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There was a notable increase in attention around the topic of gifts and entertainment in 2013. Although this topic tends to receive more attention around the holidays, how a company handles the exchange of gifts and entertainment is clearly important throughout the entire year.
This is a tricky topic to navigate, primarily because there are few black and white rules that govern its management. For this reason, it is especially important that internal risk managers work closely with compliance officers to ensure that they are providing clear guidelines around the exchange of gifts and entertainment, that employees know where to find these guidelines, and employees know who to contact if they have questions and concerns in this area. Is it “spelled out?’’: Organizations should establish guidelines which help employees determine whether a gift is ok. Is it clear who’s on point?: Organizations should designate an internal resource for employees to contact with questions about gift giving and receiving policies. Is the company encouraging employees to ask questions?: Companies need to make it clear that employees who are unsure of policies are responsible for asking their manager or the designated internal resource before accepting or giving gifts. Has the company created a clear process for tracking the exchange of gifts and entertainment? Fortunately, more and more people at all levels understand that good judgment plays an important factor in business conduct. This post offers an inside look at traditions, tips and ideas for corporate holiday gift giving for law firms, lawyers, marketers, consultants, and other professionals. Offering holiday gifts of appreciation is often rife with unspoken rules, not to mention the juggernaut that can be created when a committee or team gathers to contemplate the why, who, what, and how much, not to mention the need to ensure that the gift is appropriate, memorable, and welcome* for broad, diverse recipients.
For gifts that come from “The Firm,” two things are foremost: (1) settle on your budget and (2) determine your recipient list.
Are gifts sent to clients and business associates over the winter holidays just a nice gesture or a smart marketing tool to remain top of mind and get your name in front? Forget the excess of the boom times and embrace the opportunity to select a holiday gift that makes the recipient feel as if you thought specifically about them.
It’s perfectly acceptable to choose a modest gift that is tasteful and maybe even a bit understated. Larger firms sometimes find that creating a gift catalog of vetted, appropriate selections allows lawyers to choose and personalize gifts for individual clients AND stay within the budget. My first year in business as an independent consultant I had accumulated a lot of people (clients, referral sources, and industry friends) to whom I wanted to send holiday cheer but I had a very limited budget. If the relationship is strictly with an individual attorney rather than the firm, consider matching funds up to a certain amount and let the lawyer choose the appropriate gift on their own. The president, CEO, or General Counsel may sign the checks, but the company works as a team. Here are some other clever ideas that I’ve seen gifted (or personally received) with great appreciation. Chocolates in a hand-painted box that was suitable for stashing things after the chocolates were gone, and still sits on my desk! If the mom-to-be for whom you want to throw a baby shower party is expecting a baby boy then you will get lots of options in selecting theme.
You may select boy baby shower poems to be written on banner for decoration or on invitation card. If you really want to make the boy baby shower party more enjoyable and memorable then don’t forget to plan special games and activities for the party. You should select baby shower favors and prizes that will match your baby shower party theme.

