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Bosman and their crew is a breath of fresh air to deal with!My experience with Bosman was nothing but amazing.
From the beginning, we felt that Bosman was interested in our project and that was the driver for us to place the order. Just wanted to express our thanks and appreciation for the timely construction of our Bosman shed last Friday. I love the gazebo and the furniture where I eat most of my meals while looking at the water feature. VIDEO CityLine: Watch host Tracy Moore's backyard transformation, featuring a Bosman Shed!
Donny Ray came to us with a dream to offer his farm fresh products in a unique building that would be inviting for his customers to shop in. Again, a big thank you to you and the staff at Bosman's - we LOVE our new porch swing and have already spent some quality time on it chatting and reading stories!

Phil Martin was always willing to listen to our concerns, provide clear explanations and advice and follow-up to ensure our requirements were met. We are very pleased to have this building erected as it will provide much needed storage space. Lori and her team worked very hard to satisfy our families’ needs with this purchase. After looking over options, we drew something up for him, put together a few finishing touches, and voila a concept was born! I couldn't believe it when it only took 2 of your guys to assemble the entire thing in 5 hours. From our first meeting at the Cottage Life Show to today, it has been a pleasure to work with Phil. But again, we need to emphasize that Tryphena's support at the early stage was the deciding factor for us to trust Bosman with the order.

We are constantly getting compliments on the garage and we couldn't be happier with how it turned out. Thank you so much for creating this amazing playhouse that will provide years of memories for our little girl. Thank you to everyone at Bosman and their crew it is a breath of fresh air to deal with a company as such.

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garden sheds for sale on done deal zetor

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