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After making the high-level conceptual shed roof design, the direction for detailed design is set. EasyShed is the only DIY assembly shed on the market to be manufactured in three height options.
Our standard wall height is 1800mm but this can be increased to 1980mm or 2100mm, catering for larger storage capacity and taller customers.
The garden shed can serve as a way for the telecommuting employee to maintain better boundaries between work and home because it’s a separate space away from the rest of the house. Here are twenty of the best examples of garden shed offices being used by people around the world today. Internal Shed: For those people who do not have the luxury of garden space and who need something like a garden shed to keep work and home separate, the answer might be the up-and-coming internal shed. Deck Space: This is a simple shed from the Modern Shed company which makes affordable easy-to-erect sheds that can be used for different functions including office space.
Solardome: This is a glass dome that you can order and set up to create an eco-friendly home office in your garden. The Rustic Look: Not everyone is interested in the idea of creating an office space in the most modern garden shed available.
Log Cabin Office: People who own homes in areas where log cabins are popular might find that the log cabin office shed is the best way to go. Desert Oasis: CMDB Architects creates shed offices for people who live in different parts of the world. Some Real Space: The average garden shed is obviously small so it works perfectly as the home office for someone in an urban environment who needs to make the most of whatever limited space is available. Roof Garden: The nature that surrounds the garden shed office does not have to be limited to what can be planted on the ground. Classic Design: The classic design for a garden shed office is to take a wooden garden shed and convert it into something a little bit more aesthetically pleasing. Trailer Office: Not everyone actually has a shed in their garden which can be changed into an office. The Magic Cottage: There is an artist in San Francisco named SARK who has long operated out of what she calls her Magic Cottage.
Winter Wonderland: You can have a garden shed office no matter what type of weather you live in. Tom is a huge tech and gadget geek with a broad range of interests including travel, art and design.
It will be correctly to start the entry part of this article with the short description of the hip roof advantages. With hip roof your home can get a view of the real country house with nice hip roof trusses. Hip roof garden shedIt is need to stress that the hip roof installation is very difficult process, it needs the conduction of strict calculations. In the case of large area construction (the length of span reaches 16 metres) you should use hip roof trusses with extension design. Photo: BarnIn the case of remake the roof you should be very attentive, not to get the remade hip roof with different pitches. Before the start of building the house with hip roof it is recommended to make a preliminary layout of this roof.
Traditional colonial houseThe cost of the designer’s services is quite moderate, so it is recommended to use the professional experience of designer.
Hip roof framing is quite complicated construction and it has a lot of elements, each of which has its own function. Also it is need to stress that a small slope requires the creation of reliable and reinforced framing, because snow and wind load on the load bearing walls is increased. The main task of the correctly constructed roof is to transfer weight on the foundation and walls of the building. Selecting of the concrete rafter system depends on the dimensions of building and the presence of load bearing walls and pillars.
Framing system with attached rafters usually is installed in houses with columnar support or with carrier medium wall. Photo: The installation of the rafter systemUnlike the hanging rafter system, this construction has a much smaller total weight and, in addition it is less expensive.
Therefore, the construction with attached rafters is more hard, reliable and advantageous from the economic point of view.
Hydro insulation protects the house from the ingress of rainwater and prevents the appearance of condensation in the insulation layer. For the organization of venting system in the hip roof you should prepare a special entry for air in the wind binder.
Ridge vent is the best solution for the venting system, because place near the ridge is the most suitable place for the accommodation of the air entry. In conclusion, it is need to say that hip roof is really time-consuming and complicated process. April 22, 2013 By Larry 2 Comments The garden shed roof is considered to be the most important part. Before you build a garden shed roof it is important to first understand the various types of roofs which you can build. The roof we are about to build assumes that you’ve already completed the rest of your shed.
You should now add diagonal rafters to the roof which will support the plastic, plywood or whatever type of covering you want.

