden rooms all over the UK.Our garden rooms are of the highest quality and are built for year around use with the best windows and insulation available. This we know, from experience, has to be a separate space dedicated to productive work that is both safe and compliant in legislative terms.We also sought to provide a flexible lease solution that involves no capital spend. Please contact us for further details or to arrange a FREE Commercial Buildings Consultation.Any Questions?If you have any questions whatsoever regarding our garden office buildings and lodges or our commercial buildings, please feel free to get in touch with us by phone on 0800 051 8366, by email or using our contact form. We are confident that you will be 100% satisfied with your new Vivid Green garden office, lodge or multi-purpose building.
Our triple glazed windows and higher levels of insulation will keep you comfortable year around.If you are undecided about a garden room, consider the additional value that a well-constructed and appealing garden room will add to your property.

By American standards that is expensive, (roughly equivalent to rent of a hundred bucks a square foot per annum) but the unit comes with a lot of features.
Also consider the value of additional living space as well as privacy that one of these units can afford you. You will find the environment inside our garden rooms extremely pleasant with large windows and a pyramid skylight providing a bright and open feeling in winter or summer. Designed to maximize efficiency in its use of space, the OfficePOD features innovative storage and desktop solutions using high-quality materials chosen for their visual, physical and environmental characteristics. You wona€™t have to worry about connectivity either as each of our units comes equipped and fitted out for internet, phone and any amount of electrical appliances you might require.Contemporary Garden Rooms UKWhether you have a garden room design concept in mind or are of the persuasion to research various modern garden rooms, Vivid Green consultants can offer you many options and ideas to consider for your garden room needs. Recycled and recyclable products have been used wherever possible and natural materials chosen over man-made. We have a wide selection of our own designs but are also more than happy to collaborate on a bespoke garden room uniquely suited to you. Power is provided via a protected connection to the house or garage; IT and phone connectivity are generally wireless but can be similarly cabled. With our many different shapes and sizes, these buildings can be used for multiple purposes including a garden based office, cabin or studio.One of our more popular designs is our smaller garden studio that is typically situated a distance from the main house, allowing the established or aspiring writing the quiet and solitude required to work uninterrupted.
The POD satisfies the most stringent energy performance benchmarks with its low energy consumption, high levels of insulation and innovative cooling system.
If you are looking for an office away from the office, a bright, open garden office design might be the perfect solution when you need to concentrate on a business issue or just get away from the crowd to think through a particular business problem or opportunity. We offer a special roofing material called AthyECOSlate on our garden offices that is an unbreakable material made from recycled plastics, creating a cost effective and environmentally friendly building.You may have less serious applications for your garden room and Vivid Green has a wide range of garden playrooms, music studios as well as spare rooms for guests and overnight play pals. The OfficePOD is available to employers through a flexible leasing arrangement with full service including all surveys, enabling work, installation, help-desk support, health and safety assessments, repairs and removal.Would this work in North America? Besides the convenience and added value to your property, these garden cabins can help to ease the clutter and congestion in the main house when office equipment, hobbies such as model trains and musical instruments can be stored and enjoyed in these versatile outposts.Outdoor Garden RoomsVivid Green offers a free initial consultation as our way of demonstrating to you that we have the experience, talent, and focus to provide you with the right garden building at the right cost whether it is a summer garden rooms or wooden garden rooms. There is no obligation on your part, so there is really no reason to not drop by our offices to learn more about our products and services and how they may fit into your property and facility needs.
Whether you are a commercial business owner or a home owner looking to improve the value and enjoyment of your property, we are committed to finding an affordable and functional garden room that you can use and enjoy for years to come. You will find that we not only take an aggressive approach to our customera€™s satisfaction, but that we also are very committed to providing environmentally responsible buildings that add to the value of your property as well as the surrounding neighborhood.You wona€™t find any hard sell tactics from Vivid Green as we are a family owned business established in 2006. We believe the secret to our success is providing environmentally responsible structures that elegantly meet the needs of our clientele. As a result of that strategy, you will find us supportive, helpful, and eager to provide our services, but we will never push our product or services on anyone.

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