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I love a cute, romantic or otherwise charming garden shed that could easily be used as a little summer house (a garden structure used for relaxation in warm weather) in the backyard! Since we have a new house without trees or much landscaping, I’m in need of ideas for camouflaging the view of our neighbors. OK, this little white shed above and below is the perfect dreamy romantic backyard getaway.
I’m thinking I could get used to a morning quiet time with a cup of tea in this backyard church er, shed? And this little shed is like a backyard destination, the perfect retreat for being creative with art, painting, gardening or flower arranging! We have a fairly large shed (but they’re never big enough) in which we keep garden and pool equipment.
How about picking up that shingled one with the stone steps and just plopping it down in my backyard? Oooh, I absolutely LOVE the idea of having a guest room or even a little reading retreat in one of those pretty sheds! Gabrielle recently posted..Annie Sloan Chalk Paint, what do you think, it it worth the hype ? Last year Emily and I moved into our home in Illinois, and we immediately got to work changing, well, everything!
We hired a landscaper to bring in some fill dirt and build a large retaining wall with stairs and proper drainage. Within a week, they were finished installing all the brick, drainage, and grading, and we had sold the old plastic shed. We decided it would be best to build the shed on piers overhanging the back side of the wall so that we didn’t lose too much of that precious real estate we had just paid to create. I installed hinges on an old antique ladder and connected it to an antique pulley so it could be hoisted out of the way. All in all, this project took around two months, and cost us roughly $1500 all said and done.

Right after I thought of the playhouse idea, I thought…hmmm…what a great outdoor craft space! Yeah, I complain about sewing in my sun room which is now (thanks to my other crafty brother), is completely open to the rest of the house. The temperature seems well regulated in the summer just by opening the three windows and letting the breeze blow through.
It turned out better than expected, and I’m sure we’ll be making various improvements over time! Max, the only way you could improve on your shed would be to insulate it like a house, but really it’s a shed and you are using it as such. The structure is prefabricated and can be delivered as a complete unit to the owner’s site. The pods feature top-hinged gull-win doors that swing open into what resembles a spaceship with its curved walls and modern interior finish. While trees will definitely be in the plans over the next few years, I’m also thinking about a garden shed. From yard tool storage to a backyard guest room, check out these out and tell me your favorites. Yard and garden tools organized and at the ready for potting plants and other outdoor projects, all in a prettied up shed with a chandelier? I love that it would let the breeze and light filter through, making it the perfect place to garden on a beautiful summer day!
What would you use a charming backyard summer house escape for, if your garden shed dreams came true? For me, living in upstate New York, a bed in the shed is not all too practical.But definitely lining the shed with shelfs and neat hanging baskets with supplies is wonderful and space saving. I have a garden shed out by our pond and love to have my morning coffee out there listening to nature. Our house is at the top of a very large hill, so it is difficult to make use of the large amount of property we own. Although it doesn’t look it in the picture, this was some nasty terrain, and definitely not safe for a four year old.
I laid out the framework for the loft shelving and Emily found some barn wood on Craigslist for super cheap. We are working on running power to it so it can be used as the center of our outdoor entertaining.

In order to post comments, please make sure JavaScript and Cookies are enabled, and reload the page. The exterior is clad with Western Red Cedar wood shingles, creating  a contemporary, country-chic aesthetic.
Not only would it be practical for garden storage or a dreamy backyard escape, but it could offer privacy and give our yard a little more structure. Worth area, and I’m afraid my garden shed would probably be shared with spiders, fire ants, geckos, and lizards! We have a 200 yr old spring house in our back yard that currently houses TONS of fun plastic toys, haha!
Connor turned four this week, so a big priority for us was a place for him to roam and play, as well as getting some room for Emily to garden. After looking all over, and finding prices around $1700 plus tax, delivery, paint, and shingles, we decided that not only could I do a better job, but we would also save money doing it ourselves. Emily’s Mom, Debbie, has already dubbed it the mother-in-law suite, however I have dubbed it the doghouse! Every year when I go to get the Christmas decorations out of the shed, I disrupt the life of 2 or 3 geckos. In Mississippi, I would be able to use it all but maybe 1 month, Jan, out of the entire year. Most of what you’ll find is my lessons-learned and tips, as well as the rough plans I used to put this together. A little creativity will go a long way in personalizing your garden shed, and with a little extra planning yours may come out even cheaper than ours! All in all, we are very happy with this shed, it has brought alot of character to our back yard, and it’s functional too! The one with double red doors and the one with a freakin’ woodstove and brick floor in the guest room?!

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