This is a very important step; here you will have to attach the rafters very carefully in order to make sure that the structure is a good triangle.
Get Instant Access To a Free 8x12 Storage Shed Plan Worth $27Step-By-Step Easy To Follow Instructions, Blueprints & Material ListsFull Blown Diagrams and Detailed Photos! Four Types Of Garden Sheds (Gambrel, Gable, Lean To, SaltBox) 4 CommentsThere are four main types of garden sheds. When thinking about a shed design remember that there are four types of sheds to choose from. This site is dedicated to helping with finding some of the best garden sheds and  garden shed plans available online. There are many sites and local stores that provide quality plans for building your own shed.
Garden Shed Plans are available that will assist anyone wanting to build and create that perfect shed for their yard. After selecting a good set of  plans you need to decide where in the yard you are going place the shed. A good set of wooden garden shed plans will include a list of tools and materials needed for building the shed. When it comes to powering the shed you may consider solar power through a solar panel and converter for the electricity.
My Shed Plans is written by reputable professional shed builder and is available for downloading without delay making 12,000 shed plans available as soon as you download them. Commuting is annoying for workers, bad for the environment and just not necessary now that advanced technology makes remote collaboration easy and affordable for businesses of all sizes.
This unique design lets you have all of the function of the garden shed office even when you don’t have room for a real garden. It’s possible to create a multi-purpose garden shed where the kids can play, meals can be cooked and you can get your work done all at the same time. This Robert Stern creation is the height of shed chic with plenty of space, lots of natural light and clean minimalist style. Set it up on a large deck and you have an office that’s got indoor and outdoor work space. One of the most well-known garden shed offices is the writing hut that George Bernard Shaw used to create his now-famous works of literary art. If you’re not just renovating an existing garden shed but rather building a new shed-like office on the property, you can go all out creating a space like this greenhouse office. Some people prefer the old shed or barn that’s got a romantic, historic feeling to it. This takes a more traditional log cabin shed that was originally designed for storage on the property and converts it into a usable work space without destroying the streamlined aesthetics of the home’s landscape.
This one serves the folks who live in the desert and who need protection from the elements that can be overwhelming there. However, there are people out there who are creating much bigger shed space on larger properties.
It’s got electricity, wireless internet and everything else that you would need to be able to function in the modern office.
Some curtains on the windows, a fan to keep you cool and a spot outside where you can work on projects when the weather is nice will make you love your garden shed office space. She originally moved into the space because she needed an office and San Francisco is short on affordable spaces. You’ll just need to make sure to install the right climate control options for keeping the office comfortable during the different seasons. Much of his time is spent blogging on CreativeCloud but he also enjoys writing for other blogs in the design niche. In addition to this, the installation of this roof requires the presence of certain knowledge. Also it has vertical gable roof which is installed under the ridge of the lower part of the roof. In addition to this, racks should be made from metal to increase the reliability of the roof.
You can consult with professional designer, who is able to prepare hip roof colonial house plans, hip roof addition plans, hip roof pavilion and garage plans. It is recommended to trust the complex calculations of the roof framing to the professional architect.
For example, if the roof is almost flat (the angle of slope is not more than 12 degrees) with the bitumen rolls roofing, the best options are rectangular or trapezoid form of roof. Incidentally, it is the roof by which 99% of the garden sheds out there can be identified by.
However, most of them are very similar technically and so the reason to choose one over the other will be the main purpose for your shed. You start by adding a beam to the original frame which is raised from the middle along with a perpendicular beam originating from its center. You will now have to finish things up by adding more horizontal joists but that is optional. Also the roof you construct will depend upon the garden shed plans or blueprints that you’re using. There are many people these days building their own sheds using garden shed plans because of the current economic climate. Each of the  pages on this site provide specific tips and suggestions about things about selecting plans and build a garden shed.

An alternative to purchasing pre-fabricated shed is building it yourself using Do-It-Yourself plans. They will include practical illustrations, photos, instructions, and blueprints with actual measurements. With a set of storage shed plans and some confidence you will be able to successfully build that shed. Let me share with you a little secret about garden shed plans that you can download anytime. However, as people have started to move their offices to their homes, they’ve realised the need to create a space for themselves in what was often an already crowded house. One of the greatest benefits of telecommuting is that it reduces car pollution caused by commutes and allows for a greener earth. Hang some plants in the house outside of the office door to enhance the feeling that you’re working from outdoors. In this case, the garden shed office is just like an extension of the rest of the house so it’s great for people who actually operate their own business from home. Rather than tearing down the old metal clad rooftop shed, Stern converted it into a place where he can retreat to in the midst of Manhattan. When you’re on the computer, you can hang out inside the shed but when you just have to read documents, you can lounge on the deck. Not only is this garden shed office simple and functional but it’s also created on a rotating platform so that you can actually move the entire shed around to get the best light at different times throughout the day.
It’s possible to take any structure on your property and convert it into a home office that feels right to you. This writer’s studio is 600 square feet in size and is located just a walk away from the main house. These eco-friendly sheds are set up in such a way that you can put them anywhere in the garden and use them for your office. Taking a fifteen minute break to check on the plants that are growing above you has got to be a whole lot healthier than the coffee and cigarette breaks taken by the normal office worker.
However, she’s remained in the garden shed office even after gaining success in her field because she really loves the atmosphere and ambience of working from the garden shed. Smart design can add a simple extension to a garden shed office, making it possible to get everything that you need in to the office without feeling cluttered (and without spending much money on the renovation).
You should certainly keep the inside of your office neat and clean in order to enhance productivity but if you want to let the outside grow over a little bit then you should feel absolutely free to do so. Therefore, after a slight hip roof remake you can set your old barn for sale with confidence of the success. The roof not only needs to be the right shape but it also has to be water proof, secure and be built of high quality materials. If you want to build a roof which is simple then the gable shed roof should be the one you start with.
We assume that the walls of your shed are around 3 inches thick and so your beams have to be 4 or 5 inches thick.
Your roof should look the same from all the sides with the horizontal beam that connects the two vertical ones.
Generally, this is the most common roof since it is something that new DIY people can easily handle. Make sure you cover the roof with a covering such as shingles to ensure rain water does not enter the shed through the roof. Yes, people would rather build the shed themselves instead of buying a garden shed at their local shed store and having them deliver it and install in your yard. You will be guided through the building process as you carefully follow step-by-step instructions.
Previous shed building experience is not really needed to build a wooden garden shed using easy-to-follow shed plans. Most plans will help you with selecting the best materials for building a durable and long lasting shed. And after you finish it you have a sense of pride building it yourself and your family members will show their admiration for your efforts. This need has sparked a movement towards telecommuting from untraditional parts of the home such as the garden shed. People who engage in shedworking (the official name for converting garden sheds into office spaces) celebrate that greening of the earth by actually working in places where nature can thrive around them. Chances are that you’re going to get your best work done in whatever type of space creates the most comfort. For the person who is just making that first move to greening the earth by engaging in shedworking, this is the ideal option.
With a tree growing through the wall, beam ceilings, a loft bed for reading and a vine-tangled garden outside, it’s certainly an interesting office space. After all, telecommuting is supposed to make you feel less like you’re stuck in a cubicle!
Hip roof design allows to save your money, because usually in this case you don’t need to arrange gable roof. To make it harder for them to break in construct the shed using durable materials and security locks.

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