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THE Shed Company Gladstone custom design and construct sheds, garages and steel buildings manufactured in Australia using BlueScope® steel. A marvellous new eight-sided garden office with a garden actually inside it from Hummel Blockhaus. You have to start somewhere when you're about to build a garden office and here is the first step taken by Jerry Davison. According to the results, only 23 per cent of the senior decision makers in SMEs allow all their staff to work from home all the time.
A key feature of the new CMS is its multi-site capability: the Buy Sheds Direct website and its sister online stores, Buy Fencing Direct and Buy Decking Direct, can now be managed through a common interface. Friday posts are sponsored by Extraspace, the flat-packed, man-portable expandable garden building experts. Norwich artist Sandra Rowney has recently set up a garden studio and has been experimenting painting the walls. Apparently inspired by the story of the Three Little Pigs, here is Alexander Lotersztain's shedlike creation Haus, ideal for indoor shedworking or for when the weather is fine.
Melinda Hackett's circular cedar treehouse in a Plane tree in Greenwich Village has beaten idiotic neighbours and a completely unnecessary legal battle to win landmark status. We're ignoring the point of law raised by the Wolverhampton judge surrounding a burglary charge covered in the Express & Star and concentrating instead on the interesting shedworking angle to the story. Wednesday posts are sponsored by The Stable Company®, the UK's premier supplier of garden offices and garden rooms. The Men in Sheds scheme is gathering pace in the UK with the opening of a new site in Kendal run by Age Concern South Lakes. Tuesday posts are sponsored by The Home Office Company, manufacturers of unique garden rooms since 1998. Emphasising that working from a garden office is a genuinely global phenomenon, German-based Hummel Blockahus (they also export around Europe) run by Genoveva and Josef Hummel, has a wide range of garden office designs (as well as larger structures).
Monday posts are sponsored by garden2office, the Swedish garden office specialists.Click here for more details. We've talked about converting pigeon lofts into workable shed spaces previously on Shedworking and here's a rather delightful example from Apartment Therapy of a remodelled 18th century example in Louisiana.
The beauty of a garden office is that you can mix business with pleasure (or in this recent example from Roomworks, keeping fit). Shedworking is a big fan of the poetry of Matt Harvey and it was an honour to be allowed to include his poem about shedworking 'Where Earwigs Dare' in the Shedworking book. We had hoped that we were seeing the end of the bad old days when bosses didn't trust their homeworking staff to get on with the job in hand. Friend of Shedworking the Workhubs Network is on the lookout for garden office-based and home-based businesses in Kent to take part in a survey designed to help Kent County Council improve its support for them.
They want to find out what Kent’s home businesses do, where in the county they are, what they consider the pros and cons of working from home and, specifically, how the county council could do more to help people who, like them, are working from home.
Workhubs Network has put up a link on its website to its (doddle of a) survey and is calling on Kent-based self-employed professionals, freelancers and people running their own companies who are based solely or mainly from home to spare five minutes to complete it.
The survey includes questions on ideas that might (or might not) help people grow their business from home. A lovely photograph by Uncle Wilco at Shedblog of Dylan Thomas's view from his writing shed.
When your  working day ends whether that is a week day or a Friday, getting a bus or driving to your local gym can seem like a hassle and be the last thing you or I want to do.
Decorated Shed’s garden buildings are your space to do with as you please and we will work with you and design to your specification.
A garden gym room will increase your fitness because you will work out more often and not feel pressured by the busy environments at your local gym.

