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Armstrong has its own wholesale growing division to monitor growing conditions and plant quality.
You can learn how to grow your own citrus, fruit and vegetables with starter plants or seed. Fun fact: Armstrong's introduces new plants and hybrids every year, and in spring 2010, one was a medium-size dahlia with dark purple and red foliage. Roger's has its own professional landscape team that installs and maintains gardens and irrigation systems. Claim to fame: "People talk about the creativity and the uniqueness of our plants and collectibles," said David Miller, marketing manager.
Fun fact: Nursery manager Rex Yarwood posts a weekly informational video on the Roger's website. Home Depot offers Ecosmart and Ortho's Ecosense products, pesticides made with natural ingredients. Fun fact: Large palm trees are the garden center's best-selling landscaping item, and impatiens the best-selling annual.

This is my go-to store when something is weird or wrong in the garden, and you want to get it right. I love jaw-jacking with the knowledgeable staff about apple scab, rodents, lawn care, fertilizers, new tomatoes, citrus problems, unusual bugs and the latest products.
Even though the business stocks many chemicals for agriculture, the staff will enthusiastically steer you to safe and organic alternatives first. We are currently experiencing technical difficulties with our phone lines, we apologise for any inconvenience this may cause. The Tall Garden Store's height and shape make it a great product to store spades, rakes and and other garden tools away.
1: "Our research shows people value us because of our expertise," said Gary Jones, director of marketing. Customers ask a lot of questions, but the biggest is about plants' requirements for shade or sun.
The 3-foot plant is called Mystic dahlia and was the year's most popular annual at Armstrong.

Because of its slim, tall shape, the Tall Garden Store is ideal for stashing away garden tools such as spades, rakes and forks. We have a wide selection of succulents." Gardeners are shopping for fall annuals like mums, begonias and succulents and ask questions about color coordinating and size differences. Customers ask about that, but they also ask about how much soil they need, how big plants will get and how large a pot they need." Gardeners also want to know about plant diseases, especially with pests, mildew and black spot infestation.
If you like the scientific explanation of mycorrhiza, you’ll find the staff entertaining, indeed. The one thing that sets us apart is we give expert help." All Armstrong employees are encouraged to take the California Certified Nurseryman test, he said.

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garden store pleasant hill

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