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This page is part of our series into typical landscape gardening costs charged by both small one-man traders and larger companies.
We have researched the typical costs charged by fencing companies and landscape gardeners to erect 8 fence panels and install new posts in a rear garden with good access. Our tables below show you the results of our research for both lap panels and close boarded fence panels, these are the most popular types of panels in the United Kingdom (see photos below for more info).
As with all of our pages on this website, we didn’t just create these figures from thin air, we contacted dozens of fencing companies and landscape gardeners to request quotes for 8 fences panels to be installed. We didn’t see a huge variation in prices from our chosen companies, this is perhaps due to the huge number of competing businesses in this sector. Gravel boards are placed beneath the fence panels and can be used to gain extra height for the fence, they also lift the timber panels off the ground so they are less likely to rot.
We strongly recommend the installation of gravel boards as they will extend the life of your expensive fence panels. We asked hundreds of visitors to our website what they thought of landscape gardeners and other tradespeople.
Check out this page to see where landscape gardeners ranked in the poll results and cast your own vote. Studies have shown that you can save up to 32% by getting 3 or more quotations for your fencing and landscape gardening project.
That is just one of the reasons why we are affiliated with Rated People – The United Kingdoms leading website for quotes. Visit Rated People and post details of your fence panel job, read reviews from past customers and then make an informed choice. A Name You Can Trust!Thank you for your interest in Bennett Buildings Factory Direct website.
Based on our Posh Potting Style Shed this shed comes complete with a small veranda that provides a shady spot for a cup of tea, or even a glass of wine, at the end of a hard day’s gardening. A double window with single opening casement forms part of the structure of the left hand side of the shed and a small diamond window glazed with polycarbonate sits at the top at the back of the shed to add an additional decorative feature and let in a little extra light.
The roof is finished with wooden cedar shingles and then guttering with downpipe to ground is fitted.
This bespoke contemporary shed has the door and double window, with single opening casement, on the same side leaving the back and sides free for shelving or storing of tall gardening equipment.
The roof line windows allow additional light into the shed (as well as providing the potential for interesting design discussions). The roof has been finished with Cedar Shingles; all glazing is glass and the window and door furniture is black.
Shelf chanel uprights storage shed - Do you have a lot of tools and gardening supplies but nowhere to store them all? The apache hbase ™ reference guide – rohan, 387 food 387 mean 387 glass 386 outside 384 2 383 necessary 383 black 383 sure 382 especially 382 seem 380 brought 380 price shed 38 soup 38 storage 24.
An Englishman's home is his Zombie Fortification Cabin: For the man who has everything, why not buy a zombie-proof shed for more than A?90,000 including installation,A weapons storage, an escape hatch, a ten-year anti-zombie guarantee and eco-friendly solar panels?
Are you a Building Professional needing detailed information on COLORBOND® steel or other BlueScope products? The following is general advice only, always follow the specific guidance provided by your shed supplier. If you are an owner-builder, make sure that you have met all your legal obligations before you begin work (see To DIY or Not). For a large job, or if you're unfamiliar with the equipment, consider hiring an excavator to do the work.