But, there is something about giving something that I hope will bring them hours of pleasure that gets me excited! It is true you can't judge a book by its cover, you also can't judge a book's graphic content by its cover. Favicon Plugin created by Jake Ruston's Wordpress Plugins - Powered by Dean Guitars and Pattaya Hotel. Pineapple Plant gift in actionMubiru Mburabwicho planted 3,500 pineapple suckers on her land in Kaisoko, Uganda.
Concern Worldwide, a company limited by guarantee and exempted from using the word "limited", Reg.
CHY 5745, Registered in Ireland, Registered address is 52-55 Lower Camden Street, Dublin 2. Not an obvious gift, but one that will make a big difference to lots of families all year round. Whether this was a result of continued regulatory scrutiny in certain industries, a trend evolving from challenging economic times, a combination of both or another reason, more companies began taking a closer look at how they were managing gifts and entertainment within their organizations and how their peers were doing the same. Certainly, some industries, like health care and pharmaceuticals, have more clear guidance around what they can and cannot do and therefore, have carefully drafted policies and effective controls in place. This is important for employees regardless of industry, but especially important in healthcare, life sciences and government contracting organizations, which often have more stringent policies compared to other industries. Even with good policies in place, employees must rely on their own good judgment and avoid giving or receiving gifts that instinctively do not feel right. Organizations can often best educate employees on gift giving and receiving policies through training courses, periodic reminders or other ongoing communications.
An organization’s most important job is to provide employees with the best possible guidelines, resources and communications in the area of gifts and entertainment to make it easier to play by the rules. For gifts that come from individual lawyers, well, there’s more wiggle room as the lawyer will have more specific criteria as to who gets a gift, the personalization of the gift, and perhaps spring for part of the cost if it exceeds the allowed budget.
Maybe both, but in any case the pros agree on one rule of thumb: holiday gifts should represent a token of appreciation, not a bribe or a blatant marketing play. Recipients are likely to remember unique gifts, especially those that show you are familiar with what they care about, no matter what the dollar amount. Catalogs include gifts that appeal to basic themes such as sports (golf, tennis, boating, etc.), pets, families, hobbies (wine lovers, cooks, book lovers), and etc. So, to cover everyone, I designed and printed a holiday card with a festive cup ‘o joe on the front, a greeting inside that invited them to join me for a “virtual” cup of coffee, and inserted a (measly) $5.00 Starbucks gift card. Marketers are typically tasked with finding fresh gift ideas and something unique, yet one that suits most everyone on the list.
A couple weeks later I got a thank you note where they indicated that a donation was made in my name to the Midnight Mission. You may send online boy baby shower invitation or take print outs of invitation cards and send by mail. Here you are getting ideas to plan a boy baby shower party  so you should try to choose food that will match your theme. They are all still young and unable to read for themselves yet, but I get them book for every special occasion, essentially becoming the Book Aunt. This is the second Christmas that I have my Kindle and I find myself asking for gift cards to Amazon so I can get the books I want on it. This gift could help one farmer start a small pineapple plantation by providing 500 suckers (cuttings from mature trees).

There is less clarity within industries that are not subject to specific rules, but are bound by the principles and reputational benefits of ethical behavior. Companies should make these guidelines easily accessible (in print and online) and need to periodically remind employees that they exist.
Interactive communication is an excellent way to provide employees with the information they need, in an engaging way that holds their attention and enforces the importance of adhering to their company’s gifts and entertainment policies.
Instead, the pros suggest that you select a high-quality item that is useful, and if you must, use only a tasteful engraving or stitching of your law firm name (not logo).
In addition to top clients, firms may decide to send smaller gifts of appreciation to valued vendors, media contacts, advisory board members, or friends of the firm (referral sources). Did you work with a group of particularly helpful secretaries, account executives, or staff counsels? Program a screen that allows the recipient to check off one from a list of four or more charities that the firm will donate to on their behalf. Main arrangements to be made for this party will include making guests list, sending invitations, selection venue etc. Don’t go with only blue color but include some other colors in decorations too to make blue color prominent. Very exciting boy baby shower games can include naming a toy and suggesting baby boy name race.
You can make this activity more enjoyable by asking all guests to make a list of names starting from all alphabets.
Or, even worse, am I so far off the mark from their tastes that they would never read this book in a million years? Pineapples are nutritious, easy to grow, can help prevent soil erosion and can be sold to pay for other necessities.
Organizations should make sure employees have contact information and easy access via email, phone or in-person meetings.
One simple question employees may ask themselves is this: “If my actions were fully known by all, would I need to be concerned?” If the answer is yes, then that should serve as the first warning flag.
The form of the gesture may vary, however, the pros say that sending any item with your logo boldly emblazoned in blaring letters across it has the potential to look cheap and worse, easily discarded. Other important arrangements that include decorations, menu, games, gifts etc will be different for a baby shower party for a baby boy from a baby shower party arranged for a baby girl.
When I got older she introduced me to Johanna Lindsey, Julia Quinn and she furthered my collection of Georgette Heyers. And because pineapples are easy to grow, Mubiru still has time to look after her other crops. The person with whom you have the client relationship will appreciate the gesture, especially where the company mission statement is team oriented: it can show that you are tuned into their philosophy and mission.
If you have examples of corporate gifts you’ve sent that have been well received, please share them in the comments.

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