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Excavation – Bobcat and Tipper Hire, Concrete Cutting, Concrete Demolition, Concrete Removal, Site Leveling, Fill Removal. Construction – Footings and Piers, Foundation Bedding Material, Concrete Formwork and Concrete Reinforcing, Concrete Pouring, Concrete Pumping, Concrete Finishing and Concrete Expansion Cuts. The QBCC has now officially replaced the former regulator, the Building Services Authority (BSA).

Learn how to build your own small garden shed with conventional stacked framing techniques just like residential houses use. If the design does not have to be portable and you have a minimum of experience in concrete, then by all means make the floor a concrete slab. We can advise you on the depth and type of slab depending upon the soil and rock conditions of your property.

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garden shed slab cost

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