If you don't have a use for all the excavated material, advertise it locally on community noticeboards or websites. Keep your slab continuously moist while it cures - the longer you can do this for, the stronger it will be. Take time to check all of your shed parts off against the bill of materials as soon as possible after your shed arrives. Leave roller doors until the end, and make sure that you have your frame inspected before cladding internally if necessary. For a double garage, this is a reasonably easy job for two people if you're reasonably experienced at large DIY jobs or come from a trade background. Read all the way through the assembly instructions before you begin, then refer to them regularly throughout the build. Do wear heavy work boots, gloves, eye protection and other safety gear as required, and apply sunblock regularly. Assemble the first frame and then use this as a template for other frames, which can be assembled on top of it, making sure they are all identical. No matter what your skill level, unless you're a professional tradie, there are some jobs you're legally not allowed to do. You can get around the need for a plumber by managing your water runoff in other council-acceptable ways, which can include water tanks and infiltration trenches. For a larger shed or garage, you'll want power for at least the roller doors, lights and an external sensor light if you don't already have one - so you don't fall over the garden hose on the way into the house. Give your electrician a full list of what you plan to run in the garage and the current ratings of your major tools. If you want to run a welder, lathe, compressor or other more industrial-level tools, they can require more complicated wiring and power supply. If you plan for a telephone line or data cables in the shed, your electrician will need to allow for separate conduits at least 150mm from the power conduits. There's something very special about the relationship between an Australian and his or her shed. No matter what size of shed you're after, the same five steps will take you from plan to perfect choice.
There comes a point in each of our lives where we look at a DIY project and must seriously ask ourselves the question: challenge, or over-reach?
We suggest concrete as like the posts,  they will never rot but we accept timber may be cheaper and more aesthetically pleasing. It’s usually best to allow the new panels to dry out for a few weeks before applying the stain.
Lexington Series Portable Buildings are an elite wooden building offering a wide variety of options to meet your usage and style needs.
Our company is backed by the financial strength of Bennett International Group and led by Danny Lowry, President. Even if you believe you are exempt from seeking planning or building approval, get in touch with your local council to make sure you are meeting all their guidelines. Unless your yard is perfectly flat, you'll need to cut and fill to provide a level surface: ideally the finished slab should be slightly raised so that water drains away from the shed. If there are other excavations happening in your local area, it's worth asking if they will quote on a price to fit your small job in, which can be both reasonably cheap and time-saving.
Although they're not cheap, they'll be faster than you, and you won't need to worry about damage to the equipment, your property, or yourself. So for a 6m x 6m double garage, you're looking at around $2600, plus extra for the concrete footings.

You don't want to be partway through erection when you discover something is missing and the sooner you spot a problem, the easier it is to fix. Then proceed to erect one wall at a time, bracing as required and following the assembly instructions, especially where bolt tensions, stiffeners and bracers are concerned.
Finish up with the guttering and other trades, such as electrical and plumbing (see Call in the professionals, below).
Getting things wrong can be expensive, and shed kits are a lot less intuitive to build than your standard flatpack. Although this seems obvious, most shed-building injuries come about through people forgetting basic precautions.
Connecting roof run-off to the stormwater drains must be done by a licensed plumber, and installing electricity must be done by a licensed electrician.
If you plan to use your shed as a workspace, place your power points logically and minimise the need to run cords across the area. This will add to the cost, but it's worth getting it right at the start, which is usually cheaper than trying to fix things later. You have the option of a lofted barn or utility building with porch and garage packages available. Each kit will come with detailed instructions that are specific to the particular model and your shed company will have made sure that your model is suitable to your site. A Dingo digger or bobcat will make short work of clearing, levelling and digging the slab area for a hire cost of about $230 to $250 a day. Work with the footing plan supplied with by your shed company, and make sure that your concreters have copies of it beforehand, too.
If you can do this for at least a week, it will be about 30% stronger than a fast-curing slab. Shed kit costs vary, but for a double garage with roller doors, expect to pay $4000-$5000 depending on finish in most cities and towns and up to $6000 in more remote areas with higher delivery costs.
If you’re tackling a bigger job or are not an experienced builder, it's not too late to hire someone who is. Every bit of extra time you spend measuring or checking your alignment before fixing any screws, bolts or fittings is time well spent: you can't undo holes made in steel or concrete and mistakes will show as a poor finish. If it's just lights, roller doors and a few domestic power points, you're looking at a simple job, though you should expect to pay upwards of $1000. If you opt for three-phase power, the cables are expensive, which can add up if your shed is a long way from the existing three-phase termination. Customize your Lexington Series even further with a metal or shingle roof at no extra cost and don’t forget to ask about Bennett’s Blue Ribbon Warranty!
But here's a list of tips and tricks to help you make the building process as easy as possible. Read all the safety instructions and pay attention to the training before you start - accidents with diggers are at best expensive. Construction costs for a double garage start at around $1250, but be aware that unless you’re employing a licensed builder, you will usually need to be an approved owner-builder.
Mr Moran conceded: 'We'd have to say what we tell all our customers - check with your local authority because they all have different rules, even when it comes to preventing a deadly swarm of the undead'.

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