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Aztech Buildings - NZ’s Number One for Dairy Goat Barns The design of Dairy Goat Barns is a specialised process and Aztech Buildings has become a market leader in providing innovative and cost-effective building solutions for dairy goat farmers. I'm starting the planning process for the chicken coop to be turned into the new goat barn (with the small 6x6 house as a summer run-in for them in the field).
My building is a 90 year old, about 13x17ft workshop-turn-chicken coop with a storage loft.
My pen off the back would be hopefully (still need to measure) about 13x20ft, maybe more and made out of the same buck fence I used in the horse pasture, just drastically smaller with 4 lines of hotwire and some plastic chainlink just under the rails to keep the ladies from escaping. I have 3 horse stalls, all 12 x 12 that are always open for the goats to go in and out and then a very big covered area for them to hang out for shade and rain relief. So I leave open the barn with the kidding pens and leave those doors open also so goats can seek shelter in that barn also if they feel like it. The mare couldn't maintain a pregnancy, grew old and died happy a little over a year ago.
The chicken apartment for now - we think in the spring, we can put the silkie chicks here and move the bigger chickens to another area. Go-karts are a fun way for children to enjoy the thrills of vehicular racing without the dangers of the very high speeds that can be reached in cars.
Combination Package that Includes All the Books Plus Free Go Kart Plans: 9 A couple of insights into building the go kart is to have the plan established.
To become a bonafied backyard goat keeper all you really need are three things: a goat yard, a goat barn, and of course, goats! Keep in mind, if you have two goats you will want to plan kidding to ensure that you wont have more than one set of kids in your goat yard at a time. Along with square footage, the layout of your goat yard is also important when it comes to keeping goats. Keeping goats in your backyard requires shade and shelter from the elements as well as something for your goats to climb and play on.
Goat barn plans come in many shapes and sizes but it is up to you to choose which goat barn plan is right for your goat yard. Jennie Grant combined the needs of shelter and play into one by designing a goat barn plan to rule them all.

Keeping goats in your backyard can be very enjoyable for people with the time and space to do so.
If you have specific details in relation to your building requirements we recommend taking an extra 5-10mins to fill in the detailed building enquiry form (click here) or continue below. Being the # 1 supplier in Dairy Goat Barns is earned through years of industry experience with numerous barn systems throughout the market that have a proven track record.
It may not display this or other websites correctly.You should upgrade or use an alternative browser. I know how you feel, it's mud central here and I'm trying to build a run-in shed!
To guarantee your goats good health and happiness follow these simple guidelines laid out by Jennie Grant in her book City Goats.
The ideal goat yard would have plenty of room for your goats to frolic and play without feeling too squished by their roommates.
Luckily, a solid goat barn plan can kill two birds with one stone and provide your goats with excellent shelter as well as a super fun play structure. If you know you’ll be raising goats and kidding them, make sure your goat barn plan provides a small area inside the barn that can be closed off for the privacy of the goat and her kids. To fit the needs of her goats and her compact urban yard Jennie’s goat barn plan is a state-of-the-art goat shed providing shelter, a milking area, a chicken coop, storage AND room for her goats to jump, frolic and explore.
If you are interested in finding out if your city allows raising goats in your backyard, Jennie gives you every step needed to becoming an urban goat farmer in her helpful yet amusing book, City Goats: The Goat Justice League’s Guide To Backyard Goat Keeping. You just need to talk to one of the many happy investors or dairy goat farm owners to confirm Aztech’s proven reputation in the dairy goat barn industry. Is your backyard big enough to accommodate two adorable farm animals, say 400 square feet or more?
If you have two goats (and Jennie recommends a minimum of two goats), 400 square feet will do the trick for your backyard goat oasis and even offer enough room for one set of kids. Make sure your goat yard is within range of a hose so you can easily change your goats water every day.
Download free design plans and building details for hay barns, horse barns, pole barns, vehicle sheds and all-purpose barns.

Fresh grass is cut and carried to the goats along with other nutrients and supplements through one of the various feeding system methods. I'm confident our girls will use it, they like to sleep just inside their pop door during the day lol. But for those that do have a barn or building as wind to carry moisture into the barn to make it pretty much draft free. Air-flow and temperature is optimised with Aztech’s barn designs to enable maximum fresh air and productive conditions. I will have moveable panels for a second temporary kidding stall which will be stored in a lean-to storage area off the side of the barn. Elimination of the worms issue which is a major problem in large herds that graze on pasture. Goats don’t develop a natural resistance to worms and require regular drenching resulting in milk being withheld from the vat and loss of production. In the Aztech Dairy Goat Barn; farmers never have to worry about the goats being worm burdened. The barn reduces foot problems, scald and foot rot meaning less foot treatments are required. The goat’s diet can be managed better when they are indoors where they are fed anything from cut grass, meal, maize silage, hay, haylage, molasses and brewers grain to name a few. Dairy Goats can’t stand the rain and cold and will drop production in bad conditions. However with the barn protection, when the weather turns sour, the goats will stay tucked up in their cosy barn with access to food and water.A start to designing the Goat Barn The design of Dairy Goat Barns is a specialised and systematic process led by Aztech Buildings specialists through-out the country.
The standard building coverage area for goats are 2.5 square metres for each kid and 3 square metres for each doe although various goat farmers make their own adjustments to the building size to suit specific situations and future requirements. Contact our Dairy Goat Barn specialists to discuss the best feeding system for your project, which is additional building area to the square metre requirements for the herd.The herringbone or rotary milking shed is an important asset for the goat barn- to ensure the goats can be milked twice a day in a safe and efficient manner.

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