Modern-Sheds are not really restricted in size, however, we categorize them as Small, Medium and Large where a structure which is 8’ in depth (front to back) is “small”. Requiring a bit larger space -- for an art studio, large office, home gym, man cave or diva den or guest studio?
One other thing to not is the concrete base which would be your best bet with this type of building, making it super solid and also allowing you to reliably affix your equipment down, like power racks and weight trees, should you want to. I probably wouldn’t want to swing that sledge hammer around in there though and chin ups might give you a headache when you bang your head on the roof.
This little man-cave of a gym features an adjustable squat stand which allows you to also bench press.
THE Shed Company has been following ‘Shed Safe’ practices since its inception in 2005, hence the phrase ‘Discover THE Shed Company Difference’.
THE Shed Company buildings are custom designed; therefore applications for our sheds and buildings are endless.
Buy Sheds Direct has been trading online since 2005 and the award nominations recognise the company’s achievements in delivering its next generation e-commerce websites under a common Content Management System.
This saves a huge amount of time and the Buy Direct team are able to react quickly to market demand, customer enquiries, product updates and to roll-out its regular product promotions. Here's what she says: "The walls were painted in a soft sheen emulsion and have an 'orange peel' finish made with a roller.
The treehouse is five years old and previously owned by musician David Byrne of Talking Heads.
Here's the key section in the report: Lee Cotterill, aged 23, was arrested shortly after two men broke into a house in Ashmore Park. Both buildings are two years old and are currently in Northampton (so more attractive to those who live locally). As reported in The Westmorland Gazette, the project is based at Age Concern’s warehouse in StatIon Yard, Kendal and already has more than 20 regular users. Kent was one of the finest and most generous treehouse shedworkers, running his Treehouse Massage business from the branches of a lovely Texan pecan tree in addition to his many other jobs.
Matt's new book, which contains this and many more delights and is named after this iconic garden office poem, is now available from Green Books and the usual outlets.
These managers are the dinosaurs who insist on presenteeism and - despite all survey results to the contrary - secretly believe people who work from home wear pyjamas and watch daytime television all day.
This web application takes screenshots every ten minutes and tracks time spent on projects with the aim of 'managing' remote workers' performance. There are many, many great applications out there which are useful for people working remotely on a project to share their work and thoughts. Below, more of Wilco's excellent photos of the same spot from previous visits to one of the most famous 'garden office' shedworking spots in the world. Artists, whether professional or hobbyists, encompassing all aspects of art such as painting, photography, sewing or music usually desire a space they can “get messy” in and don’t have to worry about cleaning up and all have smells and or sounds which may be undesirable, at least at times, within the home itself. Metal has no thermal retention properties, so in the winter it’s going to be incredibly cold in there.
Again, probably 12ft wide and 18ft long (to originally accommodate a car) you’d have plenty of room for all your equipment. We tailor all designs to suit your individual needs, designing a building that meets both your needs and budget. Indeed, the same survey's respondents who are in favour of allowing staff to work from home explained they believed it increased productivity (60%), motivated staff (60%) and allowed for better relationships with their employees (58%). Launched early this year, the websites and CMS were specified by the Buy Sheds Direct internal web team and Blue Snapper and designed and built by PureNet.
As a result, the company has seen a big uplift in organic traffic from the search engines, transaction rates and average order values are up considerably and year-on-year revenue growth has been strong.

The treehouse was featured in the Shedworking book for which Kent provided several CDs crammed full of photos and design drawings. Yes, there's a kind of 'pause' button but let's be honest, if you know your boss is peering over your shoulder then that's not really an option you'll be keen to use very frequently.
You will no longer be thinking ‘I need to go to the gym after work’ and you can go in your own time with it being down your garden path. At 8x10ft it’s very much on the smallest end of the scale for a weights-specific gym.
This one features a built-in Power Rack cage, which seems to be attached to the ceiling joists, back wall and floor, providing a solid base to train.
It is an easy task and you can do it yourself.Theoretically, you should use a garden shed to store gardening tools, the lawnmower, garden pots, soil, etc.
However you dress it up, it appears to be a way for bosses to spy on homeworkers and we don't like it. Some people have gyms inside their actual homes, but in previous articles we have spoken about working from home in one or our garden offices. The majority of our small structures are used for storage space or small personal space such as a small home office, art or craft room or meditation-yoga studio.
Modern-Shed can provide the complete shell – fully insulated with finished ceiling and walls. This metal garage doesn’t seem to have that issue at all though, being around 9ft (guesstimate) at the eaves, and rising another foot or so at the roof peak.
Practically, you will store everything you do not need in this garden shed, from old clothes and toys to books and old electronics. It can be very hard reaching people who regularly work from home as they typically fall below the radar of traditional business networks.
It is better to be secluded in your own space so you can concentrate, relax and work better in this environment which is in natural surroundings. This means they’ve been able to comfortably fit in a full Power Rack and subsequently be able to perform chin-ups on it.
This same theory goes with your work out and the exercise alone works wonders for your health and fitness.
Utilizing a Modern-Shed for personal space does not usurp the use of the family garage either. A Modern-Exercise room or gym can provide a workout space where you can blare music if you desire without bothering anyone else in the home. Modern-Sheds can be customized with higher ceilings or more insulation and as few or as many windows or doors as you want. Then, vacuum and wash everything, walls, ceiling and floor.3)    Electricity is critical for your future gym.
You need lighting and electrical outlets.4)    The main problem for a garden shed is the lack of insulation. Garden sheds are well known, they are cold in winter and hot in summer, therefore is important to increase their R-value. Add high R-value insulation to the walls and ceiling.5)    After insulation installation, you need to clad the interior walls and ceiling. Photographers, artists, corporate heads, you name it, realize that working from a home office contributes to their lives significantly. This size also makes a great yoga studio, meditation room and is the perfect size for just getting away into your personal space.

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