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ABBEYLAWN GARDEN SHEDSA are nailed not stapled they featureA Toughglass, which is a newsafety feature they also come with Galvanised hardware, heavy duty felt and Tongued and grooved doors.
All Abbeylawn steel garden sheds and garages are made from a galvanized steel frame and sheeted with pvc coated cladding.
Our designs include three standard widths 6a€™ 6a€™a€™ (1950mm ) 9a€™ 6a€™a€™ (2850mm) and 12a€™ 6a€™a€™and eleven standard lengths ranging from 9a€™ 6a€™a€™(2850mm) long increasing incrementally in lengths of 3a€™ 3a€™a€™ (975 mm) up to 29a€™ (8700 mm).
All Abbeylawn sheds have 6a€™ 6a€™a€™ (1950mm) high sidewalls, with an a€?a€™Aa€™a€™ roof going up to 7a€™ 6a€™a€™ (2250mm) on 6a€™ 6a€™a€™(1950mm) wide sheds and 8a€™(2450mm) on all others.

All Abbeylawn sheds come with a standard door, which is 3a€™ 4a€™a€™ (1025mm) wide and 6a€™ 5a€™a€™ (1925mm) high. All Abbeylawn sheds come with at least one clear sheet of fibreglass in the roof to allow natural light into the shed. We also offer the option of a tile effect roof, gutters and 3a€™ x 4a€™ (950mm x 1150mm) windows. This pvc is a thick plastic coating on the steel, which protects the steel from the weather and gives the shed an attractive look.

Double doors are also available giving a total of 6a€™ 10a€™a€™ (2100mm) when both doors are open.
Every shed is made to order, so it is possible for you to change any detail of your shed no matter how big or small.

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garden sheds in dublin for sale

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