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The main and most notable advantage of having such a green roof is the interesting view of the house, and, why not, an additional relaxing area (in the case of flat roofs). Health and well-being improvement (through reducing pollution and improving water quality; they can also increase social cohesion, public safety and sense of community).
On the contrary, extensive roofs are built over a thin layer of substrate; they are virtually self-sustaining and do not require much maintenance.
So, why not build a living roof for your home, as it brings so many benefits not only to you personally, but to the whole community? What you find on Impressive MagazineImpressive ideas, people, facts and products presented to you daily.
A green roof is a roof that has vegetation growing on it, which could be as simple as grass, or as complex as a whole garden or ecosystem.
Collecting and utilizing storm water, diverting it from stressed water treatment facilities. Extensive green roofs are more self-sustaining than intensive roofs, and require minimal maintenance. Program incentives include tax credits, tax breaks, density bonuses, reduced fees, priority or expedited permitting, free or reduced-cost technical assistance, grants and low-interest loans. Learn more about lower Total Cost of Ownership and financial incentives for energy-efficient & resilient buildings.

In fact, these benefits are recognized in some countries: in Germany, for example, builders are required to fit the roof so any new buildings to offset the green space that has disappeared due to site, more State grants and subsidies.
A city with grassy roofs seems futuristic, but probably the best compromise to save the air in big cities, considering the chaotic way in which infrastructure has evolved. This type of roof can be as simple as the vegetation membrane with a waterproofing one, or it may also include drainage layers, root barriers and irrigation systems.
This is because they are more park-like and thus are being used as leisure areas with easy access. The Calhoun School celebrated the opening of its new Green Roof Learning Center on Tuesday, May 3, 2005. In short, adding an extension made of several layers that allow the development of vegetation on the building.
The legendary hanging gardens of Babylon had the same principle, and in Africa have been used for hundreds of years to maintain low temperature in their homes of earth.
The Green Roof was part of a major expansion that added four floors to the school's pre-existing building on the Upper West Side of Manhattan.
Specifically, the insulation is placed over a support which is applied over an impermeable layer. The entire construction project spanned four years and was completed in September 2004; work on the Green Roof began in earnest shortly thereafter.

Chemistry curriculum will be enriched by the study of aquatic environments, and students will engage in hands-on experiments in plant biology.
Next will be a portion for water drainage, then a filter, to reach the final table of earth where they grow plants.
Calhoun is the first institution in New York City to design an eco-friendly green roof that offers multiple environmental benefits while providing programmable space for outdoor science and environmental studies. Initially, they used the common ground, which is why a large amount was necessary, therefore, a large mass that strain roof’s resistance. However, development of such green space requires extra pressure and expert advice should be sought to install, but the systems are becoming more efficient: now uses a rich land, of which there is no need to apply a layer so thick. Ford Foundation, which supports innovative educational programs pioneered by independent secondary schools. Nelson also notes that students will be planting and tending an herb garden, to support the school?s lunch program, which emphasizes health and nutrition.Calhoun?s faculty is collaborating on developing curriculum with a number of organizations with whom the school has relationships, including Rockefeller University, the Black Rock Forest Consortium, and the Earth Pledge Foundation. Green Roof System is designed around the 50 pounds per square foot (psf) load requirement, a 10-inch deep green roof, with 5 inches of lightweight granular drainage media and 5 inches of light-weight.

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