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Moreton In Marsh is a small Cotswold town in northeastern Gloucestershire at the joining of the Fosse Way Roman Road and A44.  The town is in the low-lands in a rather flat area and can also be reached by rail from London Paddington. While more “modern” than some of the other towns in the region, Moreton is as quaint and inviting now as it was when it was a major coaching station and warmly welcomes tourists to partake of its market and its hospitality! Moreton in MarshMoreton-in-Marsh is in the heart of the Cotswolds, located at the head of the beautiful Evenlode valley.Moreton is a thriving market town which dates back around 1000 years to the Saxon era (similar to South Cerney in Gloucestershire).
We live in the Cotswolds, we work in the Cotswolds and we are passionate about the Cotswolds!

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A Caravan Club site is a short walk east on the Broadway road (A44), past the Wellington Aviation Museum, a museum of the history of the Vickers Wellington bomber.
Other local attractions include Batsford Arboretum near Batsford village and the onion-domed Sezincote house and gardens. A news feature noted that there had been a 40% drop in the number of public toilets available across the UK over the last ten years, and interviewed Raymond Martin, director of the British Toilet Association.

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garden sheds moreton in marsh hotels

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