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At National Sheds all our staff have erected a shed and understand what is needed to creating a new storage area in your backyard. Wear gloves, this will help prevent any unnecessary injuries to your hands and don’t forget to apply sunscreen before commencing work. When assembling the overhanging panel ribs on the ground, put a smaller U section piece underneath to prop up the panels when you are screwing them together. And finally, make sure you know where the shed is going as this will determine if you need dynabolts or anchor pegs.

South Australia (SA), Western Australia (WA), New South Wales (NSW),Queensland (QLD), Victoria, Northern Territory (NT), and Tasmania.
We decided to ask everyone in the office for their input on creating a list of helpful tips and tricks that could be used by our customers when assembling their garden sheds. In most cases the delivery company sends two people to assist but, this cannot always be guaranteed. Knee pads are great if you are working on the ground to assemble the shed and a step ladder is handy when erecting the roof.

Dynabolts are required if you are bolting the shed down into concrete or paving (make sure you have a masonry drill bit), whilst anchor pegs are used when securing your garden shed into the ground.
Lay out each panel’s parts and sheets so that you can quickly put it together without looking for parts halfway through a panel.

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garden sheds with assembly included

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