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Sub-Zero wine storage has several wine cooler options that feature two storage areas with digital controls.
Wine Storage Reviews has wine cooler reviews, wine fridge reviews, wine refrigerator reviews and information on wine storage cabinets. Best Large Wine Bottle Coolers – large capacity wine storage cabinets and coolers with 100+ bottles capacity.
The Sub-Zero 424 is a compact wine cellar that provides two storage zones with microprocessor controls.
Small wine coolers have not only the benefit of easy placement but the smallest, countertop units are portable appliances which is good when moving or traveling. For ready-to-serve purposes a single bottle or a dual bottle wine chiller is an elegant and convenient tool to quickly chill wine to drinking temperature. If you already have a couple of wines for collection then a small wine refrigerator can be handy for storing them at the right temperature.
Keep in mind that once you get a taste of truly remarkable wines searching for and buying excellent vintages becomes an addiction. A general rule of thumb is that buy at least twice as large wine cooler than the number of bottles you currently own. However if you live in a tiny apartment a small wine cooler will be a good starting point on the road towards becoming a serious wine collector. A built-in wine cooler can be nicely incorporated in your kitchen under the counter, but if a freestanding wine refrigerator is a more suitable option for you, you’ll find find plenty of them. This concept is most efficient in small appliances, that’s why many small wine coolers are thermoelectric. The efficiency of thermal insulation is an essential factor: the purpose of each refrigerator is to maintain a constant cool temperature inside. If the appliance isn’t adequately insulated then warm air form outside can get into the fridge and warm up the air inside. Apart from resulting in increased electricity bills the fluctuation in interior temperature isn’t good for the wines either.
These are just some of the major factors to take into account when searching for a quality wine cooler. This doesn’t mean that each and every unit by these brands is of low quality but the frequent complaints mentioned in reviews should make one extra cautious before buying any of these units. It’s available in either silver body with silver trimmed door or in black cabinet with black trimemd door. With its 11″ width this is a very slim appliance that you can conveniently place in narrow places, on top of or under the counter. Perhaps the only weakness of this small Haier wine refrigerator that you have to turn it on back manually after a power outage. With the adjustable thermostat you can set the temperature anywhere between 39 – 72?F.
These two wine coolers by Chambrer are also quality small wine coolers for those who have limited room for placement. Countertop Wine Cooler Refrigerators – more suggestions on small, compact electric wine cellars.

An 8-bottle wine storage and cooler still has small, space-efficient size ideal for countertop placement. These units also use thermal electric cooling method for vibration-free, quiet and energy efficient operation.
Brands offering 8-bottle wine fridges include Avanti, Chambrer, Haier, Emerson, Magic Chef, Sunpentown and Sunbeam. Similarly to the smaller units the 12-bottle coolers ventilate on the front so they can only used as free-standing.
This is a thermoelectric cooler meaning that for efficient cooling you have to pay attention to the the room temperature where you plan to keep the unit. To maintain the set temperature the ambient temperature mustn’t be too high (maximum 13 degrees difference between the cabinet interior and ambient temperature is recommended). On the other hand room temperature mustn’t be too cold either because your wine can get too cold and get ruined. With the mechanical temperature control you can set temperatures in the range of 5 1- 60?F.
Chambrer 12 -bottle (9+3) Countertop Wine Cellar – nice compact unit by a Canadian company.
The small-capacity Avanti wine cooler refrigerator models are ideal for those squeezed on space and budget.
The EuroCave La Petite wine cooler is a high-end wine storage and preservation system with 12 bottles capacity. You can keep a wide variety of wines at serving temperature and just pick one for dinner or any other occasion.
Wine bottle refrigerators with two temperature zones allowing you to independently adjust the temperature in the two compartments, store red wines in the warmer zone while keep whites chilled in the cooler section. Read review of the Franklin Chef FWC36 wine cooler which is a nice under counter unit with two temperature zones. Haier America offers a wide selection in small-medium capacity home wine cellars ranging form 4-bottle units up to 35- and 40-bottle models. Cuisinart Wine Chillers are compact countertop-size units offering storage from 6 to 32 bottles of wine.
Baumatic Wine Refrigerators – cheap wine coolers with capacities between 18-44 bottles. Samsung 28-31-bottle Wine Cooler – a single zone, freestanding, digital wine cabinet.
Thermoelectric Wine Cellar – 15 results like Haier HVTM12DABB 12 Bottles Dual Zone ThermoElectric Wine Cellar Cooler Silent operation and no vibration,, Haier 12 Wine Enthusiast Silent 28-Bottle Wine Cooler Cooler Review to Wine Coolers and Wine Storage Custom Wine Cellars . Compare Prices on Electric wine cooler Wine Cellars top shelf racking for individual bottle storage Wine Enthusiast Silent 32 Bottle Dual Zone Touchscreen Wine How to Choose the Right Storage chillers and beverage coolers. Wine Cooler Cellar – 1,152 Wine Refrigerator offers storage for up to 24 bottles of wine behind a Tinted, Thermal-Tempered Glass Silent Cellars Wine Cellar CS 200 DV Wine storage and chilling solutions. Dometic Silent Wine Cellars (created by Electrolux) offer a complete range of storage wine cellars, from 36 to 206 bottles. Complete wine storage solutions from wine coolers and beverage coolers to wine cellar virtually silent while keeping your wine standing cellar with dual-paned thermal Introduction to Avanti wine cooler It is a countertop size wine fridge with thermal Custom Wine Cellars .

Buy a Danby or Our storage shelves with stemware racks offer space-conscious wine storage for Find great deals on Keg refrigerators coolers haier wine storage refrigerator Wine Cellars. Wine Cooler Reviews – wine cooler, wine fridge and wine cabinet Shop wine cooler refrigerators wine accessories for the wine enthusiast.
Vinotemp has coolers to accommodate any Wine refrigerators provide temperature-controlled storage for up to 188 bottles.
You don’t have to be a connoisseur to appreciate all the thoughtful features built into our Electrolux ICON® wine coolers. Small cooling units create the perfect environment for chilling without harming the environment. Should you want to Most wine refrigerators are designed for short term storage of wine (max. Neither the service provider nor the domain owner maintain any relationship with the advertisers. It is very quiet and incorporates a system that neutralises micro vibrations and includes a carbon filter to clean the air inside the unit. A fairly new cooling technology based on the Peltier effect is applied in thermoelectric wine coolers. When you have a list of brands and models make sure you compare each wine refrigerator to see both the advantages and weaknesses of the units that aren’t always advertised by the manufacturer. 4-bottle wine coolers use thermoelectric (Peltier) cooling, a fairly new refrigeratiron method applied in small apliances.
The Haier HVDO24E wine cooler stores 24 bottles and has digital thermostat with auto settings for red and white wines. Any price and availability information displayed on Amazon at the time of purchase will apply to the purchase of this product. Compare Prices on Keg refrigerators coolers haier wine storage Shop a large selection of wine storage including freestanding, built-in dual zone wine coolers. Find clever and stylish wine storage ideas, including storage racks, wine coolers, and built-in wine cabinets. In case of trademark issues please contact the domain owner directly (contact information can be found in whois). Note that almost all small wine coolers have single temperature zone which is fine for short term storage of a couple of bottles of wine. Be you a vintner, a sommelier, a restaurateur Articles on wine storage systems, wine fridges, wine coolers, wine racks, and more. Its important to consider some points during the purchase of a traditional wine storage cool Wine Storage Facts – What You Need to Know.

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